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I think I need some new icons. So if any of you are bored at some point I would reeeally love some :D It's been about three years since I last played around in PSP, so I think I've forgotten everything I knew tricks and shortcuts...
Themes: Copenhagen, GIS, computers, guys/flirting/dating, politics, spring/summer, fashion.

Tonight: Fridaybar at work which is always nice :) People are so great here!

This weekend: going away with Kathrine and Kristine (+ boyfriend, Christian) to a summerhouse to study for exams next week. But my exam is in city-GIS so I'm not too worried.
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Uuuh, such a nice welcome back! Yay :)

So. Maybe I should just sketch out where I am these days:
- Still studying Geography at University of Copenhagen - fourth year! Jeez, time is flying by fast! I got my bachelors this past summer and I'm now working on my two-year masters in Geoinformatics and city planning.

- I live alone in Copenhagen in an appartment and have been since my roommate moved in with her boyfriend about a 1½ ago. I'm actually looking into moving into a dorm and I think I'll be sending out applications this week or the next. Yay!

- I have a wonderful student job, where I practise my mad GIS-skillz! SQL all the way! And it's a really social place and people are so nice :)

- I am very (very!) single and have been for about a year and a half, a fact that [ profile] vampirespider can agree to (everytime we meet up, which is about every 6 months, I have to give her an update :P). I think this blog will also be a place for me to write about my frustrations about being single and *not being able to understand what guys mean!!*
Right now there are kinda two guys popping up once in a while: Mr. Teacher Man who I got to know through a guy at work. A mighty geek who loves Mythbusters, writing SQL-queries and is a science-teacher at a school. We saw each other for about 6 weeks through january-february-march, but then drifted apart because we were both too busy and he became sick. But we still chat on MSN, so I don't know... As my friends say: It just makes no sense! He was so into you!
Second player in this crazy game: Old(er) Geography Dude, who is actually a friend (and younger than Mr. Teacher Man), but I have hooked up with him four times since December at various Friday-bars, the last time being this past Friday. Smart move, yes I know. I have a feeling he has a thing for me, but I'm not sure where I stand in this whole thing... Plus, I *can't* date anymore geographers. That would (also) be foolish.

Isn't it interesting that the part about the guys is the part taking up the most space? Hmm...
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Uhm... Hiya! Long time, no see. Well, I haven't really had anything to update with, so you guys haven't missed a thing.

I'm working a lot these days. I'm trying to get as much money as I can before I move, so I won't be in need of any kind (which I won't, anyways, because I have a "Child's savings" of 38.000 kr ;)). But it's still very very boring and I might even start looking for something new, because I'm so bored.

Adrian and I had our 6 months anniversary, which was spent having dinner at a nice little café in Strædet and afterwards stand-up with Rune Klan, Brian Mørk, an Australian and a cute little guy, who was the host. A very very nice night :)

My cousin came from Brazil and dropped off half of our ordered underwear. I love it!! Fortunately, we got our leopard underwear in this batch *cuddles it*. It really looks like Dolce & Gabbana! I also got my pink, royal blue and turtle-underwear (yes, <lj user="truntles", I have turtle underwear ;)). School starts on Monday and I am *very* much looking forward to it. On Friday we have the first Friday Bar of the year, where we'll meet the new first year-students. Among them are Astrid, who I was in pre-school with for 9 years, and (of course) Mads, who also started studying Geography last year and who was my first really real crush in the crazy crazy batch of men I went through last fall (some of you might remember him). Jesper told me today that some people had seen him in the halls today, when the firstlings started. This will be VERY insteresting! Went to parties at Egmont on Friday and Saturday last weekend. Friday was fun, as it was the first party with my friends for at leat 3 or 4 months. But Saturday was even better. It's the kind of party I've dreamed of for those 3 or 4 months. We had SO MUCH FUN! Alchohol was drunk (which meant that I became just that), dancing was done, four guys tried very very hard to pick me up (they were very cute *sighs*. I miss that part), I became friends with some of the people from Kristine's kitchen (it's a "hall of residence", as my dictionary informs me) and I ended up dancing the chicken dance to Bamse & Kylling at 6 in the morning and passing out in Kristine's bed, only to wake up at 2 pm with a craving for french fries. Ah, happiness. Now I'm watching Ajax - FC Copenhagen, which we'll definitely win (we're behind 0-2 from previous matches :P). I'm always an optimist ;)
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Just did a skip=280. Sorry if I've missed something, but, yeah. Many many pages!

