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Just did a skip=280. Sorry if I've missed something, but, yeah. Many many pages!

Came home from London on Sunday night with a 'flu. We had a wonderful wonderful trip, anyways. We walked all over the city, went to Starbucks too many times (as if there's such a thing :P), shopped 'til our (mine) wallets screamed, went to very interesting museums, danced/jumped in bars (much fun!), was hit on by a lot of drunk Austrians, tried to follow Very Interesting Football Matches (ie. me) and other fun stuff like that :) All in all 5 very nice days.

Adrian picked me up in the airport and only just left me today, so we've almost spent 72 hours together and they have all been very very wonderful :) He is so sweet! He's been taking care of me and has kept asking me if there was anything he could do for me. Every time I've coughed he's held me a bit tighter. He brought me chocolate from Belgium and they are YUMMY! What's even better? He brought my family chocolate, too. So sweet! *dies*

Didn't go to the first lectures yesterday because I was sick, but did go today. As it turns out we only have classes on Tuesday and Wednesday and our curriculum ~400 pages o.O But it's not all fun and games. We have to write two larger assignments in our spare time, so I guess we have our work cut out for us.

Talked to the guy in charge today and I can go on the field trip next year instead (for those of you who don't know: I was royaly screwed over by Former Friend, Laura, which meant that I would have to chose between going on a Grography trip this summer og going to Brazil for a month). This will mean I won't get my ECTS-points until Summer 2007, which sucks giant balls, but I have to live with it. Am loving ignoring Laura and steeling her potential group partners for the assignments. Ha! Take that, bitch! Am also loving that people are on my side.

Tuesday last week I went to Kathrine's apartment and we had our first pilates-work out. My muscles acked until Friday. Tomorrow we have our second get-together. Am looking majorly forward to it!

Because I only have classes two days out of seven these days I've started looking for student jobs. Looks interesting. I have the right qualifications for some of it, so I hope it works out.

Still no news on the apartment hunt.

Now, football. Or Gilmore Girls. Hmm...
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I'm on a two week-holiday these days and I *love* it...!!! I have done only things I've loved since Friday so things are great!!

Friday I had my exam, but I think it went okay... Not 13-okay, but over 6-okay. Let's just see... I don't even know when I get my grade... Afterwards we had a Friday bar, which went really well! Maria came and 40 people from Economics came by on their Tour de Fredagsbar, which was great!

Adrian left for Belgium on Saturday and I won't get to see him until Sunday the 23rd, so I'm about to go completely nuts...! Because he's been away for almost a week now, I've realised how much I miss him and I am now more and more sure that I am completely in love with him, which is really really frightening but also really nice :) Before he left we made a pact of celibacy, which means that neither of us the stuff people do alone. This has already had an effect, because now both of us are so sexually frustrated that it's the only thing we can talk about, which just worsens it. But it's fun ;)

Speaking of sex. I went with [ profile] vampirespider to LUST on Tuesday, after getting tips and hints from [ profile] xavantina. I am now the proud owner of two Cut for TMI )

Saturday I went to a party at Egmont, a collegium in Copenhagen, which was *so much fun!* There was this guy who had seriously pointed me out as his score of the night, so he came by *all the time* to dance with me, each time ending up grabbing my boobs. At one point he had me up against the wall with his knee between my legs, lifting me up so I fell over him. I actually informed him very early on that I had a boyfriend, but he didn't seem to mind :P But good fun, good fun!

Other than that I've been to a cake-party at Kristine's which was great! Seen movies with Kathrine (O Brother Where Art Thou) and Timo (Troy. Yes.), and hung out a lot with my sister, who can be really sensible sometimes :)

Tomorrow I'm going to Western Zealand to some Easter lunches. I'll be back home Saturday night.

Sunday morning I'll be going to Jutland to watch Young Americans with [ profile] lattara and [ profile] vampirespider, which will be *so much fun OMG!!* Hey, should I bring that bottle of Vodka, or what? What did we end up agreeing to? I'll be home again Monday night.

Wednesday I'll be going to London, baby, yeah! with Kristine, Maria and a really nice girl from Maria's class. We've all been there before, so no Big Ben-stuff for us, only the funny things! Markets, Oxford Street, maybe a musical if we can find some cheap ones. And clubbing, of course ;) It *is* a vacation, after all. And then back to school again...

