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Hey all!

This is just a sort of update from Rome. I'm having loads of fun with Line and Maria nd we've touristed around the city so much that our feet are completely dead by now! We've also bought our share of the fake Gucci- and Prada bags that they sell around here. I'm still contemplating buying a fake football jersey, because they don't have Jon's, but I think I'll end up buying one anyway. Hey, if you want one as well (they only have the biggest names), text me via the thingie in my info.

In two days we leave for Naples, where we'll (hopefully. We don't have much time) see Pompeii, Vesuvio and Capri.

That's all for now. I'll talk to you gys when I get back, I think *hugs you all*
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Hey all!!

My internet has been down the lasttwo days, so I haven't been able to answer my comments and stuff, and tomorrow I'm leaving for Italy, so I won't be able to answer them before I go. If any of you wants post cards, please write you snail mail address to me by clicking this link.

Today I went to the Stop-Bush demonstration, as the main man himself was visiting for a totalt of 16 hours (...!!). I think we were 25.000 people, so, yay! The only downside was that none of the news programs had anything about it, for some reason. They usually have, so it's a bit weird...

That's all for me for now. I'll be back on July 19th.


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