Came home from London on Sunday night with a 'flu. We had a wonderful wonderful trip, anyways. We walked all over the city, went to Starbucks too many times (as if there's such a thing :P), shopped 'til our (mine) wallets screamed, went to very interesting museums, danced/jumped in bars (much fun!), was hit on by a lot of drunk Austrians, tried to follow Very Interesting Football Matches (ie. me) and other fun stuff like that :) All in all 5 very nice days.

Adrian picked me up in the airport and only just left me today, so we've almost spent 72 hours together and they have all been very very wonderful :) He is so sweet! He's been taking care of me and has kept asking me if there was anything he could do for me. Every time I've coughed he's held me a bit tighter. He brought me chocolate from Belgium and they are YUMMY! What's even better? He brought my family chocolate, too. So sweet! *dies*

Didn't go to the first lectures yesterday because I was sick, but did go today. As it turns out we only have classes on Tuesday and Wednesday and our curriculum ~400 pages o.O But it's not all fun and games. We have to write two larger assignments in our spare time, so I guess we have our work cut out for us.

Talked to the guy in charge today and I can go on the field trip next year instead (for those of you who don't know: I was royaly screwed over by Former Friend, Laura, which meant that I would have to chose between going on a Grography trip this summer og going to Brazil for a month). This will mean I won't get my ECTS-points until Summer 2007, which sucks giant balls, but I have to live with it. Am loving ignoring Laura and steeling her potential group partners for the assignments. Ha! Take that, bitch! Am also loving that people are on my side.

Tuesday last week I went to Kathrine's apartment and we had our first pilates-work out. My muscles acked until Friday. Tomorrow we have our second get-together. Am looking majorly forward to it!

Because I only have classes two days out of seven these days I've started looking for student jobs. Looks interesting. I have the right qualifications for some of it, so I hope it works out.

Still no news on the apartment hunt.

Now, football. Or Gilmore Girls. Hmm...
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Uhm, yes. He told me that we were now having a relationship ("nu er vi kærester."). So I have a boyfriend. A real one, this time, which is so incredibly weird. It took, what? Four days for him to get this far? And I had to more or less beg Rasmus to put words on what exactly our relationship was after a *month!*

But, yeah. Boyfriend. Huh. It's such a strange feeling... I want to tell people, but I'd also rather have that no one knew, which is making me feel that it's quite possibly going a bit too fast.

The guys are already teasing me. Andreas, who I hadn't even told, asked me "how's the luuuurve goin'?" (yes, exactly like that). Jesper threw a tiny white paper heart at me with "T+A" written in it. Laura, Asta and Birgitte have all been over to order me on a date with him as soon as possible (which I don't really think I need...)

He's been over all afternoon and only left half an hour ago. My sister had apparently made dinner for us and was waiting for us downstairs, which I didn't know, so now she's all pissed at me. She was also waiting for me to put out my laundry so she could wash (which I didn't know, either), so, yeah. Pissed. But when Rasmus had been over in the beginning and we were too noisy she would be quite pissed the day after as well, so maybe it's related.

Wonderful! Now I need to read for tomorrow...
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I've texted two of my "guys". I told them I needed to focus on university and they both said they understood it, so I'm happy. Haven't been on since Tuesday.

