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This week is probably the weirdest I'm gonna have for a long long time.

It all started Friday. I had to sign up for my summer trip for Geography to the west coast of Jutland, the only week I would be able to go was the first week because we are going to be in Brazil the following month. To cut the stody short, I didn't get a place on that week. That means that if I don't find someone to switch with (which is turning out to be a lot harder than it sounds) I'll be forced to either not go to Brazil with my family or go to Brazil and take the class next year with the new first year-students, which I really really don't want to...! Another factor in this fuck-up is that Laura could have saved me a spot on the list, but didn't because of principles. Yes, I am extremely angry with her. And if I sound relaxed about this whole thing? I'm not. I've cried, I've screamed, I've been in hysterics. I don't know what's going to happen.

But Adrian stayed over on Friday. He was really sweet and comforted me when I cried, he really helped me think of something else and I am so grateful he was there. I kicked him out the next day at noon, because I had an Iraq-demonstration to go to. Saturday just happened to be the first spring day, so we had sun and a few degrees of heat, which was a nice change. But now we're back to minus degrees... In the evening I had Maria and Kristine over to watch the Swedish Eurovision-final, because it is the strangest thing in the world and I love it. Magnus from Alcazar was great and I absolutely loved that Carola won. I think I might end up downloading the entire CD, because they're just *that good* pop songs!

I had a really huge assignment due today, which I only started writing yesterday (because that's what I do best...). I wrote from 10 am 'til 3 am, more or less. It turned out okay, I think. It's 30 % of my grade in one of my classes, so it had to be more or less okay ;) The subject was the Chicago-school and segregation in Copenhagen - pretty cool, actually!

After only 3 hours of sleep I woke up, printed out and went to school. Turned in the assignment and jumped on the bus that was waiting for us to take us all around the Copenhagen area. It was field trip-day. The nice weather from Saturday had vanished and we were now stuck with fog, minus degrees and a seriously nasty wind. But in spite of the weather we had a really nice trip, seeing different kinds of housing all around the area. I saw things I've never seen before and I've lived here for 20 years...! Went hime, watched TV for three hours and then fell asleep.

Tomorrow is yet another field trip-day, but this time for our climatology and soil-class. Should be pretty fun, I think, if the weather is on our side, because we're probably going to spend a lot of time outside. One problem is that on Friday we have to turn on a lot of assignments/problems for this class, which counts for 30 % of my grade, and we are really in need of more time, so we're going to do some of it on the bus. The problem is that while our group is officially of four people, only two of us are actually active members, which means the work burden on us is twice as big. I really hope we make it and get some good assignments turned in...

At some point in this weekend Adrian will take me out on a date. Interesting...!! :)

Hope all of you are well! I can't wait until the 7th when my vacation starts...
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God, what a weird and wonderful day. I met up with Thea and we went to the Gay Pride Parade, which was absolutely wonderful. It's really hard to explain, but seeing happy gay people in love all around is just so great. It makes me realise that in spite of everything that is wrong with our government, everything isn't all bad (at least not yet...). And seeing gay men kissing all over isn't that bad, either ;) (omg, there were so many of them! And they were everywhere!). So, we were standing there, watching the parade, when the group of people from the biggest gay nightclub in Copenhagen walks by. And who's on it? Alcazar of course!! I had the hugest adrenalin rush, ever, and it lasted for about 10 mins! I was completelyhyped up after that! We walked with the parade to Rådhuspladsen and waited for everyone to settle down. And then they came on. And they sang. And I sang along to each and every song. And so did all the gay men around me. And it was just so great. And Magnus is the sparkliest man in the enitre world and I love him and he's so cute and gay and stuff!! Unfortunately they had to go to Northern Sweden for a gig later that day, so they only played six songs, but that was okay. Because the sparkles!! Eeeee!! But it was quite weird to go with Thea, because I really think she thinks she can convince me I'm gay, or something. Maria told me that she was so mad with me after I broke the...thing off and that she said I was just confused and I'd see the light at some point. She kept saying we should walk in the parade and she kept touching me like we were a couple, or something. It was just...weird.

When I came home I had two letters waiting for me. The first one was a welcoming letter from Geography, where they told me all kinds of stuff I should know about starting there, like my schedule (Fridays off!!) and how things are done there. But the other letter was even more interesting. It was the Young Americans DVD I ordered a couple of weeks ago from someone in the US. I watched the first disc tonight and I am completely in love with everything. Jake and Hamilton is the single greatest couple in a TV series, ever (yes, I just finished 'Cinderbella'). The Bella/Scout/Will thing feels just as much as a filler as it did the last time I watched it. I love the Californian girl so much for stating the obvious and making Ham realise he's in love with Jake. It's all just so wonderful. I can't believe it's been five years...

Going to bed now. Chemestry experiments at 10 am tomorrow. Woot! (or not... Well, Thomas, I guess... :P )
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[ profile] vampirespider, [ profile] madfrog and [ profile] lattara and the cutest girls on the Northern hemisphere. I just wanted the world to know.

I love Søren Larsen and Schalke. But what else is new.

My iPod has been shipped today, so hopefully I'll get it Friday or Monday *crosses fingers*

I turned in the crappiest report today, but since I don't get a grade on the reports (and they don't really count for anything) I don't care. Which I know I should, but...blah.

My sister is coming home from Greece tomorrow and my dad is coming home from Greenland on Thursday, so the peace and quiet ends tonight. I've quite enjoyed it, really. I can't wait until I move out!

Alcazar is performing at the Copenhagen Pride show on Saturday, so I'm going to go see them with Thea. Yay! I can't wait! I've never seen them live (and apparently Magnus and Andreas have started doing duets!). To those of you who don't know, Alcazar is this really cheesy Swedish pop/disco band, who make a lot of good cycling/doing homework music. It's got such a nice pace, so you get everything done a lot quicker when listening to them. And the fact that the two guys in the group were dating for, like, two years only makes them better ;)

I love watching atletics. Denmark really only has Wilson Kipketer and he's ending his career this year, so I've made this yet another thing where I'm more Swedish than Danish: cheering for Carolina Klüft is so much more interesting than cheering for Joachim Olsen. Too bad Christian Olsson is out with an injury...

This has been the random post of the week.


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