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Uhm, yes. He told me that we were now having a relationship ("nu er vi kærester."). So I have a boyfriend. A real one, this time, which is so incredibly weird. It took, what? Four days for him to get this far? And I had to more or less beg Rasmus to put words on what exactly our relationship was after a *month!*

But, yeah. Boyfriend. Huh. It's such a strange feeling... I want to tell people, but I'd also rather have that no one knew, which is making me feel that it's quite possibly going a bit too fast.

The guys are already teasing me. Andreas, who I hadn't even told, asked me "how's the luuuurve goin'?" (yes, exactly like that). Jesper threw a tiny white paper heart at me with "T+A" written in it. Laura, Asta and Birgitte have all been over to order me on a date with him as soon as possible (which I don't really think I need...)

He's been over all afternoon and only left half an hour ago. My sister had apparently made dinner for us and was waiting for us downstairs, which I didn't know, so now she's all pissed at me. She was also waiting for me to put out my laundry so she could wash (which I didn't know, either), so, yeah. Pissed. But when Rasmus had been over in the beginning and we were too noisy she would be quite pissed the day after as well, so maybe it's related.

Wonderful! Now I need to read for tomorrow...
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I went to see FCK-Viborg on Sunday in 2 degrees with my post-sickness sister. She ended up being totally cured and I ended up losing my voice. I didn't go to university yesterday because I couldn't speak at all! But it was all worth it, because we found out that that match would be Peter Møller's last match in the national league and that the match on Thursday is his last match *ever*, so I'm very glad I went! He's my absolute favorite player in the Danish league, and now he's stopping! Luckily, he's been offered a job at the biggest TV network in Denmark, so he's not completely gone from my world... (btw, he's the guy Christian is hugging in my icon)

But, yeah, spent the day yesterday drinking four pots of tea and lying under a blanket, keeping myself warm, because that night I would get a very special visitor, namely Rasmus! Wooot!! After almost TWO WEEKS without him, we finally both had the time to see each other. And I am still so very much fallen. Actually, I don't think I can fall anymore. That would be physically impossible o.O But, anyway, he is just sweet and wonderful and gah! We watched some weird TV later on that night and it was just so nice. We watched some Sex and the City and he laughed for, like, 5 minutes over one little scene. It was so great!

Today I skipped one lecture, so I didn't have to be at university until 1 pm, which meant that we had all morning together. Woot! He went to some doctor's appointment and in the mean time my house was INVADED! It was! My sister had invited her entire class over to watch Matador and any other day I would have stayed with them and watched, but, no, not today...! So when Rasmus came back (I said 'home' to Kathrine earlier. She though that was cute) we got cat-calls and whistling, because apparently my sister had told them all that he was visiting. Yessir. But we just went to my room and lay on my bed talking and holding each other for some hours ("I could lie with you here forever. I feel so warm and safe and calm..." and then he fell asleep).

I miss him.

Ooooh! And this conversation took place at dinner:
Mom: So, was the boyfriend visiting yesterday?
Me: Yes, Rasmus came by (I think I should talk to my mom about that part...)
Mom: Yeah, thought so. It sounded like it.

WHAT does that mean!?? I mean, I *know* what it could be translated into, but I don't want it to be that...! My mom usually isn't that direct! *bites finger nails*

Now; Milan-Schalke and reading some Science theory (while thinking of Rasmus. Seriously, Science theory is more or less philosophy. What are the odds of meeting and dating a Philosophy student while you yourself have to read philosophy, but only for two months in total. The rest of your life. I think that's pretty cool. So when there's something I don't get? I just ask him!)
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I just had an hour-long argument with my sister, because she wanted to bring her ex-boyfriend over for dinner and coffee in spite of me telling her about an hour before how happy I was about not doing and not seeing anyone tonight because I was so tired. I ended up losing so much. It's just that I haven't had one moment by myself since July 7th and now I've started this really demanding chemestry course. Plus I woke up this morning with the worst case of asthma/allergy in months. So this night is exactly turning out the way I planned.

But at least I have one (or two) good news: Schalke and Djurgården finally reached an agreement!! €2 million for Søren Larsen! I'm so absolutely happy for everyone! Also, it seems that they haven't dropped the Milan Baros-thing, either. On the contrary, it seems they're getting closer and closer to signing him as well!

ETA: *shakes fist at Cladosporium* Grr...!! *hates allergy*


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