Friday bar yesterday! Went and had a blast with my group - I love them all so much! Started talking to Adrian, who is a guy I've never really talked to in spite of hanging out with his group of friends a lot (he's friends with Asta and Birgitte, who I'm going to a party with later today). But, yeah, we started talking about football, music, politics, traveling, movies and all sorts of other stuff. We spoke English for half an hour, because he wanted to hear how Danish my accent is (which it isn't - especially when talking to someone who speaks British, then I speak British as well). But, yeah, we spoke for, like, four or five hours. He put his hand on my lower back and touched my legs and I put my legs over his. We were inches apart, but we didn't kiss. He had to catch the last bus home, so he left. The others were so sure we'd kissed, so they all gave me that knowing smile-thing. He texted me later: "Hey! I just wanted to thank you for a wondeful night. I didn't expect such a person behind a face like that =) have a nice night&talk to you soon =) Hugs". So, yeah. Probably something there :) Have texted with him some more today - he said the pleasure had been all his and stuff. So now I have to see what happens on Monday and if all goes well, Fastelavns party on Friday!

When the Fridaybar ended we went to BioBar, where the biologists hang out. I saw Magnus, who I've kissed on two seperate occasions (he was actually my frist, real kiss. Hmm...) and Rasmus' best friend in the footbag-world, Kim. I've never met the guy, but seen pictures of him so I wasn't sure. But he was wearing a TRIO-shirt, who make the best footbags in Denmark, so that kinda helped me figure out it was him... That made me completely sober up and suddenly it wasn't really fun anymore. So I went home... (though it could have been the ULTIMATE revenge to make out with Kim. Muhahaha!!!)

Oh, Adrian just texted me ;)
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Yes, okay. You guys warned me but it took me this long to actually realise you were right. The Too much, waaay too much. I've been *seriously* flirting with five different guys, given my number to three and actually talked on the phone thrice with one of them. The Bilka-guy I think is really nice, but he's definitely thinking of me in a different way. Another one texted me from his skiing trip: "I don't have a girlfriend, so I'm giving you a Valentine's kiss :)" - he asked me what I was doing this weekend and I told him I have a lot of partying to do, so he said "then we'll just have to wait for another day". For what, exactly...? And then there's the last guy. The one I've been talking on the phone with. The one I actually think *could* lead somewhere if it weren't for two things: 1/ he lives in Esbjerg which is waaaay too far away => spending too much time (valuable time, at that) going back and forth. 2/ He is already too clingy. He wants to talk every night (I *hate* phones). He keeps saying that Copenhagen is too far away. He started this long ramble about him smoking, but being a considderate smoker and that he eats mints, so it won't be a problem, when...if know... (<= his words). He just...keeps texting me about nothing. We do have the same type of humour and taste in movies, but he *works!* I thought that the whole difference between studying and working was something you could come past, but the way a day is spent is so much different when you work, because you can just let go when you come home - and I can't. He really is sweet, but he's just too much for me. As I told Katherine, I'm not sure I really want a boyfriend that bad - all I want is a snog every once in a while... And I don't need that snog to be in bloody Esbjerg...

So now I need to get out of this crap as fast as I can and I really don't know how to do it. Should I just go to the website and start writing apologetic letters, or something? What about the guys I have on MSN - should I block them? They really are good guys, all of them. And the ones who have my number...?


Sometimes I even surprise myself in how much crap I can get myself into...

Anyway, in other news I've had to oral presentations this week and they went so bloody well...!! I'm always extremely *extremely* nervous before a presentation which leads to me completely forgetting what I wanted to say. A complete blank. But not these two times! I got it! I actually did it without too much mumbling and I could answer questions and stuff!! Also, these courses are so much more fun than I initially thought. Who cares that they bring me 53-hour weeks (yes...), it's fun!!

Tomorrow: Three hours of soil geography, solving problems, Friday bar and possibly a birthday(/party) with Maria aftewards

Saturday: Eating dinner with Kristine and Birgitte and then going to Otto Mønsted Collegium for a party with Asta and Laura - woot! The Chemistry girls together again!

