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Uhm... Hiya! Long time, no see. Well, I haven't really had anything to update with, so you guys haven't missed a thing.

I'm working a lot these days. I'm trying to get as much money as I can before I move, so I won't be in need of any kind (which I won't, anyways, because I have a "Child's savings" of 38.000 kr ;)). But it's still very very boring and I might even start looking for something new, because I'm so bored.

Adrian and I had our 6 months anniversary, which was spent having dinner at a nice little café in Strædet and afterwards stand-up with Rune Klan, Brian Mørk, an Australian and a cute little guy, who was the host. A very very nice night :)

My cousin came from Brazil and dropped off half of our ordered underwear. I love it!! Fortunately, we got our leopard underwear in this batch *cuddles it*. It really looks like Dolce & Gabbana! I also got my pink, royal blue and turtle-underwear (yes, <lj user="truntles", I have turtle underwear ;)). School starts on Monday and I am *very* much looking forward to it. On Friday we have the first Friday Bar of the year, where we'll meet the new first year-students. Among them are Astrid, who I was in pre-school with for 9 years, and (of course) Mads, who also started studying Geography last year and who was my first really real crush in the crazy crazy batch of men I went through last fall (some of you might remember him). Jesper told me today that some people had seen him in the halls today, when the firstlings started. This will be VERY insteresting! Went to parties at Egmont on Friday and Saturday last weekend. Friday was fun, as it was the first party with my friends for at leat 3 or 4 months. But Saturday was even better. It's the kind of party I've dreamed of for those 3 or 4 months. We had SO MUCH FUN! Alchohol was drunk (which meant that I became just that), dancing was done, four guys tried very very hard to pick me up (they were very cute *sighs*. I miss that part), I became friends with some of the people from Kristine's kitchen (it's a "hall of residence", as my dictionary informs me) and I ended up dancing the chicken dance to Bamse & Kylling at 6 in the morning and passing out in Kristine's bed, only to wake up at 2 pm with a craving for french fries. Ah, happiness. Now I'm watching Ajax - FC Copenhagen, which we'll definitely win (we're behind 0-2 from previous matches :P). I'm always an optimist ;)


Mar. 15th, 2006 10:36 pm
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Stress is in the air... Thee weeks and two days until my written exam in Climate, soil and water and I'm still confused about 50 % of it. And I have a Growth, welfare and regulation-assignment due on Monday and on the 29th. Going on trips for each of the classes on Monday and Tuesday, which takes away two days away from me.

Adrian-thing going pretty well. Geeky!Thomas (from chemistry, some of you might remember him from August, he was my first crush in this whole series of (un-)fortunate events) is Adrian's best friend at Geography, today he spent 15 minutes trying to get a picture of my ass. Yes. Don't know what to do about that, but I think I'm feeling flattered o.O

I have a request for some generous soul. I am in the very unfortunate situation of having lost my VISA-card and my paid-account expires tomorrow, so if one of you could buy me $5-worth of paid account I would be happy to pay you back when I get my card in a week :) Anyone up for it? I would be most grateful!! *huggles the person in advance*
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It's been a while since I updated propperly, I think, but things have just been so hectic at university, so I really haven't had the time/energy to update.

Let's just take things in order:
Adrian: Things are going better and better. In the beginning I didn't really feel much for him other than the fact that he was a nice guy, but he definitely felt more and he wasn't afraid to show it, which scared the living crap out of me. But the last week I've started to get this feeling in my stomach when I see him, so I'm taking that as a good sign :) A bit of TMI )

School: Very very stressful. Had to turn in a rather big assignment on Wednesday, which was more or less written the night before. It turned out okay, but I wouldn't be too surprised if I failed it. But all in all it's just stress all around. Next week, for example, I have presentations Tuesday, Wednesday ad Thursday. And exams are in a month...

Apartment-search: Went to look at apartments on Thursday with Maria and we'll apply for two of them. Both of them would require a third room mate, but we'll figure that out if we get them. One of them we want because it's perfect for us and is in a perfect place, and the other because they're possibly making it into andels-appartments (part rent, part bought), which would be a great way to get into the market.