Now I think I shall retire with my "Harry Potter och Halvblodsprinsen". Yes, it's in Swedish.
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It's been a week since my last update and yet another crazy crazy one of those. Field trip on Monday went well, in spite of it being incredibly cold. We went all around Copenhagen and saw things I've never seen before or thought of. Tuesday we had another field trip, which just so happened to be on the first day of spring! Woot! GIP is from said trip. We went to some forrests and dug holes in the ground to look and what different types of soils were there. Pretty interesting, actually! We ate lunch in the sun - wonderful!

Back to school on Wednesday - we had some lectures and after that all the madness broke loose. We had 15 Climate, soil and water-problems/assignments to turn in Friday (30 percent of the grade) at noon and my group really hadn't gotten much done before that. Not only did we have to redo some of the problems and math, we also needed to write text to each of them, which we found out was much harder than we thought! We worked our asses off that day and went home with some of the problems each. Only, Adrian came by later when his group was done which meant we didn't get much done. Thursday was the craziest day that week. We worked all day, from 9 to 7 with only two smaller breaks (lunch and some goodies in the afternoon). The nice ting was that Adrian was in the same room and I was in the craziest cuddling mood, so I constantly attacked him. Heh... Then I had to go babysit for my cousin and her husband. Their son slept through the whole evening, so that was cool. I sat in their house for four hours while chatting with the others and editing our text, so I got something out of it (besides the 200 kr and chocolate). When they came back at midnight Martin asked if he should take me home, but I told him to drive me back to geo, to the others. We had some fun/did some work for a couple of hours and went home at 2 am. Adrian and I ended up sleeping 3 hours that night. Friday we did some final editing and then went to print out at my dad's. Then Jesper, Christian, Andreas, Krister, Christina and I went to eat lunch together, which was so much fun. Went to the dentist and found out I had a cavity. At 4 pm Maria, Kristine, Asta, Birgitte and Kathrine came over to drink tea and eat cookies. We ended up sitting on the floor and Kathrine played piano - lots of fun! Then we went to the Fridaybar, which had a Schlager-theme. Woot! We had some fun (I only drank 1½ beer) and Adrian came. We went home at 11:30, I think. That makes three noghts in a row with him :) Spent most of Saturday just relaxing and having a good time with Adrian, Clara and her friend - very nice! He told me that he was in love with me. He knows I'm not where he is, so I just kissed him and snuggled him some more. If I get the time, I'll probably do and Adrian-post at some point. He left at 8 pm and I seriously spent the rest of the day on the couch and went to bed at 4 am. Yesterday I spent cleaning a bit and having fun with my family.

Today: Final class today, went to rusvejleder-meeting (yes, I am applying.) and then Kathrine and I went to our house to do some girly-bonding for some hours.

On Friday I have to turn in a 9-pages long assignment, which counts for 70 percent of my Growth, welfare and regulation-grade. The good thing is that I don't have any classes this week. The bad thing is that I have no overview on the assignment, because it's so complicated and complex. But I'll be alright...

On Friday next week, the 7th, I'm going to my only exam this block, for Climate, soil and water. Just so you know. And then vacation for two weeks!!

Busy, busy, busy...
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This week is probably the weirdest I'm gonna have for a long long time.

It all started Friday. I had to sign up for my summer trip for Geography to the west coast of Jutland, the only week I would be able to go was the first week because we are going to be in Brazil the following month. To cut the stody short, I didn't get a place on that week. That means that if I don't find someone to switch with (which is turning out to be a lot harder than it sounds) I'll be forced to either not go to Brazil with my family or go to Brazil and take the class next year with the new first year-students, which I really really don't want to...! Another factor in this fuck-up is that Laura could have saved me a spot on the list, but didn't because of principles. Yes, I am extremely angry with her. And if I sound relaxed about this whole thing? I'm not. I've cried, I've screamed, I've been in hysterics. I don't know what's going to happen.

But Adrian stayed over on Friday. He was really sweet and comforted me when I cried, he really helped me think of something else and I am so grateful he was there. I kicked him out the next day at noon, because I had an Iraq-demonstration to go to. Saturday just happened to be the first spring day, so we had sun and a few degrees of heat, which was a nice change. But now we're back to minus degrees... In the evening I had Maria and Kristine over to watch the Swedish Eurovision-final, because it is the strangest thing in the world and I love it. Magnus from Alcazar was great and I absolutely loved that Carola won. I think I might end up downloading the entire CD, because they're just *that good* pop songs!