But, no. Really. What do I do about this crappy situation?
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I need some help from you Danish people. Mostly because I can't translate this thing I'm about to post. It's about the Michael-dude. The one in Bilka. He just wrote me this:
Godmorgen min rose...
Sad og havde helt vildt mange tanker omkring hvad jeg skulle skrive til dig, men ingen af dem gav den store mening når først de kom på skrift (i blame the alcohol) men jeg håber du har fået sovet rigtig godt, og muligvis drømt noget sødt. Ville jo gerne sige at du skulle have drømt om mig men den slags ting er man jo desværre ikke selv herre over. Kun de vågne tanker kan man styre, og dem må jeg indrømme har været styret i en temmelig ensrettet retning på det seneste. Retningen mod dig vel at mærke. Har tænkt over mange ord som kunne beskrive hvordan jeg ser dig, men ingen af dem giver dig den retfærdighed som du fortjener. Ved ik hvordan jeg skal sige det, udover at sige at du nok er den sødeste og dejligste pige jeg nogensinde har lært at kende. Du er helt fantastisk. Dont ever change honey!

Tror denne her krop skal puttes i seng snart, den trænger til hvile og til at kunne samle tankerne om noget af det skønneste her i verden. Ja, du gættede rigtigt... Thats you!

Kæmpe kram

So, yeah. That was pretty much a declaration of love, or something to that extend. And he's told me that his last girlfriend/kiss/sex was two years ago, so he's taking this *very* seriously...! I'm so confused, because while I love getting mails like this (and I get my fair share of them - sometimes it's quite scary) and I think he's very very sweet and nice, I still don't know if I actually *want* a boyfriend or something like that just now. It was so nice to be going out last Saturday, find some guy and make out with him, and then leave. I just don't know what to do, because at this point I've been writing with Michael for over a month and his letters have been more and more like this one => meeting him => dating => boyfriend/girlfriend.

And Maria is out of town, so I can't talk to her. And Kathrine is going to some birthday-thing. I haven't talked to Laura in a week. My sister is nowhere in sight. Kristine is going somewhere. And, yeah, I just sorta needed to air this thing with some other people...

[ profile] vampirespider - I hope your assignment ended up being brilliant - it looked like it :)
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Okay, so, Block 3 started today. I am already behind on reading. We had to read for three different lectures for today and I'd read nothing. And for tomorrow? 140 pages plus 30 for the exercise after the lectures tomorrow and I've only looked at it. The thing is that snot in my brain has multiplied, so that it now functions as a sort of wall between what goes in through my eyes and my brain = no learning. The funny thing is that I think half of my friends are suffering from either this or actual fever. There must be something floating around...

But today has been rough. I practically didn't sleep because of the snot. Then four lectures from 8-12. Then biking trough the *snow* to the bookstore to buy books. Home to argue with my stressed-out sister, crashing on the sofa while "watching" the Super Bowl. And now I can't sleep. Isn't life ironic?

Michael is writing me the sweetest stuff: Ville egentlig bare sige godmorgen, og ønske dig en rigtig god dag men som jeg sidder her og skriver kan jeg ik hjælpe at tænke på dig samtidig (er jo trods alt dig jeg skriver til heh) og det gør mig faktisk ret glad. Er rigtig glad for at snakke med dig, for at lære dig at kende, for du er virkelig en alletiders pige (so far so good right?:)) Og jeg håber at du i den kommende tid med alle dine lektier kan finde tiden til at skrive til mig, da jeg har taget mig selv i at sidde og stene på og bare trykket "refresh" sådan ca hvert andet minut, for tænk nu hvis du skrev... Ved godt det lyder lidt spooky, men bliver så glad når jeg hører fra dig...

And now that other guy is telling me to go to sleep, and that if we had been boyfriend/girlfriend he'd have put on a bad movie for us to fall asleep to.

