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In less than 48 hours I made "peace" with Laura (the girl who didn't give up her space on the field trip to Jutland for me, in spite of all the stuff I've done for her), texted half an hour with my ex, Rasmus (the first contact I've had with him since the beginning of January. He was so nice), saw Mads for the first time in six months (my second crush), saw Anders for the first time since the field trip to Jutland (yes, I still have a humongous crush on him, but that doesn't mean I'm going to do anything about it. In spite of him flirting back... o.O), talked to a girl from elementary school who's just started Geography and was hit on by two first year-guys. Friday-bars can be quite eventful!!

Yesterday I went to a party in Hellerup with Kristine. It ended up being more of a social experiment than a party for us, because Hellerup-types? Not really our thing. Think The O.C. Well, maybe not all Hellerup-people are like that, but these people were. We knew *no one*, so we just ended up sitting in a sofa and talking about people. 'Twas fun! After that we went back to her dorm (Egmont) and joined a random party there.

Haven't done *anything* today, as it is the last day before the next term starts tomorrow. I have two things on my schedule: Buy flødeboller, and Watch FCK-Aab at 6 pm. That's pretty much it.

I watched the last 10 minutes of the Barcelona - Sevilla-match (that I had completely forgotten about) and I noticed that my beloved Christian Poulsen has had *a hair-cut*!! Now he's back to the look he had when he was 18-years-old and playing for FC Copenhagen. I think I need some time to get used to it...

My birthday in a week!! *dances* And I'm moving in less than three weeks!
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FC Copenhagen just kicked Ajax's butt in a 2-0 victory, which means that their 2-1 victory in Copenhagen means SHIT! HA! We're going to the Champions League!!!!!! That's the first time in 8 years a Danish team is in CL! (and last time it was Brøndby...*shakes fist at fuckers*)

But YAY!!!! *loves team*
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Oh. My. God.

FC Copenhagen and Schalke 04 will play a friendship match on January 22nd. I will *DIE* if I don't get to see it live. I HAVE TO!!!!! Gaaaaah!!!! Unfortunately they don't have any information about ticket sales yet, but I'll get tickets somehow. I will lick toes if I have to!!
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Oh, no. I can feel that I'll be listening to this song a lot in the future. And it's *Carola*, god dammit!!!

Oh, well..


Voice not quite back yet. No, let me rephrase that. I went to university today and people laughed at how poorly I sounded, so, yeah. Voice is crap.

Tonight I was supposed to have gone to the FC Copenhagen-Brøndby (arch rivals of Copenhagen) match, but my mom won't let me! *pouts* So, she and my sister will go and I have to watch it at home, alone... I think I need chips.

My sister asked Rasmus and I to be more quiet, or as she said it, "get it overwith before I get home". She is such a darling *eyeroll*
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FC Copenhagen, how I love you. Peter Møller, how I love you. A simple 2-0 win (both goals by Peter Møller, himself) and they're at #1 with six points down to #2. They have played 16 matches and won 13 of them!, lost none and tied three. Oh, and because of Peter Møller's two goals? He's now the most scoring striker in Danish history. Take that, Brøndby!

Hold K V U T Mål Point
1 FC København 16 13 3 0 +25 42
2 Brøndby (MP) 16 11 3 2 +22 36

A small FCK pic spam )

I love them. *huggles*


Don't you just love riding your bike by some car, looking in their window and see that the driver is singing along to some song with so much passion that he doesn't notice that anyone is even watching?
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You know, it's nice enough that Søren Larsen scores, but please, Ralf, could you have bloody Christian Poulsen on the bloody pitch when he does so?! I don't get any slashy hugs when he's not there to celebrate afterwards! (seriously, WTF?! No Christian AT ALL in this match! RR, you suck!) ETA: Oh, no, sorry. He got two minutes!!

FC Copenhagen - Brøndby: 1-1. Could have been much worse. Last time they played it was 0-5, so, yay! And we're still #1 with 6 points down to Brøndby and Viborg. Woot! (if I didn't hate Brøndby as much as I do, I'd marry Jonas Kamper on the spot. Gaah...!)