I had a really huge assignment due today, which I only started writing yesterday (because that's what I do best...). I wrote from 10 am 'til 3 am, more or less. It turned out okay, I think. It's 30 % of my grade in one of my classes, so it had to be more or less okay ;) The subject was the Chicago-school and segregation in Copenhagen - pretty cool, actually!

After only 3 hours of sleep I woke up, printed out and went to school. Turned in the assignment and jumped on the bus that was waiting for us to take us all around the Copenhagen area. It was field trip-day. The nice weather from Saturday had vanished and we were now stuck with fog, minus degrees and a seriously nasty wind. But in spite of the weather we had a really nice trip, seeing different kinds of housing all around the area. I saw things I've never seen before and I've lived here for 20 years...! Went hime, watched TV for three hours and then fell asleep.

Tomorrow is yet another field trip-day, but this time for our climatology and soil-class. Should be pretty fun, I think, if the weather is on our side, because we're probably going to spend a lot of time outside. One problem is that on Friday we have to turn on a lot of assignments/problems for this class, which counts for 30 % of my grade, and we are really in need of more time, so we're going to do some of it on the bus. The problem is that while our group is officially of four people, only two of us are actually active members, which means the work burden on us is twice as big. I really hope we make it and get some good assignments turned in...

At some point in this weekend Adrian will take me out on a date. Interesting...!! :)

Hope all of you are well! I can't wait until the 7th when my vacation starts...
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Jesper has been singing "Adrienne" by The Calling all day. It would be cute if it wasn't for the fact that I've had that song playing in my head for the last four days.

Pretty nice day today. Two lectures by one of my favourite lecturers - the last one ending in watching an outdated movie trying to brand Copenhagen as *THE* place or international co operation's. Let's just say that I haven't laughed that hard in a long time... Followed by a discussion class about Ørestaden, which is always interesting. Stayed some hours trying to solve some problems (one of which we have to present tomorrow), but two of the guy in my group are just too easy to distract, so they ended up imitating Mandrilaftalen, which would be funny any other day. But then again, Adrian came by before he left, so I'm just as bad... First time kissing at school, many surprised looks I think. One of them included Christian from my group. Adrian left and Christian asked me, "uhm...when did this happen?" Oh, just now. I'm such a friendly person, so if someone I've never talked to before comes over and starts caressing my neck I *have* to kiss them, don't I?

Now I'm so bombed out from lack of sleep the last five days so I think I need to go to bed earilier than usual.

Heh. He just texted me an entire message in German. "Hej søde =) Willst du morgen was machen oder hast du andere pläne? Kuss"
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I need some help from you Danish people. Mostly because I can't translate this thing I'm about to post. It's about the Michael-dude. The one in Bilka. He just wrote me this:
Godmorgen min rose...
Sad og havde helt vildt mange tanker omkring hvad jeg skulle skrive til dig, men ingen af dem gav den store mening når først de kom på skrift (i blame the alcohol) men jeg håber du har fået sovet rigtig godt, og muligvis drømt noget sødt. Ville jo gerne sige at du skulle have drømt om mig men den slags ting er man jo desværre ikke selv herre over. Kun de vågne tanker kan man styre, og dem må jeg indrømme har været styret i en temmelig ensrettet retning på det seneste. Retningen mod dig vel at mærke. Har tænkt over mange ord som kunne beskrive hvordan jeg ser dig, men ingen af dem giver dig den retfærdighed som du fortjener. Ved ik hvordan jeg skal sige det, udover at sige at du nok er den sødeste og dejligste pige jeg nogensinde har lært at kende. Du er helt fantastisk. Dont ever change honey!

Tror denne her krop skal puttes i seng snart, den trænger til hvile og til at kunne samle tankerne om noget af det skønneste her i verden. Ja, du gættede rigtigt... Thats you!

Kæmpe kram

So, yeah. That was pretty much a declaration of love, or something to that extend. And he's told me that his last girlfriend/kiss/sex was two years ago, so he's taking this *very* seriously...! I'm so confused, because while I love getting mails like this (and I get my fair share of them - sometimes it's quite scary) and I think he's very very sweet and nice, I still don't know if I actually *want* a boyfriend or something like that just now. It was so nice to be going out last Saturday, find some guy and make out with him, and then leave. I just don't know what to do, because at this point I've been writing with Michael for over a month and his letters have been more and more like this one => meeting him => dating => boyfriend/girlfriend.

