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Almost finished cleaning today. I just need a few finishing touches and I'll be done! I still don't know where I'll be sleeping tomorrow night; maybe my family will have to sleep in my bed... *sigh* I also went to the Apple Store today and they told me that all I needed to do was to call them and then UPS would come and get my iPod. A few days later I would get a new one. And all free of charge! *loves*

On the way home I was talking to my mom on my phone, when some drunken guy starts muttering to himself/me about sadomasochism and all kinds of disgusting things. I get to my Metro stop and get ready to get off and so does he. And then he bloody took my phone!! And it isn't as if I have a new, fancy cell phone. No, it's bloody three years old and veeeery used! So all this was was a demonstration to me of some kind. Then I start yelling that he fucking needs to give me back my phone and I try to get it from him, but he won't let go. What's even more annoying is that there are several people around me who do nothing to help me; they just look. And to top it all, one of them is a conductor, who only butts in after I've yelled at the shithead three or four times!! But I got my phone back in the end...

After that I went to [ profile] vampirespider's house, where we watched "Master & Commander" (I really don't want to like this movie, but it's so cute! In the very weird way, mind), "Top Gun" (more about that in a second) and some weird movie called "The last days of disco". Okay, about Top Gun: it may not be the best movie in the world, but it's definitely quotable, funny and cute. And slashy. Oh my god, the slash!! Seriously!! The tension between Maverick and Iceman is just...gah!! Young!Val Kilmer, I want to have your babies! But, yes, back to the slash. Chris and I were convinced that there HAD to be Maverick/Iceman slash out there, but after visiting the websites we could think of that would possibly have that kind of fic and googling it, we found nothing. No slash, at all. And that's a damned shame, because OMG Teh Slash! Would someone please rectify that?

Lastly, I would like to comment on Stuttgart's sudden interest in Danish players: Jon Dahl Tomasson coming to Stuttgart is possibly the best thing that has happened to both Jon and the club in years. I mean, for Jon this means much more playing time and a club that's (if you don't mind me saying) maybe a bit more friendly and group orientated than Milan was to him. And Stuttgart has already benefited from him, because in two out of two matches he has played a major part in their winning the matches. He scored in one and assisted in the other. That was more or less all old news. The new news is that they are now interested in Grønkjær, which I am absolutely thrilled about, because on the national team they have always been the best striking team, so if they now play side my side all year, they could seriously improve their partnership so much. The funny thing is that the Jon/Jesper relationship is the slash pairing I believe in the most on the national team, because they are just that good friends and they. always. touch. Seriously. And that will only improve if they play for the same club. So I definitely aprove of this possible transfer ;D And the fact that Jon said that it would be good "both for the team and for me" only helps.
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I'm so hyperly ecstatic right now. That was such a great match!! I'm so happy we went to see it! Only downside: we sat, once again, on the very last row of the entire stadium. What on earth are the odds!? The next time Line is definitely booking the tickets!

Anyway! The boys played beautifully and Søren Larsen is such a woobie. After he scored the first goal he grabbed his face as if to say "omg i can't believe this!11!1". Christian played the best football since the Euro, so that made me very happy. I had predicted Martin Jørgensen's goal, so I wasn't that surprised. Line kept saying that Rommedahl would score, but seriously? The guy can't play football worth shit. I can play better football than him, but Morten Olsen still keeps putting him in the line-up! I really don't get it! And then there was Jon. Poor, ickle Jon who really made many good passes to others (in a very Ebbe Sand-like manner), but not scoring on that penalty was probably the biggest mistake he's made in years. Up until now he's been every Dane's #1, but I think now people are going to be questioning that position (as well they should, after the way he's been playing on the national team the last few months).

Tomorrow I'll go picture searching, because, eeeee! Christian switched shirts with an Albanian after the match! So finish downloading already *kicks torrent program*
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OMG! Only two hours to go until kick-off! And I'm RIGHT THERE! *makes mental note to remember digi cam* Eeee!! I'm so hyper! I'm gonna go upstairs to change clothes to my autographed Danish football jersey (woot!).

Oh, and I talked to Marie at work today (the conservative one). We've had a running conversation the last few days, trying to figure out something we agree on. And today ahe, without any prompting from my side, mentioned that she thought that Christian Poulsen looked cute. I was totally stunned. After that we converted Mia as well, so, yay! *crosses fingers for Christian tonight*

Must go change!

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In spite of everything that's happened with the team the least year or so, I still love the Danish national team unconditionally. And after's latest update I love them even more, if that was ever possible. Following is a little picspam after the photoshoot they did for the launch of the children's website (which I'm a member of already *cough*) How dorky!cute can a team be!? )

And speaking of, which is actually quite a good website, I found out that they have fan posters of six of the players. They aren't that big, but too big to post in an LJ, so I'm just gona leave some links:
Christian Poulsen
Jesper Grønkjær
Jon Dahl Tomasson
Kenneth Perez
Niclas Jensen
Thomas Sørensen

Also, so sorry for the spamming. I'm bored o.O


*kicks Frank Arnesen's ugly ass*


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