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Second day of immense stress. I have now voted myself Bogeyman of my group, as I am constantly the one telling the others to focus. It's really not a funny thing to tell your friends off all the time, but they *really* need someone to hold their concentration! We've started producing text, so we'll be alright, I think... Tomorrow will be rough as well, so I should probably try going to bed before midnight...

I received a letter from my doctor about a klamydia test she did on me when she did my gynocological exam. She writes that the test showed up *positive*, but that I should come in for another test just to be sure. Uhm, okay. *SO* not what I had expected!!! And not good for my stress-factor, because this is *one more thing for me to think about!* Gah!!! The next exam will have to wait until next week, because I really don't have time for it this week...!! God, this sucks... I should probably write Rasmus (who, by the way, is playing more hacky than he has the last four months COMBINED! Which I am thrilled about, because he loves it. He's happy and I'm happy.He probably won't like being told he had klamydia, though...)

Oh, and Anders at Geography has started staring at me and flirting again. I didn't realise I'd missed it as much as I apparently do! It's weird and wonderful *stares back*. He really has the most adorable smile ever...

Back to writing! I need to write at least another page plus to graphics before going to bed. Shoot...
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I am close to being over Rasmus (I'm thinking about 75%), but it's still hard when there's a group *right next to me* who are discussing logical positivism - Rasmus' favorite subject. The constant reminder of not getting to hear him talk for half an hour (again) about how the positivists got together in the 30's and...yeah, I don't know. but can't they just shut up or wait until I've left? "Neopositivism, is that the same as logical positivism?" Gaaah!

I'm at uni with Andreas and Katherine to try and figure out exactly what to do with our assignment. It's quite hard when you are in the middle of developing a head cold. Or sinus infection. Whatever floats your boat. All I knwo is that I can't think straight and I can't hear on my left ear. Woot...

I want to go home and drink tea.
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Oh, no. I can feel that I'll be listening to this song a lot in the future. And it's *Carola*, god dammit!!!

Oh, well..


Voice not quite back yet. No, let me rephrase that. I went to university today and people laughed at how poorly I sounded, so, yeah. Voice is crap.

Tonight I was supposed to have gone to the FC Copenhagen-Brøndby (arch rivals of Copenhagen) match, but my mom won't let me! *pouts* So, she and my sister will go and I have to watch it at home, alone... I think I need chips.

My sister asked Rasmus and I to be more quiet, or as she said it, "get it overwith before I get home". She is such a darling *eyeroll*
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Now I know what it feels like to hyperventilate. I watched the Milan-Schalke match yesterday and when Christian scored, I really hyperventilated. You know how when you experience something for the first time, but still know exactly what it is you're experiencing? That was what it was like. I started out wanting to scream, but because my voice was totally gone, I couldn't. Only a little whistling came out of my throat, and then I suddenly couldn't breathe and my eyes welled up. It was really weird, but nice at the same time. Schalke played a really good match (especially Christian), but Milan were still the better team. I'm not too disappointed about Schalke not going further in the tournament, but it still sucks... I think Ragnick should have put Søren and Ebbe in a lot sooner, because (as Morten Olsen had found out), 5 minutes isn't enough for Søren Larsen to actually score. If he'd had 15 minutes he could maybe have equalised, but we'll never know...

Rasmus went his hacky Chrismas lunch yesterday. He told me that since he's met me he's been to practise two or three times, where he'd usually spend 10-20 hours a week practising. That made me both feel really good about myself, because it's nice that he wants to spend so much time with me instead of practising, but also kinda bad, because he really likes this hacky thing and I don't want to be responsible for him not doing something he likes. He said that it he's wanted to cut back on hacky practise, because if was taking over his life, but this seems a bit extreme...

I stayed home today, again. I once again woke up with no voice and a beginning sinus infection, so I thought it wisest to stay home, since my history with ignoring a beginning sickness is kinda bad. Hopefully I'll be on top on Friday, because I'm going to see Franz Ferdinand in concert! Woot! *dances* *has coughing fit*

Now, reading a little Kuhn for tomorrow.