Partying: Is going great. Fastelavns-party when great, I dressed as a business-woman, because I already had all the parts in my closet. It was actually really nice, albeit a bit warm. Adrian's best friend, Thomas (Crush #1), went as a gorilla in a full body-suit. No one except me and Adrian knew who he was, so it was hilarious to listen to people guessing who that nutball hopping around on the tables and eating lice out of people's hair was. Friends-party at Kristine's collegium was last ight and I had a blast! We were all dressed up (again), I was in the Safari-group, so I walked around in the ugliest part of shorts for 9 hours. I think my group was the one who bonded the most. We sang South African songs for 5 hours runing, in spite of no one knowing the real words for the song. Heh... But! I've told you guys about my thing for people called Magnus, which started with me flirting with this really gorgeous friend of Rebekka's ex-boyfriend a year ago, who sang me Westlife and Backstreet Boys-songs. So last night I sat next to this really flirtatious guy called, well, Magnus, who kept complimenting my sexy shorts (:P). A few hours later *another* Magnus shows up and it turns out that both of them sing in the same choir. At some point the second Magnus starts singing Westlife, R Kelly and opera to me, which for me was the biggest case of deja-vú. Turns out it's the same bloody Magnus who sang to me a year ago! And he really wasn't that good-looking after all. Heh... But it was such a weird night. Maria is going on a date tomorrow with someoneshe met there, so it's all good :)

It was a good party, but I've had a hangover all day, which is crappy, because I haven't been able to read for tomorrow. Crap... I'll just have to look at it now, I think... Oh, and an ATM swallowed my VISA-card for no reason at all, so I have keine Geld. Wonderful!
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I'm so bad. Seriously, I must be the biggest flirt on earth.

Over the past month I've been asked out on dates by approximately 20 different guys. I've turned them all down. I've chatted seriously with 5-10 guys, all of whom believe that I'm mostly talking to them. I think I've made three of them get a seriously crush on me or maybe even fall in love. The first one was Magnus, who was just...too much. Then there's Michael, who is really the sweetest guy I've ever talked to. He says the nicest things, but they don't feel forced. He constantly calls me "sweety" and "gorgeous". We're really alike, because he's a geek, too. He appreciates movies and comedy just as much as me. Only catch is that he works in Bilka and wants to start a career in detail. It's not a a catch, per say, it just goes against my fantasy of marrying a science major called Magnus. And now I've added flirt #3 to the list. Rune, who's four years into his Law degree. We have the same kind of humour, the same personalities, are more or less at the same points in our lives. And he just said, "no, now I want you as my girlfriend!"

The problem is that now I'm talking to Rune and I feel that we have more in common than Michael and I, but I still feel like I'm cheating on Michael. But I like 'em both... I've talked more with Michael, maybe that's why...

You know what? All three of them are over 190 cm, which is waaay more than me. Kissing either of them would be a problem.

I really am a bad bad person...
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My crush-tag entries is seriously the funniest thing in the world. I sound so confused and I am so sure through it all that I'm going to end up hurt (I did, but not really in the way I thought). On August 22nd I wrote this about Mads: "But he's so sweet, so if he keeps it up, I might just fall for him." Oh, really, now...!! Cue next two weeks of me being head-over-heels over Mads. On August 24th I write that the following Friday I will have to choose between Mads, Thomas and Lars. In reality I ended up getting my very first kiss from a guy called Magnus.

My life is so fucked up at some points... When I compare my life *now* to how it was a year ago, so much has changed! 12 months ago I was unemployed and I only saw five different friends on a regular basis. Now? Birth control-pills, a chlamydia test, a pregnancy scare, having kissed with 12-15 different guys (according to how you define a kiss), not having *remotely* enough hours in a day, two oral exams coming up in the next five days. During my vacation I am doing a party hat-trick with Maria. She decided it and I couldn't say no.

Now I *really* have to go read glacial morphology for tomorrow...!!