And Maria is out of town, so I can't talk to her. And Kathrine is going to some birthday-thing. I haven't talked to Laura in a week. My sister is nowhere in sight. Kristine is going somewhere. And, yeah, I just sorta needed to air this thing with some other people...

[ profile] vampirespider - I hope your assignment ended up being brilliant - it looked like it :)
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Last night. Yeah, I kissed someone. Just to prove to myself that I could. Muhahah!!

Maria and I went to Moose bar with Nina, where we talked for a few hours for the first time in *years*. It was so nice! Then we went to a club, where we bought some drinks and went to sit down at an empty table, which we soon realised *wasn't* empty, because three guys were actually sitting there. There were three of them and three of us. You do the math ;) Well, Maria and Nina were most agressive, so they claimed first dibs on them, which left me with whomever they hadn't taken. They changed prey all through the night, changing when they had talked to one of the others. Nina went dancing with the blone one called Martin and they started making out. Maria went dancing with the brunette one called Daniel and I *thought* they had kissed, too. I was waiting for Rebekka and was totally bored, because the last one (I'll call him Bahit, because I can't remember his real name) was talking to his ex-girlfriend. We'd earlier talked about football and the mini-Porsche I have in my pencil case and stuff like that. Martin and Bahit had both called me their dream wife (yes, you can score because of football) and Daniel gave me the biggest hug and a kiss on the cheek because I said I liked Peter Møller (who just happened to be his idol). A good song came on and Bahit, Maria and I went dancing. Maria apparently whispered to Bahit that I was just shy, so when Maria left he really made his move. We started dancing closer and closer and suddenly we were kissing, not that it came as a great surprise. He was good-looking, a good dancer and a good kisser. And incredibly nice, too...!! Maria had told methat at the end of this vacation she wanted to see me score someone, because in spite of me having kissed 14 different people in the span of two months, she hadn't been present at any of the occations. She and Nina were dancing next to us, so they saw the whole thing happen. Muhaha...!! Nina left and since Maria realised she wouldn't kiss Daniel she wanted to go, too. So I told Bahit we had to leave, he asked Maria if she couldn't just let me stay (because I am *sure* he thought we'd be going home together), but, no, I am an ice queen and the entire plan of the evening was to kiss someone, so I was happy with the outcome. So Maria and I walked home in the snow.

Today I woke up at 2 pm with a cold. It's been three months since my last flu, so it was about time it came, really... Have been sleeping, watching TV and drinking tea all day.

Tomorrow I start university at 8 am, so I should possibly go to bed soon.

Oh, and that law-student has started calling me Teresa-musen (mus = mouse) and the Bilka-guy has started having dreams about me. Oh, yes, I rule.

I want to comment on the Muhammed-cartoons, but the snot in my brain is stopping me. All I want to say is that I can't understand why Jyllands-Posten can't say they are sorry and I am beginning to fear for my life. We could very well be hit by a suicide bomb any moment now and I live very near the center of Copenhagen.
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I've been out bith yesterday night and tonight. Both "outings" have been marvelous. Yesterday I went with Maria to the Egmont party, where I'll *definitely* go a lot more in the future, because people are so incredibly nice, the alchohol is cheep and the guys are cute. I had been noticing a guy, but whenI finally got a grip and decided to go after him he was gone, so that part of the plan went out the window...

Me ) Therefore I conclude that they must be gay and thereby the thought of me being rejected by the guy is no longer present in my head :)

I have been writing a lot with Michael from He is growing sweeter and sweeter by the minute, but also beginning to act as if I'm *actually* his girlfriend (which I might be?). I'd told him I was going to Stengade tonight, to which he asked if it was an invitation for him to come as well. I really really thought about it and, yes, I want to meet him and I want to kiss him (which is an incredibly scary thing to realise), but I also wanted this night to myself to see if I could actually score out in the real world as well, so I wouldn't have to go through with the awkwardness of meeting him/going on a date. What if I don't like him? Or worse, if he doesn't like me! Then there is dumping in the air, yet again.