Plus, I've started writing with four other guys. I'm a bad bad person. But a good flirter ;)

Must call doctor tomorrow!
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Last night. Yeah, I kissed someone. Just to prove to myself that I could. Muhahah!!

Maria and I went to Moose bar with Nina, where we talked for a few hours for the first time in *years*. It was so nice! Then we went to a club, where we bought some drinks and went to sit down at an empty table, which we soon realised *wasn't* empty, because three guys were actually sitting there. There were three of them and three of us. You do the math ;) Well, Maria and Nina were most agressive, so they claimed first dibs on them, which left me with whomever they hadn't taken. They changed prey all through the night, changing when they had talked to one of the others. Nina went dancing with the blone one called Martin and they started making out. Maria went dancing with the brunette one called Daniel and I *thought* they had kissed, too. I was waiting for Rebekka and was totally bored, because the last one (I'll call him Bahit, because I can't remember his real name) was talking to his ex-girlfriend. We'd earlier talked about football and the mini-Porsche I have in my pencil case and stuff like that. Martin and Bahit had both called me their dream wife (yes, you can score because of football) and Daniel gave me the biggest hug and a kiss on the cheek because I said I liked Peter Møller (who just happened to be his idol). A good song came on and Bahit, Maria and I went dancing. Maria apparently whispered to Bahit that I was just shy, so when Maria left he really made his move. We started dancing closer and closer and suddenly we were kissing, not that it came as a great surprise. He was good-looking, a good dancer and a good kisser. And incredibly nice, too...!! Maria had told methat at the end of this vacation she wanted to see me score someone, because in spite of me having kissed 14 different people in the span of two months, she hadn't been present at any of the occations. She and Nina were dancing next to us, so they saw the whole thing happen. Muhaha...!! Nina left and since Maria realised she wouldn't kiss Daniel she wanted to go, too. So I told Bahit we had to leave, he asked Maria if she couldn't just let me stay (because I am *sure* he thought we'd be going home together), but, no, I am an ice queen and the entire plan of the evening was to kiss someone, so I was happy with the outcome. So Maria and I walked home in the snow.

Today I woke up at 2 pm with a cold. It's been three months since my last flu, so it was about time it came, really... Have been sleeping, watching TV and drinking tea all day.

Tomorrow I start university at 8 am, so I should possibly go to bed soon.

Oh, and that law-student has started calling me Teresa-musen (mus = mouse) and the Bilka-guy has started having dreams about me. Oh, yes, I rule.

I want to comment on the Muhammed-cartoons, but the snot in my brain is stopping me. All I want to say is that I can't understand why Jyllands-Posten can't say they are sorry and I am beginning to fear for my life. We could very well be hit by a suicide bomb any moment now and I live very near the center of Copenhagen.
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I've been out bith yesterday night and tonight. Both "outings" have been marvelous. Yesterday I went with Maria to the Egmont party, where I'll *definitely* go a lot more in the future, because people are so incredibly nice, the alchohol is cheep and the guys are cute. I had been noticing a guy, but whenI finally got a grip and decided to go after him he was gone, so that part of the plan went out the window...

Me ) Therefore I conclude that they must be gay and thereby the thought of me being rejected by the guy is no longer present in my head :)

I have been writing a lot with Michael from He is growing sweeter and sweeter by the minute, but also beginning to act as if I'm *actually* his girlfriend (which I might be?). I'd told him I was going to Stengade tonight, to which he asked if it was an invitation for him to come as well. I really really thought about it and, yes, I want to meet him and I want to kiss him (which is an incredibly scary thing to realise), but I also wanted this night to myself to see if I could actually score out in the real world as well, so I wouldn't have to go through with the awkwardness of meeting him/going on a date. What if I don't like him? Or worse, if he doesn't like me! Then there is dumping in the air, yet again.

I'm so confused!! I'm going to continue and write Michael, but also try and find some guy to kiss tomorrow (when we're going out, yet again). Because, yes. I am a cocktease.
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I'm so bad. Seriously, I must be the biggest flirt on earth.