First exam: Monday at 2 pm
Second exam: Wednesday at 1:30 pm
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Uhm, yeah. So after posting about Magnus yesterday I talked to some people and [ profile] xavantina told me to possibly reconsider. Because I think he might be just a tad weird (in the bad way) and he is *definitely* ready for more relationship than me. I just...he's already acting like we're boyfriend/girlfriend and while I might have flirted back in the beginning, now I'm just feeling weirded out. He's already gotten his aunt to take his cats, for crying out loud!! And we haven't even met each other yet! I've realised that while what I had with Rasmus was a lot less than what I wanted, this is definitely a lot *more* than what I wanted. I've come to the conclusion that I want to flirt and possibly kiss a guy or two, but a long-term, full on, seeing each other every day-relationshion is *not* what I want. Nor is it what I *can*, because while I care about my love life, I still want a good education, so I have to put that first right now (which was *EXACTLY* what Rasmus told *me* and that scares me).

So now I have to write to the poor guy (who just wrote me a text message asking if I wanted to come online and say goodnight o.O), telling him that we've moved waaay too fast and that I just want to be friends. I've known this for 12 hours and I've just kept pushing it off. I have to break up with someone. That is such a weird thought.

I told Kathrine about this today and jesper and Andreas overheard us, so I had to tell them everything about it. They teased me in the most lovable way and ended up reading my profile. Andreas applauded me for getting back on the horse so quickly. They really are so sweet, those two... I think Andreas is possibly fixing me up with a computer-friend of his. Let's just see, shall we?

I'd written in my profile that I weigh 57 kg, to which Andreas said, "Ah, 57 kg? I don't think so...!" To which I had to answer that I'd just weighed myself *today* and I weigh 55 kg. Yes. I haven't weighed this little since...7th grade? It's such a weird thought! And the weirdest thing is that the fat isn't going anywhere, I just lose wight. Maybe my bones are getting slimmer... But after exams this'll be over! I will start working out in a gym nearby. Yes, I will...!
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I am absolutely ready to die now. I have just returned home from university and finalising my 2nd report, the statistics-one. 26 pages, all in all. We've been writing until midnight for three days in a row, so we've *really* worked hard! We've ended up writing a really good report, far better than the others we've looked at, so we're really content. Timo wrote all the philosophical stuff, Laura the statistics, which I co-wrote, but I was mostly the person who did the Excel and the chorographical mapping, so I'll have to spend some time reading up on the other things before the exam. But it's done!! I can upload it if anyone wants to read it ;)

Tomorrow, hand it in at 1 pm and then do powerpoint presentation for the other exam, due at 4 pm. Then possibly relaxing in the night with a visit from Rebekka. The weekend will consist of reading the curriculum for the first report/rehearsing the presentation. Then oral exam on Monday. Reading statistics on Tuesday. And exam on Wednesday or Thursday.

I wanna die, I really do.

Also, the Magnus from *Seriously* getting more serious by the second. He wrote me this earlier: "I'm looking forward to seeing a real, live angel in the near future :)" I was in the middle of editing our report, so I didn't respond and then he started to do a Teresa, as in really freaking out about me not writing back after writing such a message and therefore he wrote another message an hour later, trying to take it back and saying that he don't want to push things too much and that he'll slow down. I actually forgot to answer *that* message, which made him freak even more and more or less breaking the whole thing off in his third text, saying that he got the picture and asking if we should just be friends. When I got home I got him calmed down on MSN and I think everything's olay now, because he called me a "naughty pirate". Yes. We're both weird. But he's sweet, so everything's good. I really will end up meeting this guy, I just know it. Plus, he's made a deal with his aunt, who'll take over his cats. So I can visit him in his apartment and not getting an allergic break-out, which is both weird and really sweet.

Oh, but the whole Anders-deal is interesting as well, because we were in the same room while writing today and literally *every time someone cracked a joke*, we looked at each other and laughed and kinda winked at each other. A member from his group needed help with the technical part of ArcGIS (map program), so I came and helped them. Anders was 5 cm's away from me and he kept looking at me!! I figured their problem out, walked away and heard Anders say, "she's just really really cool, isn't she?" Me? Grinning like an idiot.

