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Christian Poulsen just scored a goal!!!!!!! Eeee!!!! That makes three goals this year!!!! I am seriously boucing and I just uttered something which *I* don't even know what was....!

Gah!!! *dances*
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Anders is really bloody cute. I caught him looking at me four or five times today. He caught me staring a few times, too. At one point we ran into each other at the information desk and he held the glass door open so I could walk through it, but because I'm the kind of person I am I didn't notice and just stopped dead in my tracks. Maybe because he *bloody smiled and looked me in the eyes and smiled some more and eeeee!!* And when I noticed I stuck to my old plan of just letting the other person through, because I always feel so awkward when letting someone hold the door. I was seriously so weak in the knees...! Kristine started talking to me, but it wasn't until the seventh or eighth step I finally noticed, because I was *so* gone. The smiling! And the eyes! Seriously, that guy can smile for five people. And his entire face just lit up. Aww...

I want to kill Michael more and more. He looked at me a few times, but not *once* did he try to come over to talk or at least say sorry. Or maybe even look apologetic! No, he just sat two rows in front of me, fooling around with two girls. God, he makes me so *mad!!*

In a week I'm going on yet another trip with Geography. Four days driving around the country, though mostly in Jutland. Should be a lot of fun! Only catch is that we'll be in some hostel in Viborg when we play Kazakhstan in the last game. I'll just be hanging out with the guys that night, then... Not that I mind!

You can't *not* love these two...!
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I kinda hate Clarence Seedorf. No, not kinda. It's blatant hate by now. He said, "Poulsen is a bad person. The kind of person you want to kill". Seriously. That is as bad sportsmanship as it can possibly get...!! And Kaká said that he understood why Totti spat Christian in the face during the EC. And Ancelotti called Christian a coward. Funny, there were 60,000 people and cameras on the players. If Christian had done *anything*, we'd know by now, don't you think? And Gattuso said to Christian after the match, "my compliments, you crazy man". Which is kinda nice ;)

Interesting how grown men can be so childish.
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I have no words.

Well, actually I do )

I texted with a few different people during the match. When Søren Larsen scored his second goal I *had* to write to Mads and gloat (remember, he didn't know who Søren was last Friday. I was shocked). He wrote the most uninspiring things back and I think I let him know that I thought so. Now he just wrote: "Sorry, my dear, but I didn't have any battery left on my phone and that was all I could write. I hope you had a nice match". I got a "my dear" ("min kære", in Danish. Which sounds even more endearment-y, because you don't really say that to each other). At first it was a bit weird, because "I'm over him" (*cough*), but now I'm really happy about it. And this is why girls lose their minds: over-analysing *everything!*

So right now life is wonderful

ETA: I love how Christian isn't mentioning his own goal, but only Søren Larsen:
»Søren Larsen er virkelig "on fire". Det er flot, hvad han laver i øjeblikket.
Man står jo og griner lidt af det, når han scorer to mål, for han er en sjov fyr
udenfor banen. Vi tror stadig på VM-chancen. Vi viser, at vi kan vinde de sidste
to kampe, og så må vi bare håbe på det rigtige resultat i Tirana«.
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So. The football match. Turkey vs. Denmark. If we lost this match, it would all be over and mine and [ profile] xavantina's tickets for the game on Wednesday would be a complete waste.

Run-through of the most important players )

And the mandatory picspam )

And I've saved the best for last - Søren Larsen/Christian Poulsen OTP! )

And GIP! Because [ profile] xavantina hasn't started the fic yet, but is wonderful anyway *loves*
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Oh. My. God.

I seriously can't think of anything else to say than that. I mean, we were all so sure that England would come kick our red&white asses, but a bloody 4-1 win!? That's, like, the best result we've had in five years, or something!! This is absolutely wonderful!! I'm just so bloody ecstatic right now!! Jon played veeery well (and he's still recovering from his pennicilin-thing), Rommedahl finally scored (but he's still one of the weakest links on the team, I don't care what people say. ANd he had that goal served on a golden platter), Claus Jensen is a genious, but it's too bad he didn't score. He deserved it. Søren Larsen is my new GOD! I love this man! So much! Thomas Sørensen made some wonderful saves and only let in one goal (a hell of a lot better than his last....20 matches, I think). And Christian played so fucking well my eyes nearly teared up. He tackled one person after another and he bloody nearly scored once more!! (I would have jumped into the lake of happiness if he had scored). I just....I love my team. This is the team I fell in love with at the Euro 2004 (we really thought we'd win it all. But then again, we always do. We *did* win the Euro '92, you know)

Life is good. And, hey, Thomas kinda flirted back today. About a cow. Yes. I'm looking forward to tomorrow.
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He's wearing. A bandana. Kill me now.

