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Sorry to be spamming your flist like this *is embarrased*

I just wrote Rasmus a text message telling him that I'm going to survive and that I don't hate him. It's weird waiting for his response yet again... That's the thing I liked the least about the last three months - the lack of writing me back and the hours spent with my cell phone in my pocket, waiting for him to write.

But it's no use thinking of bad things! I just saw "Love Actually" and it's such a sweet and wonderful movie you can't help being in a good mood.

I've won a week's worth of free training in a gym I've been thinking about joining. It has to be used before February 1st, so now I just need to get a grip on myself and get down there, because I really want to get in shame. I haven't done anything physically (*cough*) since high school and that's 1½ years ago, so I *really* need to start doing something actively and training in a gym has always appealed to me
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I'm doing much better today - I haven't even felt an urge to cry yet, which is a victory in it self. Thanks for the songrecs yesterday, they really helped. Sofie, I'm guessing you sent me that Shubidua-song? I used to listen to them for *hours* every day when I was younger, so that song really cheered me up!

We started our theme project today, solving the motorway problem from Århus to Herning, through or near Silkeborg. Do you weigh the city or nature (ie. Gudendalsåen) the highest? Should be a lot of fun, plus I'm writing with Kathrine, Jesper and Andreas, so that couldn't be any better.

Tonight I'll be all by myself, watching Apocalypse Now, which I'm really looking forward to.

Oooh! Maria and I went to look at some apartments yesterday and we applied for both of them! We'll probably not get any of them, but now we've really started applying and everything. It's so weird...
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My head is completely dead. I really can't come up with any more energy, so now all I need is vacation, so that I can rest my little head. The thing is that in January I'll probably have the Month From Hell. We start university on the 2nd. On the 6th we'll get our assignment for cultural and natural geography, which we'll have a week to write. The week after we'll get our assignment for Methods (the statistics/science theory-thingie), which we'll also have a week to write. Then we come to the exams. In Week 4 we'll have two oral exams, where we have to present our assignments, plus have to answer questions for the entire curriculum. Which means 2000+ pages. Which I'll have to read this Christmas. And, as I said, my head isn't working. And Rasmus will have finished *his* report by then. I am so screwed (no pun intended. Well, maybe...)

So, yeah. That's kinda the next month for me. I think I'll just have to take this weekend off, read on Monday and Tuesday and then take a week off. And then read again. And then exams. Hurrah.

On Monday I saw Brokeback Mountain with [ profile] vampirespider (it was so nice to see you again! It's been too long!) and her friend, Rasmus. It was *so* absolutely brilliant and I love it forever and ever. It was so close to what I'd imagined while reading the book. The actors were great, the setting was great, the score was *beautiful* and the tone and pace of the movie heartbreakingly wonderful. I loved every bit of it.

Yesterday we wrote our last weekly assignment for natural geography. We stayed until 8 pm to write about Vadehavet's geomorphology as opposed to Ringkøbing Fiord's, so that was pretty nice. I watched "Sex tips for girls" on TV2 zulu and got some pretty interesting tips! The guys who tried it looked really satisfied, so I guess they must be working. Time to test it, I think...! :P (Oh, and they have yet a show tonight! Yay!)

Today I went to another pre-premiere, but this time with Line. We watched "The Family Stone", a romantic Christmas comedy with Sarah Jessica Parker. It was so much cliché and cheese, but it was nice and kinda funny, so it was worth the money. Plus, we got red wine and free Biotherm products, so, yay! *dances*

Tomorrow my class and I will have a Christmas lunch, which should be loads of fun! Must promise myself not to get drunk, because I have to function on Friday, when I have my Very Interesting Doctor's Appointment (that my parents know nothing about and never will. I hope). I'll meet up with Rebekka at some point and in the evening join the rest of Geo at this year's last Friday Bar. On Saturday my family has a Christmas-thing and then Christmas cozyness at Rebekka's place with following club-hopping, I think (this also means I'm missing Stuttgart-Schalke. Dammit!). And on Sunday she rested...

That concludes my busy schedule for the rest of the year. I am beginning to feel the stress coming, but hopefully I'll keep it at bay for a little longer.

Oh!! And thank you so much for the Christmas card, [ profile] lattara! Yay! (yes, I know you're writing that Horrible Assignment, but, yeah...)
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Yay! I'm back again! We had a blast on our Geography trip, I learned lots and had fun with all my friends *loves*

BUT! All of that I can talk about later! After dinner with my parents my cousin's husband called and said he had *four* tickets to the premiere of "A Hirstory of Violence", starring Viggo Mortensen!!!! We only had an hour until the movie started, so after calling a few friends we just ended up being me and my parents because no one else could make it. But I saw Viggo!!! And the movie!!! And I don't know what I think about it! In any case I'm waaay too tired to talk about it now. I've had 14 hours of sleep the last three nights combined, so I really need to crash. More updates tomorrow! And maybe pictures, too, because I took some with my brand new cell phone! Woot!!

Life is good.
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I'm a complete nervous wreck. If I've failed the exam they're gonna call tonight. It's now 9 pm and they haven't called yet

*bites nails*

In other news, I started out today by vomiting, in spite of me eating next to nothing yesterday. But I guess those eight beers had to come out at one point or another... o.O

Met up with [ profile] vampirespider and [ profile] yatina76, the latter of whom I had never met before, so it was quite exciting! Her boyfriend were going to his final exam and she's followed him all the way over here, which was very cute. He passed and we had fun, though both Chris and I had some previous plans, so it wasn't for that long.