As [ profile] lattara said, "Oh, yes, everything is going according to plan: it's snowing again and Teresa's love life is complicated." Which really summs it all up, because it actually *is* snowing again!

I just want to thank [ profile] elwing_white for sending me the little envelope full of goodies. Gay pr0n really must be the best way to get over both a broken heart and exam anxieties, so yay you!! Bel Ami rules so much *goes and watches Greek Holidays*
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Long time, no update.

We've really got our work cut out for us with this whole statistics assignment. We really got some things figured out today, but we've still got a lot to do. And then there's the oral exams...

And right now? I'm really, seriously planning a date with a guy from He's called "Lykke2000" on the site, if you wanna check him out. He's really really sweet and nice and he seems to really like me (which he's actually told me several times and he keeps talking about stuff like getting rid of his cats so I can come visit him. And that it's a pity we can't have a picnic in the forest because of my allergies). So, yeah. He figured a movie would be best because I'm such a wuss so shy, and at some point after my exams. And now I accidentally told him how much clothes I prefferably like wearing when I sleep, to which he answer that he must keep focus (for some reason?). And now he tells me that he couldn't fall asleep last night because of me. Aww...!!

But, yeah. Life is really weird and interesting!

FC Copenhagen - Schalke on Saturday!

ETA: This guy, Magnus (yes, indeed. I am mucho happy ;)), apparently know...Anders!! Who I've *just* started flirting with today (OMG today! So much smiling and eye contact). They've been to Kosovo together with the army (not so much with the happy). He just said, "that looks like Bjørk", and I'm all, "uhm, yeah. Anders Anker Bjørk". Why must he be Anders' friend!? Couldn't he be Theis' friend, like one of the others on Dating? That's much easier to forget...!
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Second day of immense stress. I have now voted myself Bogeyman of my group, as I am constantly the one telling the others to focus. It's really not a funny thing to tell your friends off all the time, but they *really* need someone to hold their concentration! We've started producing text, so we'll be alright, I think... Tomorrow will be rough as well, so I should probably try going to bed before midnight...

I received a letter from my doctor about a klamydia test she did on me when she did my gynocological exam. She writes that the test showed up *positive*, but that I should come in for another test just to be sure. Uhm, okay. *SO* not what I had expected!!! And not good for my stress-factor, because this is *one more thing for me to think about!* Gah!!! The next exam will have to wait until next week, because I really don't have time for it this week...!! God, this sucks... I should probably write Rasmus (who, by the way, is playing more hacky than he has the last four months COMBINED! Which I am thrilled about, because he loves it. He's happy and I'm happy.He probably won't like being told he had klamydia, though...)

Oh, and Anders at Geography has started staring at me and flirting again. I didn't realise I'd missed it as much as I apparently do! It's weird and wonderful *stares back*. He really has the most adorable smile ever...

Back to writing! I need to write at least another page plus to graphics before going to bed. Shoot...
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Last night Rasmus and I had planned to meet up for the first time in about a month. He writes me and asks if we shouldn't take a walk first, which was the first sign that something was wrong, because when we take walks, it's usually a little later in the night. He comes to the door and we kiss for about half a minute, where he gives me this sort of tender hug while kissing me. Almost immidiatly when we are in the street he tells me he has a plan for this walk and that he needs to tell me that he's sadly not in love with me. I'd had a feeling it was that kind of walk we were taking, so I'd prepared myself for this exact thing, but it still didn't hurt any less. He tells me he's so angry with himself, because I'm such a wonderful girl and that I'm exactly what he's been looking for the last three years, but that there's just one little thing missing, the love. When I'd asked him back in November what we were, he'd said that he didn't want to call us boyfriend/girlfriend, yet, because at that point it could have gone both ways. The reason why we hadn't seen each other since December 7th wasn't that he knew he was going to break up with me back then because he didn't know at that point. He was still confused, but because of his assignment he hadn't time to think any deeper about what was going on. He said that when he had gone to Nice with his family on December 27th he'd finally got the chance to think everything through and he's come to the comclusion that he simply wasn't in love with me and that it wouldn't be fair to me to let it go on to see *if* he *would* fall in the longer run, because what if he didn't, but I kept falling? Then we'd be even more screwed. We'd had a date on the 26th to just see each other before he left for Nice and I asked him if it was this kind of date, but he told me that, no, then it had just been a cuddling/kissing-thing. I don't even want to think about how messed up I would be now if I *had* seen him then. I mean, when I saw him yesterday it was the first time in a month, so that kind of eased the blow a little, but it still hurt *like hell!*