Over the past month I've been asked out on dates by approximately 20 different guys. I've turned them all down. I've chatted seriously with 5-10 guys, all of whom believe that I'm mostly talking to them. I think I've made three of them get a seriously crush on me or maybe even fall in love. The first one was Magnus, who was just...too much. Then there's Michael, who is really the sweetest guy I've ever talked to. He says the nicest things, but they don't feel forced. He constantly calls me "sweety" and "gorgeous". We're really alike, because he's a geek, too. He appreciates movies and comedy just as much as me. Only catch is that he works in Bilka and wants to start a career in detail. It's not a a catch, per say, it just goes against my fantasy of marrying a science major called Magnus. And now I've added flirt #3 to the list. Rune, who's four years into his Law degree. We have the same kind of humour, the same personalities, are more or less at the same points in our lives. And he just said, "no, now I want you as my girlfriend!"

The problem is that now I'm talking to Rune and I feel that we have more in common than Michael and I, but I still feel like I'm cheating on Michael. But I like 'em both... I've talked more with Michael, maybe that's why...

You know what? All three of them are over 190 cm, which is waaay more than me. Kissing either of them would be a problem.

I really am a bad bad person...
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Uh, the waterpipe-club-thingie on Sunday was *brilliant!* We had such fun and smoked a lot of apple tobacco. We just more or less sat and talked about everything for 6 hours. Afterwards Katherina and I missed our night bus, so we had to walk home from Valby in -5 degrees cold, but we talked a lot things through, so it was alright :)

Maria and I went to Fields yesterday (giant mall). I must admit that I had a plan about the whole thing, because there's this guy I've been writing a lot with on Dating (no, I was scared off like crazy last time) and he works in Bilka (I know...), so I wanted to check him out. But when we came he was probably out back, because we couldn't see him. But we got a lot of shopping done! Foundation (because.), lotions, a *wonderful* bag!

I also bought a pair of training pants and some trainers, because later today Katherine and I will go join a gym! (yay, I'm gonna do it! Finally!) I really am looking forward to it. It's especially good, because we spend so much time together, so none of us can back out of it.

But before that I will have my dreaded doctor's appointment. Yes, the one with clamydia. Hopefully it's nothing...

My Italian cousin came last night. He's only 1/4 Danish and have never *really* learned it, but now heøs studying Nordic Languages on University of Florence, so he's gotten a lot better! He's going to stay here for 10 days doing...something. But it's cool, I'm gonna take him to a rock concert on Friday with some friends.
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Howdy do, everyone!!

Just checking in to say that both of my exams are killed and very very dead! The first went so-so. The presentation went brilliantly, they liked our paper, but I completely messed up in the second question, so I ended up with an 8 (given for the average performance), which I'm okay with. A bit bombed, but okay. The second exam (today), on the other hand, is by far the absolute best exam I HAVE EVER HAD!!! There was such a nice air in the room, the teachers were happy, we joked around, we talked about our paper, they said they liked it (actually they said that we were the only ones who had written the paper they had hoped for). Everything was just...perfect. And we ended up getting an 11 (given for the independent and excellent performance), which is more or less the highest grade you can possibly get, because 13 is practically out of reach for *everyone*.

But, yeah. Life is great and I have an average of 9,3. Woot! Next block, meteorology, which I'll LOVE!

Tomorrow, going to the spa with Kathrine (which has become an exam tradition for us. We did it after the GIS exam as well). Friday, hanging out with Maria (I hope). Sunday, water pipe/girls' night with Asta and the girl from Geo). Next week: Wednesday, old students' party at my grad school. Thursday/Friday/Saturday, various outings with Maria at night, incl. a Fridaybar and a discoteque.

Woot!! Vacation until the 6th!!
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So. Now the mail has been sent to Magnus. I hope he takes it okay and that he doesn't end up hating me...