I'm so confused!! I'm going to continue and write Michael, but also try and find some guy to kiss tomorrow (when we're going out, yet again). Because, yes. I am a cocktease.
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Uh, the waterpipe-club-thingie on Sunday was *brilliant!* We had such fun and smoked a lot of apple tobacco. We just more or less sat and talked about everything for 6 hours. Afterwards Katherina and I missed our night bus, so we had to walk home from Valby in -5 degrees cold, but we talked a lot things through, so it was alright :)

Maria and I went to Fields yesterday (giant mall). I must admit that I had a plan about the whole thing, because there's this guy I've been writing a lot with on Dating (no, I was scared off like crazy last time) and he works in Bilka (I know...), so I wanted to check him out. But when we came he was probably out back, because we couldn't see him. But we got a lot of shopping done! Foundation (because.), lotions, a *wonderful* bag!

I also bought a pair of training pants and some trainers, because later today Katherine and I will go join a gym! (yay, I'm gonna do it! Finally!) I really am looking forward to it. It's especially good, because we spend so much time together, so none of us can back out of it.

But before that I will have my dreaded doctor's appointment. Yes, the one with clamydia. Hopefully it's nothing...

My Italian cousin came last night. He's only 1/4 Danish and have never *really* learned it, but now heøs studying Nordic Languages on University of Florence, so he's gotten a lot better! He's going to stay here for 10 days doing...something. But it's cool, I'm gonna take him to a rock concert on Friday with some friends.
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Howdy do, everyone!!

Just checking in to say that both of my exams are killed and very very dead! The first went so-so. The presentation went brilliantly, they liked our paper, but I completely messed up in the second question, so I ended up with an 8 (given for the average performance), which I'm okay with. A bit bombed, but okay. The second exam (today), on the other hand, is by far the absolute best exam I HAVE EVER HAD!!! There was such a nice air in the room, the teachers were happy, we joked around, we talked about our paper, they said they liked it (actually they said that we were the only ones who had written the paper they had hoped for). Everything was just...perfect. And we ended up getting an 11 (given for the independent and excellent performance), which is more or less the highest grade you can possibly get, because 13 is practically out of reach for *everyone*.

But, yeah. Life is great and I have an average of 9,3. Woot! Next block, meteorology, which I'll LOVE!

Tomorrow, going to the spa with Kathrine (which has become an exam tradition for us. We did it after the GIS exam as well). Friday, hanging out with Maria (I hope). Sunday, water pipe/girls' night with Asta and the girl from Geo). Next week: Wednesday, old students' party at my grad school. Thursday/Friday/Saturday, various outings with Maria at night, incl. a Fridaybar and a discoteque.

Woot!! Vacation until the 6th!!
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Uhm, yeah. So after posting about Magnus yesterday I talked to some people and [ profile] xavantina told me to possibly reconsider. Because I think he might be just a tad weird (in the bad way) and he is *definitely* ready for more relationship than me. I just...he's already acting like we're boyfriend/girlfriend and while I might have flirted back in the beginning, now I'm just feeling weirded out. He's already gotten his aunt to take his cats, for crying out loud!! And we haven't even met each other yet! I've realised that while what I had with Rasmus was a lot less than what I wanted, this is definitely a lot *more* than what I wanted. I've come to the conclusion that I want to flirt and possibly kiss a guy or two, but a long-term, full on, seeing each other every day-relationshion is *not* what I want. Nor is it what I *can*, because while I care about my love life, I still want a good education, so I have to put that first right now (which was *EXACTLY* what Rasmus told *me* and that scares me).

So now I have to write to the poor guy (who just wrote me a text message asking if I wanted to come online and say goodnight o.O), telling him that we've moved waaay too fast and that I just want to be friends. I've known this for 12 hours and I've just kept pushing it off. I have to break up with someone. That is such a weird thought.

I told Kathrine about this today and jesper and Andreas overheard us, so I had to tell them everything about it. They teased me in the most lovable way and ended up reading my profile. Andreas applauded me for getting back on the horse so quickly. They really are so sweet, those two... I think Andreas is possibly fixing me up with a computer-friend of his. Let's just see, shall we?