We walked around a lake together and I asked him about a few of the text messages that had confused me. I had been more or less ready for this over Christmas when he didn't write me, but then he suddenly changes and writes all these nice things to me. On New Years Eve he wrote me that it would have been nice to try and kiss me with frozen lips. The rest of the walk we talked about nothing important, Christmas, New Years, exams. I told him that Larua had said in November that I shouldn't break up with him because we could use him to proof-read our Methods paper, after which he told me that he would be more than happy to do that, I should just mail it to him. He kept being so nice to me... He said he'd walked by my neighbours' house five times because he couldn't muster up he courage to knock on my door. He said he'd been afraid of my reactions, but it was *me* so of course he should have been expecting a perfect reaction such as this. My reaction was to say that I'd known it was coming and "that's life" and sigh a lot, but inside I was *breaking apart*. I looked at him about half way and his face looked so screwed up and he wouldn't look me in the eyes. He said that I should say hi to my sister (they'd kinda bonded over time), to which I said that he was probably not in her good book. He followed me to my street, but not the door, because he didn't want to look my parents in the eyes. I got this really long hug, which I would have liked to last a lot longer, but I just couldn't be near him any more. We said goodbye and I went directly to my sister and cried for an hour straight. I wrote somce of my friends and cried some more. My sister checked my phone and so many had written back (*huggles [ profile] vampirespider*). Maria and Rebekka invited themselves over with ice cream and chocolate milk and I talked and cried with them until 2:30 in the morning.

I almost didn't come to school today, but my mom said it would be good for me to think of something else. Everyone have been so nice to me today and hugged and kissed me and made me feel better, but several times I've just started to silently cry. Including now, right here in the GIS lab.

I'm not okay, but I will be eventually. I knew it was coming, but it's still hard. He's such a wonderful person and he did it in the best way I could have imagined it. He looked like he really cared about me and I think he did. I just don't want him to walk out of my life like that. I'll need some time to get over him, but I really hope we can be friends in the long run, because he's *so great!*

I love you all. More than you know.
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I just remembered Michael expression at our Christmas Lunch when someone said that I's been seeing someone for two months. Let me just say that his silence spoke volumes! "Oh, really. I didn't know," and a really surprised look on his face. Remember, Michael was the guy who I hooked up with at a Friday bar and who said that he wouldn't sleep with me (uhm... I hadn't really thought about that until you brought it up). I don't know, I think he always kind of assumed that I'd always be one of the girls in his massive harem, but I have really not thought about him like that since...September. Wow, had it really been that long? Well, anyways. I loved that moment and I will think back on it and smile in many years to come. Muhahah!

Oh, and that post earlier? Just ignore that. I think the birth control pills are staring to take over my system and that this was the first sign. Just so you know ;)

And, yes, I do know that it's 02:43 in the morning. I am well aware of the fact and I am indeed going to bed now. 2+ chapters of statistics to be read tomorrow...
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Happy first of Advent, everyone!

Got my first Christmas calendar as an Advent present - a scratching calendar. Woot! Let this be the Christmas I win 1 million kroner!

Yesterday was my sister's 18th birthday and it was so nice, all of it. Friends and family were there, my aunt had written a song and my sister cried, her friends had done a "how well do you know Clara"-quiz and I won, and we ended the night by singing old socialist songs around the table. Much fun was had!! Then I went to Vega nightclub with Line and Rebekka - a place I'll never set my foot in again, it was seriously full of wannabe's, starfuckers and PR agents. And they played House music, which I hate. Not my sort of crowd, I must say! So we went to Klaptræet, where we each got a cola and sat and talked until 4 am. Yay!