Ended up reading the entire glacial morphology book, which took me 6 weeks to get through a few months ago. I understood it all, so now *that* part is under control. Now I just need the entire cultural geography-part, which is freaking me out like you wouldn't believe...

Oh, and I think I forgot to tell you that Maria and I sadly *didn't* end up getting the apartment, so now we're at square one, yet again. Woot!

I am *so* looking forward to Wednesday evening...

FC Copenhagen - Schalke tomorrow!!
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My crush-tag entries is seriously the funniest thing in the world. I sound so confused and I am so sure through it all that I'm going to end up hurt (I did, but not really in the way I thought). On August 22nd I wrote this about Mads: "But he's so sweet, so if he keeps it up, I might just fall for him." Oh, really, now...!! Cue next two weeks of me being head-over-heels over Mads. On August 24th I write that the following Friday I will have to choose between Mads, Thomas and Lars. In reality I ended up getting my very first kiss from a guy called Magnus.

My life is so fucked up at some points... When I compare my life *now* to how it was a year ago, so much has changed! 12 months ago I was unemployed and I only saw five different friends on a regular basis. Now? Birth control-pills, a chlamydia test, a pregnancy scare, having kissed with 12-15 different guys (according to how you define a kiss), not having *remotely* enough hours in a day, two oral exams coming up in the next five days. During my vacation I am doing a party hat-trick with Maria. She decided it and I couldn't say no.

Now I *really* have to go read glacial morphology for tomorrow...!!

First exam: Monday at 2 pm
Second exam: Wednesday at 1:30 pm
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Uhm, yeah. So after posting about Magnus yesterday I talked to some people and [ profile] xavantina told me to possibly reconsider. Because I think he might be just a tad weird (in the bad way) and he is *definitely* ready for more relationship than me. I just...he's already acting like we're boyfriend/girlfriend and while I might have flirted back in the beginning, now I'm just feeling weirded out. He's already gotten his aunt to take his cats, for crying out loud!! And we haven't even met each other yet! I've realised that while what I had with Rasmus was a lot less than what I wanted, this is definitely a lot *more* than what I wanted. I've come to the conclusion that I want to flirt and possibly kiss a guy or two, but a long-term, full on, seeing each other every day-relationshion is *not* what I want. Nor is it what I *can*, because while I care about my love life, I still want a good education, so I have to put that first right now (which was *EXACTLY* what Rasmus told *me* and that scares me).

So now I have to write to the poor guy (who just wrote me a text message asking if I wanted to come online and say goodnight o.O), telling him that we've moved waaay too fast and that I just want to be friends. I've known this for 12 hours and I've just kept pushing it off. I have to break up with someone. That is such a weird thought.

I told Kathrine about this today and jesper and Andreas overheard us, so I had to tell them everything about it. They teased me in the most lovable way and ended up reading my profile. Andreas applauded me for getting back on the horse so quickly. They really are so sweet, those two... I think Andreas is possibly fixing me up with a computer-friend of his. Let's just see, shall we?

I'd written in my profile that I weigh 57 kg, to which Andreas said, "Ah, 57 kg? I don't think so...!" To which I had to answer that I'd just weighed myself *today* and I weigh 55 kg. Yes. I haven't weighed this little since...7th grade? It's such a weird thought! And the weirdest thing is that the fat isn't going anywhere, I just lose wight. Maybe my bones are getting slimmer... But after exams this'll be over! I will start working out in a gym nearby. Yes, I will...!
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I am absolutely ready to die now. I have just returned home from university and finalising my 2nd report, the statistics-one. 26 pages, all in all. We've been writing until midnight for three days in a row, so we've *really* worked hard! We've ended up writing a really good report, far better than the others we've looked at, so we're really content. Timo wrote all the philosophical stuff, Laura the statistics, which I co-wrote, but I was mostly the person who did the Excel and the chorographical mapping, so I'll have to spend some time reading up on the other things before the exam. But it's done!! I can upload it if anyone wants to read it ;)

Tomorrow, hand it in at 1 pm and then do powerpoint presentation for the other exam, due at 4 pm. Then possibly relaxing in the night with a visit from Rebekka. The weekend will consist of reading the curriculum for the first report/rehearsing the presentation. Then oral exam on Monday. Reading statistics on Tuesday. And exam on Wednesday or Thursday.