I had planned to go to see "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" with my new Geography class mate, Kristine (who is also Maria's friend) and we had a blast. I had expected the movie to be really bad, but I was really positively surprised. It made me want to read the book again (which I should. Though, you know, time...)

Now I'll go to bed so I can get up at 6 tomorrow. Lord knows I'm excited as hell!
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Almost finished cleaning today. I just need a few finishing touches and I'll be done! I still don't know where I'll be sleeping tomorrow night; maybe my family will have to sleep in my bed... *sigh* I also went to the Apple Store today and they told me that all I needed to do was to call them and then UPS would come and get my iPod. A few days later I would get a new one. And all free of charge! *loves*

On the way home I was talking to my mom on my phone, when some drunken guy starts muttering to himself/me about sadomasochism and all kinds of disgusting things. I get to my Metro stop and get ready to get off and so does he. And then he bloody took my phone!! And it isn't as if I have a new, fancy cell phone. No, it's bloody three years old and veeeery used! So all this was was a demonstration to me of some kind. Then I start yelling that he fucking needs to give me back my phone and I try to get it from him, but he won't let go. What's even more annoying is that there are several people around me who do nothing to help me; they just look. And to top it all, one of them is a conductor, who only butts in after I've yelled at the shithead three or four times!! But I got my phone back in the end...

After that I went to [ profile] vampirespider's house, where we watched "Master & Commander" (I really don't want to like this movie, but it's so cute! In the very weird way, mind), "Top Gun" (more about that in a second) and some weird movie called "The last days of disco". Okay, about Top Gun: it may not be the best movie in the world, but it's definitely quotable, funny and cute. And slashy. Oh my god, the slash!! Seriously!! The tension between Maverick and Iceman is just...gah!! Young!Val Kilmer, I want to have your babies! But, yes, back to the slash. Chris and I were convinced that there HAD to be Maverick/Iceman slash out there, but after visiting the websites we could think of that would possibly have that kind of fic and googling it, we found nothing. No slash, at all. And that's a damned shame, because OMG Teh Slash! Would someone please rectify that?

Lastly, I would like to comment on Stuttgart's sudden interest in Danish players: Jon Dahl Tomasson coming to Stuttgart is possibly the best thing that has happened to both Jon and the club in years. I mean, for Jon this means much more playing time and a club that's (if you don't mind me saying) maybe a bit more friendly and group orientated than Milan was to him. And Stuttgart has already benefited from him, because in two out of two matches he has played a major part in their winning the matches. He scored in one and assisted in the other. That was more or less all old news. The new news is that they are now interested in Grønkjær, which I am absolutely thrilled about, because on the national team they have always been the best striking team, so if they now play side my side all year, they could seriously improve their partnership so much. The funny thing is that the Jon/Jesper relationship is the slash pairing I believe in the most on the national team, because they are just that good friends and they. always. touch. Seriously. And that will only improve if they play for the same club. So I definitely aprove of this possible transfer ;D And the fact that Jon said that it would be good "both for the team and for me" only helps.
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I'm in!!! Woot! I just got a letter from COpenhagen University saying that I needed to apply for their Chemestry class. That means I filled out the forms correctly and that I'm in!!! *dances*

Saw Batman Begins with Thea yesterday. Oh my fucking God. Can I marry that movie? Oh, the snark.Oh, the halfnaked Christian Bale. About 10 mins. into the movie she reminded me of the last movie we'd seen together. "Kinsey". With Liam Neeson. Also, Cillian Murphy is still breathtakingly pretty.

I miss Schalke. Can't they just buy Søren Larsen for a bit more and get it overwith? They're down to only three strikers on the entire team! *sigh*

Oh! I discovered a new band! They're called Timbuktu and they're Swedish (Skånske!) reggae rappers. Yes. And they're absolutely wonderful.
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Finally I succeeded in uploading the screen caps from Populärmusik från Vittula. Here follows a slashy picspam )

You should all watch the movie or read the book. It's not as normal and straight (heh...) as you'd think. It's actually quite weird and quirky! Watch! Read! Now!
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"Populärmusik från Vittula" is the best movie ever! Yesterday I finished reading it in Swedish and I loved it so much so when I came home from parents summer house (more about that later) I hurried down to my lokal Blockbuster to rent it on DVD. And my god I want to marry Niila so much right now! *cough* Yes. Anyway. Basically it's about the friendship between two young Swedish/Finnish guys in the 60's and how they discover rock'n'roll music and girls and that sort of this. But it's also about how they really can't let go of their history, their past and their ancestory. [ profile] erjika, if there was ever one movie I'd want you to see, this is it. It's Swedish, it's Finnish, it's about music, it's slashy omg!!! So, yeah. See it. Or read it, maybe?

ETA @ 04:00 : I just finished watching it again and this time I cried evenmore. God, that movie is fucking beautiful! And I want to marry Niila even more now, which isn't good for my health. Fortunately I ripped the movie, so I now have it on my computer. I capped some slashy scenes if anyone is interested. I'll post them tomorrow if I get the time *crosses fingers*

Now, sleep. I hope.


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