Now I'm procrastinating reading about volcanic activity and earthquakes. I don't wanna! I'm debating whether or now to invite Rasmus over tonight. Hmm...

Oooh! And that Spanish song for the Junior Eurovision? Can I please marry it? *loves*

Ooh ooh ooh! And Schalke won over Werder yesterday!! Yaaay!!! *dances* What a wonderful Schalke week!!

ETA: Oh, God, I almost forgot. Okay, so my parents have seen Rasmus once and almost kinda talked to him, but I've told them every time he's come by that he's going to come. My mom is the only one who has actually mentioned him at any point, where she asked who he was and I answered that he was a guy that I'd met and that he was a Philosophy student. Yesterday at the birthday party? Everyone knew he existed. Ebbe Kløvedal Reich's widow came over to me and said that she'd heard I'd gotten a boyfriend, which apparently my dad had told him. He's never even asked *me* about him! He knows *nothing* about Rasmus!! It's so typical of my dad to jump to conclusions! I think I told the same story about 15 times - no, he doesn't study Geography, but Philosophy at RUC. He's 21 and his name is Rasmus. Gah!! So, now it's all out in the open. Not exactly the way I'd hope/imagined...

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It seems I might have confused some people in my last post. About my last disappointment being something Rasmus had told me. It's true, I was disappointed when he first told me, but I'm more or less over it now. The thing is, I asked Rasmus what our relationship was and he said that he's afraid of the term "girlfriend" and what it entails. Basically he can't have a constant first priority, because of university, friends, hacky and all that stuff, which was what disappointed me, but the more I thought about it, the more I realised that he was right. I have to have time to write my papers and read all those city morphology pages, see my friends and stuff like that. He assured me (several times) that there is only me in his life and that there definitely is an us and that he definitely likes me a lot and I don't doubt that for a second. So these past few days have been spent texting sweet messages to each other, which I totally love. He came over yesterday and since he was so tired, we just lay next to each other, cuddling and talking for five hours. I'm beginning to realise that we have more in common than I first throught. We have the same sense of humour, taste in music and movies, he likes computers and cartoons and all sorts of other stuff. I just love finding out new things about him. And he's so understanding about my insecurities about my body, for example. It's so nice... We fell asleep in each others' arms and woke up at 7:30, only for Rasmus to convince me to stay away from my first two lectures and just lie kiss him instead. He followed me all the way to Geo. Aww... I'm sitting here, swooning all by myself. I miss him already...

So I hope I cleared everything up and that none of you are worried about me, because there's no need to be :)

Hope you are all well!!
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My life is both very confusing and not confusing at all at the same time right now. I just feel like a lot things are happening in my life, which isn't necessarily a bad thing; it just takes up a lot of my time. One of the things is that I've started Block 2 at University, which means that I have two classes, one of which is a new one (Methods, which is the theory and science of, well, science. The philosophy and logic behind it all). The thing is that we have two classes, but they are both divided into two more classes, which means that we basically have four. And that takes up a lot of time for reading and writing assignments. For tomorrow, for example, I have to read something along the lines of 75 pages. And that's only because one of the Methods classes start tomorrow, so we haven't had anything to read yet. It's not that I'm complaining (because I'm really not! I love reading about the morphology of Danish cities - beats wheat and swine any day), it's just a lot to get used to. Again.