[ETA:] OMG! I have to write a wish list! My birthday is in, like, three weeks!!
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I want to update with something clever. All I can think about right now are acid/base-chemistry, the football match tomorrow and, of course, the little crush of mine. I'm building up slowly. I'll get him to notice me in the end, I just need a party or two and eeeevrything will be allright, because I've got it all figured out ;) Also, if this guy turns out to be a football fan, I will die a happy death.

Football. Søren Larsen and Christian are so married. Seriously, all the pictures I've seen of either of them the last two weeks, the other one has been on it, too. They're training next to each other, keep hugging each other when winning/scoring/the sky is blue. And now I just watched the press conference before the match tomorrow and they were sitting next to each other. Again. They make it too easy. Especially when Ebbe isn't there to distract...well, either of them, really o.O

Chem. The exam is getting nearer and nearer. But I think I can make it *knocks on wood*. The thing is it's a three hour written exam with no forms of help besides my calculator, so I have to be able to remember all the forms and notables, which scares me, because I don't trust my own brain. No, really, I don't.

Also, just so you knwo, I'm sitting outside in my backyard with my laptop. The weather is nice and I can be online outside; how nice is that?

GIP, but aren't all posts these days a GIP-post?
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Val Kilmer's lips. Gah!! *wants to lick*

Found a Schalke website today, with pictures from their training today. Christian is just the biggest sweetheart, *ever*! He's just...argh! All blonde and pretty and with bouncy hair and he's taking care of Søren and Ebbe keeps looking at him and he's laughing with Ailtintop (woobie!) and everything's just *perfect*. I loves my team, in spite of the two red cards in the last match.

God, Top Gun is slashy. The looks, god dammit! And "we're gonna have a real good time" while looking in Iceman's direction? Could Maverick *be* any more obvious!?
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Wow. It's been a few days since I last updated here. It really doesn't feel that way. Maybe becuause my days are extremely busy! For example, yesterday classes started at 8 am, we had a two hours break from 10 to 12, but from 12 to 8 pm we had hardcore chemestry and lab work. And as if that wasn't enough, we had to turn in our first report the next day at 8 am!! Yes, that means we had 12 hours to do the report (and most of those hours were spent sleeping o.O). Today wasn't as bad, but the Geography group was all in all veeeery tired. Some of the others (and even the lecturer) expressed their sympathy to us; 10 hours of chem is hard, I tell ya!

But something nice has happened while I was "away". Schalke bloody beat Stuttgart in the league final!! Woot! Money and a trophee! Most of the match was really brilliant and had some excellent football (I don't know why people think German football is ugly), but there were two incidents I could have lived without. First of all, I love Kevin Kuranyi for scoring the single goal in the match, but flipping one of the Stuttgart players over after a little teasing (or whatever it was)? Not cool, dude. And Lincoln. Lincoln, Lincoln, Lincoln. The (very bad) Danish commentators had just announced you as the player of the match and there were two minutes left. Did you really have to spit at the other player?! I have a no-tolerance policy toward spitting at people (for obvious reasons), so that is seriously not cool! But they won and life will go on. Let me now run through the Danish players (which is, of course, the only reason Danish TV has bought rights to the Bundesliga this season. Though, for some reason, only the Saturday matches. WTF?!):
Jesper Grønkjær: I don't know exactly why, but Trappatoni felt like putting Jesper in the line-up. He's been at Stuttgart for two days and he has to play perfectly with people he's never seen before? Not a good move by Trappa. Jesper did the best he could, but he can do so much better than this!
Jon Dahl Tomasson: The Stuttgart-fans has proclaimed him to be their rescuer. He only played the second half and because Stuttgart was pushed as far back on their own half, he really get any chances. So not much of a match for him as well.
Søren Larsen: Didn't even get to play, though he was on the bench
Ebbe Sand: This is his last season as a professional football player, so Schalke has announced him as their new Captain, which is such a big gesture. They really love him... He played an okay match, but not one of his best.
Christian Poulsen: Yes, I'm writing this lat on purpose ;). He played wonderfully and brilliantly. This is the Christian I love and adore. The one who is countiously in the way for the opposing team. The Christian who makes passes that are just right and who back his team up whatever they do. I hope the fans will forgive him for his little Villareal-flirt.