I'd written in my profile that I weigh 57 kg, to which Andreas said, "Ah, 57 kg? I don't think so...!" To which I had to answer that I'd just weighed myself *today* and I weigh 55 kg. Yes. I haven't weighed this little since...7th grade? It's such a weird thought! And the weirdest thing is that the fat isn't going anywhere, I just lose wight. Maybe my bones are getting slimmer... But after exams this'll be over! I will start working out in a gym nearby. Yes, I will...!
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The big Nature Culture assignment is done. It's finished. It's killed dead. We went home at 1 am tonight and met up again at 9 am to make the last adjustments before turning it in at noon. The same people who were in the computer lab when when we left at night were there when we came back in the morning. They had not moved an inch. It was like walking into a dream, or something - as if time hadn't passed in the room while we were gone! But, yeah, we turned it in and it's okay. It's not great, but it definitely isn't bad either, so we'll do alright Eight of us went out for a beer afterwards, but everyone were just so tired we ended up going home after an hour. Then I've just relaxed, watching Gilmore Girls and Just Like Heaven on my computer. And then tomorrow we start all over on another assignment at 11 am. My life is great... I've slept so little this week, I'm in so much sleep deprivation you wouldn't believe.

Now I'm just waiting for Lost to finish downloading - I could respond to those mails at You know, that really has helped my self-esteem. I get so many compliments and kind words. It's like, if you're a girl and like football you're the 8th wonder of the world! Not that I mind ;)

Hope you are all well!
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I'm doing much better today - I haven't even felt an urge to cry yet, which is a victory in it self. Thanks for the songrecs yesterday, they really helped. Sofie, I'm guessing you sent me that Shubidua-song? I used to listen to them for *hours* every day when I was younger, so that song really cheered me up!

We started our theme project today, solving the motorway problem from Århus to Herning, through or near Silkeborg. Do you weigh the city or nature (ie. Gudendalsåen) the highest? Should be a lot of fun, plus I'm writing with Kathrine, Jesper and Andreas, so that couldn't be any better.

Tonight I'll be all by myself, watching Apocalypse Now, which I'm really looking forward to.

Oooh! Maria and I went to look at some apartments yesterday and we applied for both of them! We'll probably not get any of them, but now we've really started applying and everything. It's so weird...
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Last night Rasmus and I had planned to meet up for the first time in about a month. He writes me and asks if we shouldn't take a walk first, which was the first sign that something was wrong, because when we take walks, it's usually a little later in the night. He comes to the door and we kiss for about half a minute, where he gives me this sort of tender hug while kissing me. Almost immidiatly when we are in the street he tells me he has a plan for this walk and that he needs to tell me that he's sadly not in love with me. I'd had a feeling it was that kind of walk we were taking, so I'd prepared myself for this exact thing, but it still didn't hurt any less. He tells me he's so angry with himself, because I'm such a wonderful girl and that I'm exactly what he's been looking for the last three years, but that there's just one little thing missing, the love. When I'd asked him back in November what we were, he'd said that he didn't want to call us boyfriend/girlfriend, yet, because at that point it could have gone both ways. The reason why we hadn't seen each other since December 7th wasn't that he knew he was going to break up with me back then because he didn't know at that point. He was still confused, but because of his assignment he hadn't time to think any deeper about what was going on. He said that when he had gone to Nice with his family on December 27th he'd finally got the chance to think everything through and he's come to the comclusion that he simply wasn't in love with me and that it wouldn't be fair to me to let it go on to see *if* he *would* fall in the longer run, because what if he didn't, but I kept falling? Then we'd be even more screwed. We'd had a date on the 26th to just see each other before he left for Nice and I asked him if it was this kind of date, but he told me that, no, then it had just been a cuddling/kissing-thing. I don't even want to think about how messed up I would be now if I *had* seen him then. I mean, when I saw him yesterday it was the first time in a month, so that kind of eased the blow a little, but it still hurt *like hell!*

We walked around a lake together and I asked him about a few of the text messages that had confused me. I had been more or less ready for this over Christmas when he didn't write me, but then he suddenly changes and writes all these nice things to me. On New Years Eve he wrote me that it would have been nice to try and kiss me with frozen lips. The rest of the walk we talked about nothing important, Christmas, New Years, exams. I told him that Larua had said in November that I shouldn't break up with him because we could use him to proof-read our Methods paper, after which he told me that he would be more than happy to do that, I should just mail it to him. He kept being so nice to me... He said he'd walked by my neighbours' house five times because he couldn't muster up he courage to knock on my door. He said he'd been afraid of my reactions, but it was *me* so of course he should have been expecting a perfect reaction such as this. My reaction was to say that I'd known it was coming and "that's life" and sigh a lot, but inside I was *breaking apart*. I looked at him about half way and his face looked so screwed up and he wouldn't look me in the eyes. He said that I should say hi to my sister (they'd kinda bonded over time), to which I said that he was probably not in her good book. He followed me to my street, but not the door, because he didn't want to look my parents in the eyes. I got this really long hug, which I would have liked to last a lot longer, but I just couldn't be near him any more. We said goodbye and I went directly to my sister and cried for an hour straight. I wrote somce of my friends and cried some more. My sister checked my phone and so many had written back (*huggles [ profile] vampirespider*). Maria and Rebekka invited themselves over with ice cream and chocolate milk and I talked and cried with them until 2:30 in the morning.