Another things that's changed lately is the whole Rasmus-deal. I've really fallen for this guy and that scares the crap out of me. I was reading on Tuesday, but I kept reading the same page over and over again. I told Laura the next day and she told me that she reads a lot better when her boyfriend is in the next room, just because he's there. And that's exactly the way I feel. Rasmus came over on Sunday and needed to read some Philosophy, so we sat together and read our texts. I'd tried to read that very same text earlier, but couldn't. Suddenly I read a page twice as fast as earlier. Rasmus spent the night both Saturday and Sunday (Saturday we ate cake with my sister and some friends, so now he's really been introduced to my sister!), which meant that when he left on Monday morning we'd spent 36 hours together. And since then I've gotten eight text messages. None today. It's not that I don't think he likes me, because he does. It's just that, how hard can it be to send me a, "How was your day, dear?"-message? I'm sitting here silently going nuts *and* ballistic, drowning my non-existing sorrows in 38 pages of Geographical economics, but it's now working. It would really give me peace of mind if he would just text me, already... Another thing that stresses me is that we really behave like we're boyfriend/girlfriend, but none of us have mentioned that part yet. Yes, I know, I said I'd ask him the next time we saw each other, but I'm a chicken, so I didn't. I think that it's a mixture of not really having it down on paper/written a contract/"you belong to me"-kind of thing plus the fact that he hasn't written me today that's throwing me off right now. And it shouldn't, because he's probably just busy reading 100 pages of Nietzsche or Kant or Descartes or something and he'll most likely write me in an hour or three, but by then I've gone to bed and then we're back to square one. I just hope we can find some day this week to get together...

Oh, well. Basically I really am very very happy right now, but the changes are just making my life a bit more unfamiliar and scary. In a good way, I think.

This was just a way for me to explain to you guys why I'm not online that much these days. I hope you're all well and happy and I love you all!
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Back from the lovely Deutschland! Every time I visit Berlin I love the city just a little bit more - it's just that wonderful!! I wanna go back already. We did got the absolute most out of the 48 hours we had, we shopped around all of Berlin, visited tourist attractions, ate good food, went drinking and goofed around. One of the others had been there before, but it had been such a long time that he couldn't remember the geography of the city or the language, so I ended up being the tour guide/translator (in spite of it being, what, 5 years since I had German? Long live!!). Since I went to Berlin with a gay guy and a couple, all three of whom having no trouble talking about sex, and after being with Rasmus, the topic being discussed and used in 75 % of all our conversations ended up being sex in every aspect imaginable. Seriously, I know things now that I didn't think possible! And I have plenty of things to...*cough*...explore. Too bad for Rasmus that I'm sailing in the Red Sea... Anyway! I wanted to buy that Schalke key ring, but I seriously couldn't find any football/sports stored anywhere, so I came home empty handed.

In other news, my *long* vacation-thingy is finally ending. I'm going back to university on Monday after 5 weeks with no classes. Yes, seriously. But I think I'm more ready for what's coming this time than I was 2½ months ago. I'm really looking forward to learning new things (plus city morphology beats agriculture *every time*). And I miss the others like crazy. Just being able to see Kalle, Thomas, Mads, Anders, Birgitte, Asta and the rest in the halls and at the lectures makes everything better.

I miss Rasmus... He said he'd missed me, too. That makes me happy :)
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Oooh, Rasmus met my parents yesterday. After dinner he came and picked me, because we were going to get coffee. My parents were having a sort of choir meeting (communist choir...), so there were, like, six or seven greying 50-60-year old waving back at him when I'd introduced him. Several of them tried to convince him that *they* were my parents. Anyway, we walked around the quiet city for about an hour before going into Café Norden. He showed me some pictures he's using for a collage and two of them included his ex-girlfriend, but he kept saying "there's nothing going on between us, she's just a good friend, you don't have to worry" and more or less did so every time he mentioned a female friend. Aww... I trust him, I really do :) Then it was about 11:30, so we walked back to the house and *cough* went to bed, without waking up my sister. I'm very proud of him *grins*. Also, Chris, I'm hoping you know what that means, because I can't really write it here. Needless to say that I'm a very very happy girl today :D When Rebekka came about an hour after he'd left I really couldn't hide my smile, because I'm just *that* happy. I made her sit and look at pictures of Rasmus and listen to stories and I didn't think she could do that, but I made her blush! Woot, yay me!! *dances* We then proceeded to go to Fisketorvet shopping mall, where she bought some stuff and I bought some wonderful new, high heeled, black leather boots, that I adore and want to marry. The heels are, like, 4-5 cm or something. I can reach Rasmus without hurting my neck ;)

In other news, I'll be leaving for Berlin tomorrow. I will be back on Thursday, so it's a short trip. I'll be going with Timo, Laura and her Geography boyfriend. Should be...interesting. Only downside is that I haven't got my VISA card yet, so I have to travel with 2500 kr o.O I'm hoping I can find a Schalke key-hanger like the one [ profile] lennafreya gave me six months ago. I really miss it...