Some other good news: [ profile] xavantina and I will go see the Denmark-Georgia (Kobi!!!) match on September 7. Woot! We seriously have the best seats in the stadium, so who cares if they are 400 kr ($ 66 / € 53)

Saturday is all about [ profile] vampirespider! And, of course, [ profile] lattara and [ profile] madfrog ;)

I think I'm getting a bit sick. Wonderful timing, body.
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Chemestry, day one: I got there in time and sat down in an auditorium with about 130 other people. I think 30-40 of them are going to study Geography, which is kind of a lot. Most of them were Biologists. But, anyway, we started out right away with repetition of our grade school and freshment year-chemestry. But it still isn't ringing any big bell, only tinier ones. This means I understand the words and I remember hearing them before, but when I try to solve the problems only about half of it is correct. Woot. Or not... I was there for two hours, came home at 11:15 and I've been studying ever since, with only one break. That's 5 ½ hours. I'm not used to that kind of brain activity. I'm completely dead now, though I still need to read four pages (out of the 67 they told us to read. For tomorrow.) Tomorrow I'll know when I have to turn my first report in, but it's definitely going to be sometime next week. Plus 8-10 problems to turn in on Wednesday. Ain't studying grand?

I just checked Christian's profile on Schalke's website. It says he's single, but with one child. Yes, the gossip magazines were right. His girlfriend was pregnant. I'm...not exactly sure what to do with that information, but 1/ it's kinda adorable, and 2/ it's kinda weird.
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I got the letter and everything is absolutely wonderful Now all I'm worried about it starting the chemestry class tomorrow. But I figured out it's going to be about 4 hours of class everyday, plud the lab work, so I think it's going to be okay. I'm going to be an extreme chem whore when I'm done (aren't you happy, [ profile] unheardprophet?? ;))

Football news: Grønkjær is going to Stuttgart! Finally they worked everything out! They're buying him for about €6 mill, so, yay!!

Schalke is more or less giving up on Søren Larsen, which I'm veeery unhappy about. But the good news is that they've been talking with Milan Baros!!!!! OMG!!!! He'll be slutting with Ebbe and Kevin!!!! *dances*

ETA: Christian sprained his ankle when they played Werder Bremen yesterday (and won, I might add). They say he'll be out at least two weeks, so he won't be playing Jon, and now Jesper too, on Tuesday, when they play the league cup final against Stuttgart. Damn... Poor woobie *huggles him*
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I'm so hyperly ecstatic right now. That was such a great match!! I'm so happy we went to see it! Only downside: we sat, once again, on the very last row of the entire stadium. What on earth are the odds!? The next time Line is definitely booking the tickets!

Anyway! The boys played beautifully and Søren Larsen is such a woobie. After he scored the first goal he grabbed his face as if to say "omg i can't believe this!11!1". Christian played the best football since the Euro, so that made me very happy. I had predicted Martin Jørgensen's goal, so I wasn't that surprised. Line kept saying that Rommedahl would score, but seriously? The guy can't play football worth shit. I can play better football than him, but Morten Olsen still keeps putting him in the line-up! I really don't get it! And then there was Jon. Poor, ickle Jon who really made many good passes to others (in a very Ebbe Sand-like manner), but not scoring on that penalty was probably the biggest mistake he's made in years. Up until now he's been every Dane's #1, but I think now people are going to be questioning that position (as well they should, after the way he's been playing on the national team the last few months).

Tomorrow I'll go picture searching, because, eeeee! Christian switched shirts with an Albanian after the match! So finish downloading already *kicks torrent program*
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OMG! Only two hours to go until kick-off! And I'm RIGHT THERE! *makes mental note to remember digi cam* Eeee!! I'm so hyper! I'm gonna go upstairs to change clothes to my autographed Danish football jersey (woot!).

Oh, and I talked to Marie at work today (the conservative one). We've had a running conversation the last few days, trying to figure out something we agree on. And today ahe, without any prompting from my side, mentioned that she thought that Christian Poulsen looked cute. I was totally stunned. After that we converted Mia as well, so, yay! *crosses fingers for Christian tonight*

Must go change!



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