My uncle is coming back from his plastic surgery in Thailand tomorrow. My dad is gonna meet him at the airport, but he's taking a train to Århus right away, so I won't get to see him until next time he's in Copenhagen. It's really weird, because I don't know what to expect. I'd like to at least know what I'll be looking at next time...

Small picspam, including pictures of yours truly )
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Random football thoughts )

In other news, I just had a three hour long brunch with my new gay friend, Timothy. He's *so* the coolest person, ever. I swear, that guy has twice the energy I have. He's president of some club, wants to start at squash practise with me, invited me to some architecture exhibit and asked if we shouldn't go to Berlin this weekend. His phone rang four times, he knew the name of our waiter and met two of his friend in the café. Timo, slow down.

Tomorrow I start uni for real. My first classes. I'm scared.

[ profile] xavantina, I miss you.
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skip=780, and I'm bound to have missed something.

Football: The Danish league has started again and FCK won their first match. Marcus Allbäk played *cheers*

I'm in love with Tour de France, but I really can't stand Lance Armstrong. He's just...grrr!!! Stop bloody winning! It's not funny! Let Ivan Basso or Mickael Rasmussen! Speaking of Mickael, he secured the dotted mountain jersey today, the first Dane ever to do so *loffs him*. He's my man, I believed in him when no one else did before this Tour.

Next few days:
Friday: cleaning my room (for thefirst time in waaaay too long) and going to see Batman with Thea
Saturday and Sunday: Family birthday in Præstø
Monday and Tuesday: More cleaning, because...
Wednesday: Italian family comes to visit. They'll leave on the 4th
Thursday: My letter from the university will arrive
Friday: First day of Very Quick Chemestry Class

There's definitely something I've missed, I just know it *ponders*

ETA - From „Ich kann noch etwas von Ebbe Sand lernen!“ Aww...!!
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Football rant coming up:

First of all, FC Copenhagen has sold Sibusisu Zuma, which is pretty bad, but luckily they've gotten rid of bloody Marcus Kihlstedt (*shakes fist*). My poor ickle Hjalte Nørgaard is gone, too, I think. BUT! Tomorrow FC COpenhagen will have a press conference to announce their new players, because up until now only two new players have transfered. New possible names include Marcus Allbäck (omgwtf how cool is that!?! *bounces*), Rasmus Würz (eeeee!! *huggles him) and Niclas Jensen (from the Danish national team and a former FCK player. It'd be so good for him to move away from Dortmund)

Schalke-news: As possibly all Danes who watch the sports news have heard, there is a lot of confusion about whether or not Schalke has actually gotten Søren Larsen or not. Søren Larsen is the top scorer in the Swedish league, so Djurgården is not that happy to let him go. He was valued at 1 mil. € which was the exact amound Schalke offered for him, which made a lot of people wonder if they had some kind of insider-knowledge. Now they have offered 1.2 mil. €, but it seems that Djurgården still wont sell him and Søren himself has refused to speak to the press so we don't even know what he thinks...! Dammit... But we got Kuranyi and Fabian Ernst, so that's good, at least... They will also hold a press conference tomorrow.

Jon Dahl-related gossip: It seems that Milan is very interested in Ruud v/Nistelrooy, so they have offered 5 mil. € and Jon for him to transfer to Milan. So maybe Jon will play in the PL this fall...!!! (which is also the reason for the choosing of this icon ;))

Am watching Brazil - Argentina right now. Am cheering for Argentina (yes, I realise that Brazil just scored...again *hates*), because seriously? They have the slashiest strikers, ever!Just look at this! (This is a nine-picture-long Argentina pic spam) )

Is it possible to get multiple orgasms because of a map? Because I think I just did *drools*


Tomorrow is my last day of work. On the one hand I can't wait to get on sumer holiday and get bloody RID of the receptionist and FP once and for all!! But on the other hand, I'll miss Marie and Mia very much. And I don't think I'll ever see them again, because we haven't really established a relationship outside of work. But let's just see. We have written a song for the farewell reception we're having tomorrow (yes, they're giving us a reception. Isn't it sweet?). It's in Danish, but yeah...The song )

In other RL news, I'm going to my parents' summer house tomorrow and I won't be back until Saturday or Sunday. But, as always, I'll bring my cell phone, so you can text me if you want :)

That is all from me for now, I think!


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