I hope you all are well and that you will manage without my Rasmus-ranting the next three days ;)

Just one for the road ;). And one more, to prove that he doesn't have a weird face. And a smile, even though this is a fake one *huggles him*
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Wow, that went pretty well, I think. I told my dad that a guy I'd met was coming by and he was fine with it. My sister got to talk to him a bit, but not that much. My parents were supposed to have met him, too, but we were...distracted *cough* Oh, and he spent the night. It was just so nice lying next to him all night - he was *right there!* And I could kiss him any time I wanted. He's just the sweetest guy, ever *huggles him* But I don't think my sister was that happy. She was really happy on beforehand and glad to meet him, but apparently we were so noisy (the wall between us is a tree door and a wall made of plaster), that she had to sleep in the addic. And she wasn't that happy this morning. She said two words to me and slammed the door when she left. But I just see this as revenge from when she did that with her old boyfriend, so I really can't have any bad feelings about this. At all. And if I know my parents well they won't even mention Rasmus, until they can ensure that the entire conversation will be awkward as hell!

So, life is perfect!
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Rasmus is coming over tonight. As in, meeting my family. I told him on Tuesday that I hadn't planned on telling them about him until I knew it was something serious, because I hadn't had a lot of boyfriend (or male friends, in general) at my house before. At all. But now he asked if we could meet tonight and watch TV in my room and that he'd love to talk to my parents (or "your embarrassing parents", because that's what I'd called them on Tuesday) for a minute or two. So now he's coming over and this thing gets more serious by the *minute*!!

I gotta go take a shower and clean up my room and figure out what I'm going to wear and...

Oh, and work was fun, hard and boring. But it gets me money and I talked to Chris, so, woot!! *dances*
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They just played an Hamburger SV-fan song on the radio. My parents were sure it must be a parody, but I'd heard Schalke-songs before. This was not a parody. They are dead serious. "Hah-es-fau", all the way.

Oooh! And Schalke is still hanging on in the Champions' League with a 2-0 win over Fenerbahce, so, woot!! *dances around Ebbe Sand*

And I met Rasmus yesterday. And it was so so so nice. We met at 6:45 pm in front of the cinema and I was greeted with a smile and a long kiss. We ordered the tickets and then went to find some food, while walking hand in hand. We ate some pizza and then walked around for an hour, stopping and kissing from time to time. We got some coffee at a café and just sat there, talking about anything and everything. We touched the subject of girlfriends/boyfriends a few times and he dropped hints about "so, when I'm going to meet your parents..." and stuff like that. We then saw the movie ("Corpse Bride"), which was good. We kissed all the way through commercials (including the Harry Potter trailer! Yes, I have already made my first sacrifice) and held hands all the way through the movie. The movie ended at about 11 pm, after which we walked around some more, asking each other questions and stuff like that. I followed him hime and left him wonderfully sexually frustrated (yet again) at about 1:30. We agreed that next time we meet will be within the nearest future and not in two weeks (he had been stressed out and I had my exam and stuff). I think we're dating right now, but it could easily turn into something more!

Am I happy? Oh, yes I am!! *dances around the livingroom*

ETA: I think I'm going to implode very very soon.
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WHY is it still raining?? My hai will go absolutely berserk if it gets wet...! *shakes fist at clouds* Please leave now, you're not welcome! I have to meet Rasmus in 30 mins. and I don't wanna look like a drowned mouse.

In other news, I have a job Thursday. I'm going to count people on Hellerup station between 6-12. Six am is a bit optimistic, but I should be able to do it! I think...


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