I wanna die, I really do.

Also, the Magnus from *Seriously* getting more serious by the second. He wrote me this earlier: "I'm looking forward to seeing a real, live angel in the near future :)" I was in the middle of editing our report, so I didn't respond and then he started to do a Teresa, as in really freaking out about me not writing back after writing such a message and therefore he wrote another message an hour later, trying to take it back and saying that he don't want to push things too much and that he'll slow down. I actually forgot to answer *that* message, which made him freak even more and more or less breaking the whole thing off in his third text, saying that he got the picture and asking if we should just be friends. When I got home I got him calmed down on MSN and I think everything's olay now, because he called me a "naughty pirate". Yes. We're both weird. But he's sweet, so everything's good. I really will end up meeting this guy, I just know it. Plus, he's made a deal with his aunt, who'll take over his cats. So I can visit him in his apartment and not getting an allergic break-out, which is both weird and really sweet.

Oh, but the whole Anders-deal is interesting as well, because we were in the same room while writing today and literally *every time someone cracked a joke*, we looked at each other and laughed and kinda winked at each other. A member from his group needed help with the technical part of ArcGIS (map program), so I came and helped them. Anders was 5 cm's away from me and he kept looking at me!! I figured their problem out, walked away and heard Anders say, "she's just really really cool, isn't she?" Me? Grinning like an idiot.

As [ profile] lattara said, "Oh, yes, everything is going according to plan: it's snowing again and Teresa's love life is complicated." Which really summs it all up, because it actually *is* snowing again!

I just want to thank [ profile] elwing_white for sending me the little envelope full of goodies. Gay pr0n really must be the best way to get over both a broken heart and exam anxieties, so yay you!! Bel Ami rules so much *goes and watches Greek Holidays*
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Long time, no update.

We've really got our work cut out for us with this whole statistics assignment. We really got some things figured out today, but we've still got a lot to do. And then there's the oral exams...

And right now? I'm really, seriously planning a date with a guy from He's called "Lykke2000" on the site, if you wanna check him out. He's really really sweet and nice and he seems to really like me (which he's actually told me several times and he keeps talking about stuff like getting rid of his cats so I can come visit him. And that it's a pity we can't have a picnic in the forest because of my allergies). So, yeah. He figured a movie would be best because I'm such a wuss so shy, and at some point after my exams. And now I accidentally told him how much clothes I prefferably like wearing when I sleep, to which he answer that he must keep focus (for some reason?). And now he tells me that he couldn't fall asleep last night because of me. Aww...!!

But, yeah. Life is really weird and interesting!

FC Copenhagen - Schalke on Saturday!

ETA: This guy, Magnus (yes, indeed. I am mucho happy ;)), apparently know...Anders!! Who I've *just* started flirting with today (OMG today! So much smiling and eye contact). They've been to Kosovo together with the army (not so much with the happy). He just said, "that looks like Bjørk", and I'm all, "uhm, yeah. Anders Anker Bjørk". Why must he be Anders' friend!? Couldn't he be Theis' friend, like one of the others on Dating? That's much easier to forget...!


Jan. 14th, 2006 12:47 pm
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Statistics *reads some more* is definitely fun and that scares the crap outa me! I don't want to be one of those people!!

My dad is going to Stanford University in California for the next two weeks and he wants a shopping list of things I want, so could some of you Americans/American-lovers please write stuff he should buy for me? Candies, magazines, CD's, books, stuff like that. Not too expensive, because it's not really a long trip. Pixie Stix, Entertainment Weekly and stuff like that.


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