Jul. 14th, 2006 11:05 pm
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Sorry it's been so long! I just wanted you all to know that I'm alive and kicking. Just been caught up with life, university and my boyfriend. Right now I'm in Brazil with my family (we're seven right now, going on 12...!) for four weeks. You can follow our trip in Danish at [ profile] albeckjapsen, if you want. Might be fun :)

I hope you're all well. Write here if you want a postcard, I should have your adress with me.
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Uh, the waterpipe-club-thingie on Sunday was *brilliant!* We had such fun and smoked a lot of apple tobacco. We just more or less sat and talked about everything for 6 hours. Afterwards Katherina and I missed our night bus, so we had to walk home from Valby in -5 degrees cold, but we talked a lot things through, so it was alright :)

Maria and I went to Fields yesterday (giant mall). I must admit that I had a plan about the whole thing, because there's this guy I've been writing a lot with on Dating (no, I was scared off like crazy last time) and he works in Bilka (I know...), so I wanted to check him out. But when we came he was probably out back, because we couldn't see him. But we got a lot of shopping done! Foundation (because.), lotions, a *wonderful* bag!

I also bought a pair of training pants and some trainers, because later today Katherine and I will go join a gym! (yay, I'm gonna do it! Finally!) I really am looking forward to it. It's especially good, because we spend so much time together, so none of us can back out of it.

But before that I will have my dreaded doctor's appointment. Yes, the one with clamydia. Hopefully it's nothing...

My Italian cousin came last night. He's only 1/4 Danish and have never *really* learned it, but now heøs studying Nordic Languages on University of Florence, so he's gotten a lot better! He's going to stay here for 10 days doing...something. But it's cool, I'm gonna take him to a rock concert on Friday with some friends.
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I thought it was time for a little update :)

Thursday: Skipped some classes, because I really don't get anything out of going this kind of lecture. Got a chance to talk to [ profile] vampirespider, which I really hadn't done when we met on Monday, so that was really nice :) I had gotten my hopes up about possibly drinking coffee with Rasmus, but he had wrecked his plug socket, so that kinda went out the window. *But* the Christmas Lunch was wonderful and I think everyone had a lot of fun. Didn't get too drunk, but I ended up losing my voice because I had to toast Kathrine all the time in a game we played, and Alchohol + Shouting => Teresa with no voice. At about 2 am Laura and I went home after 8 hours of goofing off and talking. Yay!

Friday: No hangover! But no voice either. Went to my doctors appointment and I ended up getting the Full Exam. As in, "now I'll gently insert this foreign object into your vagina". But, yeah, it was too bad and she was really nice about it. Went to two pharmacists after that. The first to get my birth control pills and the other to get a pregnancy text, because at this point it was a week late (turned out to be negative, so, yay!). Spent all day with Rebekka, who tried to calm me down (before I took it) and I ended up buying a really wonderful pair of jeans Woot! And they're size 36! (which is 6/8 in USA/UK, I think). A few years ago I was a 40, so this is really fantastic! Went to Friday Bar at 7:30 pm and it was so much fun! All my girlies were there and we had a blast! Kathrine had once again brought the girl who held the party where I met Rasmus and she is just so nice *loves Julie*. Goofed around with Asta and Thomas. Rasmus had said he'd like to come out of his apartment, so he might come, but he ended up falling asleep, so he didn't come (which made Saturday a mild Fourth Day, for some reason). A guy both Kathrine and I have kissed (and been asked to go his place) made passes at both of us and Kathrine ended up making out with him after we'd all left. She didn't do more than that, even though she'd told me she wanted to (luckily! He is *so not worth it!).

Saturday: Cleaned up the house and held a Christmas cosiness-thingie for my dad's family. Was pretty nice :) Went to Rebekka's apartment and *really* goofed around with Line, Maria, Nicole and her. Her place was so cold, so we all huddled up in her bed with three blankets and two cakes and read her "ladies magazines" (which means naughty stories, dildo tests and tips and tricks. A lot of laughing was done!). They all ended up going out, but I couldn't really find the energy, so I went home at about midnight. Was stopped by the police on my way home, because I was driving with no lights, but luckily I'd brought them (just forgotten to put them on) and *didn't* get a 500 kr fine! Apparently Line scored tonight, but none of them are answering my text messages (and neither is Rasmus. I'm feeling lonely now!).