I almost didn't come to school today, but my mom said it would be good for me to think of something else. Everyone have been so nice to me today and hugged and kissed me and made me feel better, but several times I've just started to silently cry. Including now, right here in the GIS lab.

I'm not okay, but I will be eventually. I knew it was coming, but it's still hard. He's such a wonderful person and he did it in the best way I could have imagined it. He looked like he really cared about me and I think he did. I just don't want him to walk out of my life like that. I'll need some time to get over him, but I really hope we can be friends in the long run, because he's *so great!*

I love you all. More than you know.
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I had a wonderful New Years eve yesterday! Ate with Line and Annika in their apartment on Christians Havn, we drank three bottles of champagne, two bottles of red wine and some beers, so we were very happy! Post-dinner included drooling over Johnny Depp in Chocolat and me showing them the LOTR:ROTK easter egg (the one with the fake, German interview). So much fun! After jumping into the new year, we headed downtown, to Dronning Louise's Bridge, which they had closed and was using as a place to hold a reggae concert!! So much fun!!! Got kissed by some random guys and was asked to dance by a stranger, who wanted to do a little more than just dancing. He kept following us afterwards, it was pretty creepy. But, yeah, it's really weird to dance to reggae music in your winter clothes! After that we went to Studenterhuset to use their bathroom, since Klaptræet was closed. We wanted to go to Dakota, but that was closed, too. Jazz House wanted 200 kr per person, so that was out of the question as well. Then we saw that Krasnapolski had semi nude bartenders, so we went to stand in line, only Line didn't want to wait, so she asked the bouncers if we needed to stand in line. We didn't. And lo an behold, the place had a free bar! We hadn't been sitting for more than five minutes before I was asked to dance again. This guy was also very very forward and I came too close to something in his pants, so I wished him a happy new year and left. We stayed for about an hour more, because the place was simply not our style. So, of course, we went to A-Bar. What else... *hates* Didn't meet anyone we knew, sadly, but we had a lot of fun anyway. We agreed that the mean age was possibly a few years below our own. Line flirted with a guy, but she didn't really like him, so at about 6 am we left. Went to McDonalds and bought some food, hitched a ride from some guy and went home to their apartment to watch LOTR:FOTR until we fell asleep at about 7 am.

Woke up at noon and wanted to watch the ski jumping, but we all fell asleep again. Woke up again at 2:30 pm and watched the final round of jumping. Janne Ahonen didn't win, sadly *cries* Watched some random TV and went home at 5 pm. Haven't done anything since. Now I'm going to bed. Luckily I don't have a hangover!

Happy Zero Sex! (which makes so much more sence in Danish...)
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Eeeee!!!! Christian Poulsen was voted Footballer of the Year!!!!!! ARGH!!! *dances around like a madwoman* Jon got the award last year, Ebbe Sand has received it and Peter Schmeichel, too!!!! He was nominated with Søren Larsen (20 %, woot!), Michael Gravgaard (29 %, woot!), Daniel Agger (booh...) and Thomas Kahlenberg (booh...). He got 33 %, so it was a tight race. But I'm so happy for him!! That will make negotiating with Schalke about a higher salary even easier (or possibly a bigger club...? He's already turned down Middlesbrough).


Statistics writing has been going okay. We've done a lot of work, but there's still far to go. We still don't really have an overview over the assignment, but the more statistical analysis we make, the closer we come, so we'll be alright. Unfortunately Laura ended up getting the flu, so Timo and I will have to do the work today by ourselves, but it's no problem.

WE HAVE SO MUCH SNOW!!!! Like, 20-25 cm or something!! Yay!!!