ETA: I just found out that it's our two month anniversary today! I can't believe it's been that long, already... And it doesn't seem to be ending any time soon. We're only at my place and now he's started to leave his things there. And when I said I hadn't watched "Riget" (Danish TV show) he said he'd make me see it at some point. And then there's the whole "I feel safe when I'm in your arms"-thing, which is just too cute for words.

I really am so grateful that Kathrine made me go to that party at her friend's house. Rasmus makes me feel so good about myself and he's so sweet to me and my sister likes him and...yeah. Life is good :)
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I went to see FCK-Viborg on Sunday in 2 degrees with my post-sickness sister. She ended up being totally cured and I ended up losing my voice. I didn't go to university yesterday because I couldn't speak at all! But it was all worth it, because we found out that that match would be Peter Møller's last match in the national league and that the match on Thursday is his last match *ever*, so I'm very glad I went! He's my absolute favorite player in the Danish league, and now he's stopping! Luckily, he's been offered a job at the biggest TV network in Denmark, so he's not completely gone from my world... (btw, he's the guy Christian is hugging in my icon)

But, yeah, spent the day yesterday drinking four pots of tea and lying under a blanket, keeping myself warm, because that night I would get a very special visitor, namely Rasmus! Wooot!! After almost TWO WEEKS without him, we finally both had the time to see each other. And I am still so very much fallen. Actually, I don't think I can fall anymore. That would be physically impossible o.O But, anyway, he is just sweet and wonderful and gah! We watched some weird TV later on that night and it was just so nice. We watched some Sex and the City and he laughed for, like, 5 minutes over one little scene. It was so great!

Today I skipped one lecture, so I didn't have to be at university until 1 pm, which meant that we had all morning together. Woot! He went to some doctor's appointment and in the mean time my house was INVADED! It was! My sister had invited her entire class over to watch Matador and any other day I would have stayed with them and watched, but, no, not today...! So when Rasmus came back (I said 'home' to Kathrine earlier. She though that was cute) we got cat-calls and whistling, because apparently my sister had told them all that he was visiting. Yessir. But we just went to my room and lay on my bed talking and holding each other for some hours ("I could lie with you here forever. I feel so warm and safe and calm..." and then he fell asleep).

I miss him.

Ooooh! And this conversation took place at dinner:
Mom: So, was the boyfriend visiting yesterday?
Me: Yes, Rasmus came by (I think I should talk to my mom about that part...)
Mom: Yeah, thought so. It sounded like it.

WHAT does that mean!?? I mean, I *know* what it could be translated into, but I don't want it to be that...! My mom usually isn't that direct! *bites finger nails*

Now; Milan-Schalke and reading some Science theory (while thinking of Rasmus. Seriously, Science theory is more or less philosophy. What are the odds of meeting and dating a Philosophy student while you yourself have to read philosophy, but only for two months in total. The rest of your life. I think that's pretty cool. So when there's something I don't get? I just ask him!)
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That wasn't much of a success. I felt better and better all through last night and I thought I felt good this morning, so I went to school. After 35 mins. of lecture I was counting the seconds until he was done so I could go out and visit the bathroom. I didn't throw up, but I took it as a huge hint for me to go home. Kristine mentioned that it might be stress related, which I think she's right about. So now I'm trying to do as she said and *not* think about school and how embarrassed I am for being sick and how utterly sorry I am for not being there to help Laura and Michael today and how annoying it is that I won't be there when they get the two new assignments later today.

Life is evil...
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I just threw up twice at uni, so the others had to send me home. And it's so stupid because, 1/ I have absolutely NO idea what I've eaten to make me feel like this. I've practically not eaten anything all weekend!! And 2/ I was going to do *TWO* group reports today. Luckily Michael and Laura are in one of the groups, so they're going to do it for me, and I gave Kathrine the two pages I'd written, so they're good to go as well. But it's just so STUPID!

I hate this!! I don't wanna be sick!!


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