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Oh, yeah...!! I still got it ;)

*goes to bed laughing*
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I've been out bith yesterday night and tonight. Both "outings" have been marvelous. Yesterday I went with Maria to the Egmont party, where I'll *definitely* go a lot more in the future, because people are so incredibly nice, the alchohol is cheep and the guys are cute. I had been noticing a guy, but whenI finally got a grip and decided to go after him he was gone, so that part of the plan went out the window...

Me ) Therefore I conclude that they must be gay and thereby the thought of me being rejected by the guy is no longer present in my head :)

I have been writing a lot with Michael from He is growing sweeter and sweeter by the minute, but also beginning to act as if I'm *actually* his girlfriend (which I might be?). I'd told him I was going to Stengade tonight, to which he asked if it was an invitation for him to come as well. I really really thought about it and, yes, I want to meet him and I want to kiss him (which is an incredibly scary thing to realise), but I also wanted this night to myself to see if I could actually score out in the real world as well, so I wouldn't have to go through with the awkwardness of meeting him/going on a date. What if I don't like him? Or worse, if he doesn't like me! Then there is dumping in the air, yet again.

I'm so confused!! I'm going to continue and write Michael, but also try and find some guy to kiss tomorrow (when we're going out, yet again). Because, yes. I am a cocktease.
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I had a wonderful New Years eve yesterday! Ate with Line and Annika in their apartment on Christians Havn, we drank three bottles of champagne, two bottles of red wine and some beers, so we were very happy! Post-dinner included drooling over Johnny Depp in Chocolat and me showing them the LOTR:ROTK easter egg (the one with the fake, German interview). So much fun! After jumping into the new year, we headed downtown, to Dronning Louise's Bridge, which they had closed and was using as a place to hold a reggae concert!! So much fun!!! Got kissed by some random guys and was asked to dance by a stranger, who wanted to do a little more than just dancing. He kept following us afterwards, it was pretty creepy. But, yeah, it's really weird to dance to reggae music in your winter clothes! After that we went to Studenterhuset to use their bathroom, since Klaptræet was closed. We wanted to go to Dakota, but that was closed, too. Jazz House wanted 200 kr per person, so that was out of the question as well. Then we saw that Krasnapolski had semi nude bartenders, so we went to stand in line, only Line didn't want to wait, so she asked the bouncers if we needed to stand in line. We didn't. And lo an behold, the place had a free bar! We hadn't been sitting for more than five minutes before I was asked to dance again. This guy was also very very forward and I came too close to something in his pants, so I wished him a happy new year and left. We stayed for about an hour more, because the place was simply not our style. So, of course, we went to A-Bar. What else... *hates* Didn't meet anyone we knew, sadly, but we had a lot of fun anyway. We agreed that the mean age was possibly a few years below our own. Line flirted with a guy, but she didn't really like him, so at about 6 am we left. Went to McDonalds and bought some food, hitched a ride from some guy and went home to their apartment to watch LOTR:FOTR until we fell asleep at about 7 am.

Woke up at noon and wanted to watch the ski jumping, but we all fell asleep again. Woke up again at 2:30 pm and watched the final round of jumping. Janne Ahonen didn't win, sadly *cries* Watched some random TV and went home at 5 pm. Haven't done anything since. Now I'm going to bed. Luckily I don't have a hangover!

Happy Zero Sex! (which makes so much more sence in Danish...)
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Exam yesterday went quite well, I think. I answered all of the questions (which some didn't) and got some good points through, so I'm hoping I did well. I'll be disappointed if I get a bad grade...

After the exam Timo, Laura, Kathrine and I went to eat lunch and get some beers. Fun was had :) They went home to sleep and I joined the rest of the Geography team at Studenterhuset, where they had a "two draught beers for 15 kr"-special. Yes, people got drunk. They had playful fist fights, danced around and flirted with each other. At 4 in the afternoon. I talked to the old Chemestry girls and we're going to see "Nynne" on monday. The first thing I saw when I walked in the door was Anders looking straight into my eyes and smiling that smile only *he* can smile. We flirted all afternoon, looking at each other while talking to other people and smiling, and we talked for about 30 mins. He knows I've got something going on with someone else and I know he's got something going on with someone else, so we both knew that all this was was flirting. And, oooh, I loved it...! He'd been talking to a girl all afternoon, but went to sit next to me (while his knee was constantly touching my thigh). She came by and said, "you've left us! But I see you've got some good company", or something like that. She's his best girl friend, so maybe he's said something about me to her. I don't know. But it was nice! *He's* so nice!

Went home and changed (Mikkel had spilt beer all over my pants) and went to Kathrine's house. We were just a lot of girls having fun, drinking, and it was so nice. Just to be able to relax and talk to everyone. Yeah... At about midnight we went to Jonas' apartment and had some more fun. After some hours we joined the remaining Geography crew at Egmont college, where we drank, danced and talked with everyone. Some guy tried to score me by using Allan Simonsen's apparently very famous tackle in 1979 against Bayern München. It didn't work, even though he tried four (4!!!) times. My sister was suddenly there and I introduced her to everyone. Maria (from high school) joined us as well and we danced with Andreas from my culture geography group. Then both Maria and my sister each met a guy, so suddenly I was all alone. First one guy says, "do you think I could maybe sleep at your place?" No, because you *just* told me you live 5 mins. from my house, so, no. And then an American guy called Ian walks by and starts laughing, because I'm sitting all alone next to one guy who's asleep, Maria who's kissing that guy she met and my sister kissing that other guy. He was really nice, because he really tried to distract me from my "misery". We talked about America and geography, but when my sister's friend woke up we walked back to our house, leaving both Maria and my sister behind. I was home at 6 am, almost 24 hours after I woke up and 15 hours after I started drinking.


I'm feeling fine today, just missing Rasmus even more. I'm going to see him on Tuesday to see a movie, so it's still on. I just miss him...

Oh, and Schalke is losing yet again. Fuck 'em (though not really...)

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Eeee! First of all, thank you [ profile] erjika for the package!!! I just got it! *dances* And I'll sleep with the cold virus tonight, just because! *huggles*

As a few of you know, I passed the chem exam and I'm totally ecstatics about it!! After intro classes and an intro lunch we went to Kongens Have park to drink some beer. I only had three, so I was only slightly drunk. We went to the dinner at 7 pm and I sat next to Thomas (but only because I slightly insisted that Laura and I sit next to him). I flirted all through and after dinner. We went to sit down and he said, in joke I think, "I know you have a crush on me, but we can only have a one-nigh-stand". The last bit I *know* he was joking, because he wouldn't say something like that. So of course I went to sit down with Lars (which is what every sane girl would do) and he flirted like OMG! He almost had his hand down my pants and were almost kissing me, but I refused and kept talking about his girlfriend! Go me! Then it was almost 12 am, so Kristine asked me if we should leave and I said okay. I'd kept asking Mads what the score was in the Ajax-Brøndby match (yay, [ profile] unheardprophete), so when I went to say goodbye really grabbed me and kinda held me until I said I had to go to the bathroom. I went, but came back and say goodbye. He insisted on taking me home, but we only went as far the bicycles (where Kristine was). We said goodbye and he kissed me (more or less) on the mouth. He was drunk.

I'm fucking screwed up and no matter who I choose on Friday (because Friday is when it'll all happen), someone is going to end up hurt. And it's going to be me.

ETA: Oh, balls. What the hell am I going to do tomorrow. They all saw me fucking leave with him!


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