ETA: I want to go for a walk in the snow with Rasmus until we are both cold inside out and then go back and cuddle to get the warmth back in our bodies. Which I can't, because Rasmus is in Nice, god dammit *shakes fist*. Well, I'll just settle for reading Harry Potter in Swedish...
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It's snowing!!!!! *dances around like a mad woman*

*cough* Yes.

I had a wonderful Christmas. We were 17 the first night and 30 the next (seriously.). Can you imagine the amount of presents I have watched very little children open? We are WAY beyond 100! But even though we had a marvellous and cosy Christmas, my sister, my cousin and I still felt out of place. They've both turned 18 this year and I'm 20, so we could neither play with the children (0-12 years old) nor really talk with the rest of the party (30+ years old), so we were just kinda stuck in middle. But at least we have each other. I think I'd have killed my sister if we hadn't had Frederik as a third party...

I got my sister Mulan. Yes, she *is* 18.

I had a pretty good present harvest! )

The Rasmus-deal is...pretty confusing. I'm trying to figure out what exactly is going on.

Tomorrow my holiday ends and Laura and Timo are coming over and we'll start writing our statistics assignment. Laura will sleep over, which will be woot! Cosiness! But, yeah... Writing... :P

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!!
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I just remembered Michael expression at our Christmas Lunch when someone said that I's been seeing someone for two months. Let me just say that his silence spoke volumes! "Oh, really. I didn't know," and a really surprised look on his face. Remember, Michael was the guy who I hooked up with at a Friday bar and who said that he wouldn't sleep with me (uhm... I hadn't really thought about that until you brought it up). I don't know, I think he always kind of assumed that I'd always be one of the girls in his massive harem, but I have really not thought about him like that since...September. Wow, had it really been that long? Well, anyways. I loved that moment and I will think back on it and smile in many years to come. Muhahah!

Oh, and that post earlier? Just ignore that. I think the birth control pills are staring to take over my system and that this was the first sign. Just so you know ;)

And, yes, I do know that it's 02:43 in the morning. I am well aware of the fact and I am indeed going to bed now. 2+ chapters of statistics to be read tomorrow...
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Ended up not reading any more yesterday, but, yeah. It happens... Tomorrow is yet another day ;)

Rasmus ended up drinking all night, by which he means "at about 4 am we went to Martin's place with a 12-pack and then I can't really remember any more". So, yeah. Heavy drinking, but I'm okay with that, which Rebekka thinks is really weird. "You're more understanding than me", but, really, why shouldn't I be understanding about a thing like this? It's totally normal for a 21-year-old to drink (and smoke *cough*) all night with his friend. Tonight he's going to a play (a play? It's "Gynt", so I don't really know what to call it) with some friends and he hasn't answered my question about meeting up this week yet. Tomorrow night I have family visiting (probably not for longer than 8 or 9) and Thursday I have made semi-plans with Nicole and the other girls, so I'm kinda running out of time. I need answers!

Went shopping with Line today. She ended up buying a single thing and I all the gifts I was supposed to. This is turning out to be an expensive Christmas... We went to my house afterwards and really just did nothing the entire day. We goofed around like we did in high school. Seriously, if I'd been Rasmus and she his friends, we'd lie around smoking weed while doing it, that's the kind of "nothing" I'm talking about. Watching weird TV shows, re-discovering bastard pop, listening to old theme songs (MacGyver, where have you been!?) and eating chips. Yes, we really are productive.

Tomorrow, reading and *hopefully* see Rasmus, but I don't know... He'll probably have some kind of hang-over, just as he had today. I miss kissing the living daylights out of him. I miss him, god dammit!
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Ow ow ow! *curses period to hell* But then again, it's better than no period! *cough*

Have been reading science theory all day and I'm almost done with a whole book. That means I've read, like, 100 pages today. Woot! Popper, I could kiss you! And Kuhn isn't bad either ;)

Just got a text message from Rasmus, who apologised for not answering my messages. He'd locked himself up with his group all weekend to write the Horrible Assignment of Doom, which I had already kinda guessed. But they just turned it in, so now we have to figure out when to meet this week. Yay!! *curses period to hell*

Now, back to "What is a scientific explanation?" Interesting, huh?

Good luck to [ profile] lattara, who I'm hoping is more or less done writing, and congrats to [ profile] xavantina, who I *know* is done. Woot!

Oh, and thanks to both [ profile] yatina76 and [ profile] leetje for the Christmas cards :)

ETA: I cannot concentrate *hits self*


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