Oh, and about the whole pregnancy thing: I got my period last night, eight days late. That made me say a little prayer. Now, birth control pills.
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Happy first of Advent, everyone!

Got my first Christmas calendar as an Advent present - a scratching calendar. Woot! Let this be the Christmas I win 1 million kroner!

Yesterday was my sister's 18th birthday and it was so nice, all of it. Friends and family were there, my aunt had written a song and my sister cried, her friends had done a "how well do you know Clara"-quiz and I won, and we ended the night by singing old socialist songs around the table. Much fun was had!! Then I went to Vega nightclub with Line and Rebekka - a place I'll never set my foot in again, it was seriously full of wannabe's, starfuckers and PR agents. And they played House music, which I hate. Not my sort of crowd, I must say! So we went to Klaptræet, where we each got a cola and sat and talked until 4 am. Yay!

Now I'm procrastinating reading about volcanic activity and earthquakes. I don't wanna! I'm debating whether or now to invite Rasmus over tonight. Hmm...

Oooh! And that Spanish song for the Junior Eurovision? Can I please marry it? *loves*

Ooh ooh ooh! And Schalke won over Werder yesterday!! Yaaay!!! *dances* What a wonderful Schalke week!!

ETA: Oh, God, I almost forgot. Okay, so my parents have seen Rasmus once and almost kinda talked to him, but I've told them every time he's come by that he's going to come. My mom is the only one who has actually mentioned him at any point, where she asked who he was and I answered that he was a guy that I'd met and that he was a Philosophy student. Yesterday at the birthday party? Everyone knew he existed. Ebbe Kløvedal Reich's widow came over to me and said that she'd heard I'd gotten a boyfriend, which apparently my dad had told him. He's never even asked *me* about him! He knows *nothing* about Rasmus!! It's so typical of my dad to jump to conclusions! I think I told the same story about 15 times - no, he doesn't study Geography, but Philosophy at RUC. He's 21 and his name is Rasmus. Gah!! So, now it's all out in the open. Not exactly the way I'd hope/imagined...

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You know, it's nice enough that Søren Larsen scores, but please, Ralf, could you have bloody Christian Poulsen on the bloody pitch when he does so?! I don't get any slashy hugs when he's not there to celebrate afterwards! (seriously, WTF?! No Christian AT ALL in this match! RR, you suck!) ETA: Oh, no, sorry. He got two minutes!!

FC Copenhagen - Brøndby: 1-1. Could have been much worse. Last time they played it was 0-5, so, yay! And we're still #1 with 6 points down to Brøndby and Viborg. Woot! (if I didn't hate Brøndby as much as I do, I'd marry Jonas Kamper on the spot. Gaah...!)

My uncle is coming back from his plastic surgery in Thailand tomorrow. My dad is gonna meet him at the airport, but he's taking a train to Århus right away, so I won't get to see him until next time he's in Copenhagen. It's really weird, because I don't know what to expect. I'd like to at least know what I'll be looking at next time...

Small picspam, including pictures of yours truly )
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[ profile] vampirespider, [ profile] madfrog and [ profile] lattara and the cutest girls on the Northern hemisphere. I just wanted the world to know.

I love Søren Larsen and Schalke. But what else is new.

My iPod has been shipped today, so hopefully I'll get it Friday or Monday *crosses fingers*

I turned in the crappiest report today, but since I don't get a grade on the reports (and they don't really count for anything) I don't care. Which I know I should, but...blah.

My sister is coming home from Greece tomorrow and my dad is coming home from Greenland on Thursday, so the peace and quiet ends tonight. I've quite enjoyed it, really. I can't wait until I move out!

Alcazar is performing at the Copenhagen Pride show on Saturday, so I'm going to go see them with Thea. Yay! I can't wait! I've never seen them live (and apparently Magnus and Andreas have started doing duets!). To those of you who don't know, Alcazar is this really cheesy Swedish pop/disco band, who make a lot of good cycling/doing homework music. It's got such a nice pace, so you get everything done a lot quicker when listening to them. And the fact that the two guys in the group were dating for, like, two years only makes them better ;)

I love watching atletics. Denmark really only has Wilson Kipketer and he's ending his career this year, so I've made this yet another thing where I'm more Swedish than Danish: cheering for Carolina Klüft is so much more interesting than cheering for Joachim Olsen. Too bad Christian Olsson is out with an injury...

This has been the random post of the week.


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