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Just did a skip=280. Sorry if I've missed something, but, yeah. Many many pages!

Came home from London on Sunday night with a 'flu. We had a wonderful wonderful trip, anyways. We walked all over the city, went to Starbucks too many times (as if there's such a thing :P), shopped 'til our (mine) wallets screamed, went to very interesting museums, danced/jumped in bars (much fun!), was hit on by a lot of drunk Austrians, tried to follow Very Interesting Football Matches (ie. me) and other fun stuff like that :) All in all 5 very nice days.

Adrian picked me up in the airport and only just left me today, so we've almost spent 72 hours together and they have all been very very wonderful :) He is so sweet! He's been taking care of me and has kept asking me if there was anything he could do for me. Every time I've coughed he's held me a bit tighter. He brought me chocolate from Belgium and they are YUMMY! What's even better? He brought my family chocolate, too. So sweet! *dies*

Didn't go to the first lectures yesterday because I was sick, but did go today. As it turns out we only have classes on Tuesday and Wednesday and our curriculum ~400 pages o.O But it's not all fun and games. We have to write two larger assignments in our spare time, so I guess we have our work cut out for us.

Talked to the guy in charge today and I can go on the field trip next year instead (for those of you who don't know: I was royaly screwed over by Former Friend, Laura, which meant that I would have to chose between going on a Grography trip this summer og going to Brazil for a month). This will mean I won't get my ECTS-points until Summer 2007, which sucks giant balls, but I have to live with it. Am loving ignoring Laura and steeling her potential group partners for the assignments. Ha! Take that, bitch! Am also loving that people are on my side.

Tuesday last week I went to Kathrine's apartment and we had our first pilates-work out. My muscles acked until Friday. Tomorrow we have our second get-together. Am looking majorly forward to it!

Because I only have classes two days out of seven these days I've started looking for student jobs. Looks interesting. I have the right qualifications for some of it, so I hope it works out.

Still no news on the apartment hunt.

Now, football. Or Gilmore Girls. Hmm...
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I've just more or less decided to cut Laura out of my life.

About summer trip with Geography. In Danish )

I am crying and I hate her and I want to hit her. She just fucking twisted this all around...!! I really really don't want to see her, ever again!

Adrian is so sweet right now, I kinda think he really *would* hit her if he saw her tomorrow.

I don't know what I'm going to do...
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WHY is it still raining?? My hai will go absolutely berserk if it gets wet...! *shakes fist at clouds* Please leave now, you're not welcome! I have to meet Rasmus in 30 mins. and I don't wanna look like a drowned mouse.

In other news, I have a job Thursday. I'm going to count people on Hellerup station between 6-12. Six am is a bit optimistic, but I should be able to do it! I think...
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Anders is really bloody cute. I caught him looking at me four or five times today. He caught me staring a few times, too. At one point we ran into each other at the information desk and he held the glass door open so I could walk through it, but because I'm the kind of person I am I didn't notice and just stopped dead in my tracks. Maybe because he *bloody smiled and looked me in the eyes and smiled some more and eeeee!!* And when I noticed I stuck to my old plan of just letting the other person through, because I always feel so awkward when letting someone hold the door. I was seriously so weak in the knees...! Kristine started talking to me, but it wasn't until the seventh or eighth step I finally noticed, because I was *so* gone. The smiling! And the eyes! Seriously, that guy can smile for five people. And his entire face just lit up. Aww...

I want to kill Michael more and more. He looked at me a few times, but not *once* did he try to come over to talk or at least say sorry. Or maybe even look apologetic! No, he just sat two rows in front of me, fooling around with two girls. God, he makes me so *mad!!*

In a week I'm going on yet another trip with Geography. Four days driving around the country, though mostly in Jutland. Should be a lot of fun! Only catch is that we'll be in some hostel in Viborg when we play Kazakhstan in the last game. I'll just be hanging out with the guys that night, then... Not that I mind!

You can't *not* love these two...!
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I had the worst hang-over in my life today. It took be from 10 am to 6 pm to get over it, with frequent visits to the bathroom and a nap of 4 hours. God, I felt like shit... But it was all worth it.

Friday bar yesterday: Sadly Anders wasn't there, so my plan of seducing him (or something like it) kinda went out the window. I had so much fun with the girls and we had a few beers. Then Kathrine tells me that something I told Michael in confidence last Friday is now not as much a secret as it is a rumour floating around. Because Michael told Christian and Christian told Jonas and Jonas told Kathrine. That's the way Kathrine ended up knowing, but I don't think if the three guys told other people, too...! Argh!! *hates Michael* I told a lot of the girls and Timo and they're all on my side, so the entire female population of group D hates Michael, too. It's just too bad, because we're still in Nature geography group together... I hope Laura won't be caught in the middle.

But anyway! After hating Michael for about an hour I found out that Magnus had come! (not that I didn't know, because Thomas had told me four or five times earlier on). When he came I joined his group, Kalle-Thomas-Magnus. We ended up chatting about nothing and when we were kicked out because the closed we went to McDonalds and then to BioBar (the equivalent of our Friday Bar, but primarily for Biologists like Magnus). We didn't stay that long, but I ran into an old High School friend. Thomas drew some really really weird cartoons on me, like a huge dragon on my stomach...! o.O Kalle took off my shoes and I think he baptised my feet in beer, but I'm not really sure. Thomas and Kalle took their bus, but Magnus had to take another, so suddenly we were all alone. After some convincing I got him to follow me home (which was, like, 100 metres from the bus stop). And we ended up kissing in the street for half an hour. He was and still is the best kisser on the whole damned world. I could seriously kiss him all day long... But he had to go home, so he said goodnight and left. I don't know if it'll go anywhere, because he's still confused about something (I think it was to do with him breaking up with his girlfriend of three years), but I don't care. Sure, if he makes up his mind I'll be standing here with open arms, because he's the absolute sweetest guy in the world, but last night was just a sort of band-aid on the wound called Michael (*shakes fist in his general direction*).

Oh, and one of the older students from our Freshman trip has gathered up all the pictures and put them up on Yes, there are pictures of me. Yes, pictures of me dancing (and touching) Kalle/Timo/Anders. If I get the time I'll make a short pic spam of the most important people/events on the trip.

Tomorrow: Geography trip around Sealand, which should be a lot of fun. Only catch is that it's from 8 am, which means I have to get up at, like, 6:30, so I'll just go now. Sleep tight!

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