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Just did a skip=280. Sorry if I've missed something, but, yeah. Many many pages!

Came home from London on Sunday night with a 'flu. We had a wonderful wonderful trip, anyways. We walked all over the city, went to Starbucks too many times (as if there's such a thing :P), shopped 'til our (mine) wallets screamed, went to very interesting museums, danced/jumped in bars (much fun!), was hit on by a lot of drunk Austrians, tried to follow Very Interesting Football Matches (ie. me) and other fun stuff like that :) All in all 5 very nice days.

Adrian picked me up in the airport and only just left me today, so we've almost spent 72 hours together and they have all been very very wonderful :) He is so sweet! He's been taking care of me and has kept asking me if there was anything he could do for me. Every time I've coughed he's held me a bit tighter. He brought me chocolate from Belgium and they are YUMMY! What's even better? He brought my family chocolate, too. So sweet! *dies*

Didn't go to the first lectures yesterday because I was sick, but did go today. As it turns out we only have classes on Tuesday and Wednesday and our curriculum ~400 pages o.O But it's not all fun and games. We have to write two larger assignments in our spare time, so I guess we have our work cut out for us.

Talked to the guy in charge today and I can go on the field trip next year instead (for those of you who don't know: I was royaly screwed over by Former Friend, Laura, which meant that I would have to chose between going on a Grography trip this summer og going to Brazil for a month). This will mean I won't get my ECTS-points until Summer 2007, which sucks giant balls, but I have to live with it. Am loving ignoring Laura and steeling her potential group partners for the assignments. Ha! Take that, bitch! Am also loving that people are on my side.

Tuesday last week I went to Kathrine's apartment and we had our first pilates-work out. My muscles acked until Friday. Tomorrow we have our second get-together. Am looking majorly forward to it!

Because I only have classes two days out of seven these days I've started looking for student jobs. Looks interesting. I have the right qualifications for some of it, so I hope it works out.

Still no news on the apartment hunt.

Now, football. Or Gilmore Girls. Hmm...
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I know I'm the biggest geek in the world, but the fact that I now have both the software *and* the files to make stuff in GIS (Geographical Information Systems) is making me very very happy. I can make maps! Pretty pretty maps! Of the communes in Denmark! Woot! *goes to make...some kind of chorographical map of...something*

ETA: I just made an example, because I could. This is what I love doing )
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I am absolutely ready to die now. I have just returned home from university and finalising my 2nd report, the statistics-one. 26 pages, all in all. We've been writing until midnight for three days in a row, so we've *really* worked hard! We've ended up writing a really good report, far better than the others we've looked at, so we're really content. Timo wrote all the philosophical stuff, Laura the statistics, which I co-wrote, but I was mostly the person who did the Excel and the chorographical mapping, so I'll have to spend some time reading up on the other things before the exam. But it's done!! I can upload it if anyone wants to read it ;)

Tomorrow, hand it in at 1 pm and then do powerpoint presentation for the other exam, due at 4 pm. Then possibly relaxing in the night with a visit from Rebekka. The weekend will consist of reading the curriculum for the first report/rehearsing the presentation. Then oral exam on Monday. Reading statistics on Tuesday. And exam on Wednesday or Thursday.

I wanna die, I really do.

Also, the Magnus from *Seriously* getting more serious by the second. He wrote me this earlier: "I'm looking forward to seeing a real, live angel in the near future :)" I was in the middle of editing our report, so I didn't respond and then he started to do a Teresa, as in really freaking out about me not writing back after writing such a message and therefore he wrote another message an hour later, trying to take it back and saying that he don't want to push things too much and that he'll slow down. I actually forgot to answer *that* message, which made him freak even more and more or less breaking the whole thing off in his third text, saying that he got the picture and asking if we should just be friends. When I got home I got him calmed down on MSN and I think everything's olay now, because he called me a "naughty pirate". Yes. We're both weird. But he's sweet, so everything's good. I really will end up meeting this guy, I just know it. Plus, he's made a deal with his aunt, who'll take over his cats. So I can visit him in his apartment and not getting an allergic break-out, which is both weird and really sweet.

Oh, but the whole Anders-deal is interesting as well, because we were in the same room while writing today and literally *every time someone cracked a joke*, we looked at each other and laughed and kinda winked at each other. A member from his group needed help with the technical part of ArcGIS (map program), so I came and helped them. Anders was 5 cm's away from me and he kept looking at me!! I figured their problem out, walked away and heard Anders say, "she's just really really cool, isn't she?" Me? Grinning like an idiot.

As [ profile] lattara said, "Oh, yes, everything is going according to plan: it's snowing again and Teresa's love life is complicated." Which really summs it all up, because it actually *is* snowing again!

I just want to thank [ profile] elwing_white for sending me the little envelope full of goodies. Gay pr0n really must be the best way to get over both a broken heart and exam anxieties, so yay you!! Bel Ami rules so much *goes and watches Greek Holidays*
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Happy first of Advent, everyone!

Got my first Christmas calendar as an Advent present - a scratching calendar. Woot! Let this be the Christmas I win 1 million kroner!

Yesterday was my sister's 18th birthday and it was so nice, all of it. Friends and family were there, my aunt had written a song and my sister cried, her friends had done a "how well do you know Clara"-quiz and I won, and we ended the night by singing old socialist songs around the table. Much fun was had!! Then I went to Vega nightclub with Line and Rebekka - a place I'll never set my foot in again, it was seriously full of wannabe's, starfuckers and PR agents. And they played House music, which I hate. Not my sort of crowd, I must say! So we went to Klaptræet, where we each got a cola and sat and talked until 4 am. Yay!

Now I'm procrastinating reading about volcanic activity and earthquakes. I don't wanna! I'm debating whether or now to invite Rasmus over tonight. Hmm...

Oooh! And that Spanish song for the Junior Eurovision? Can I please marry it? *loves*

Ooh ooh ooh! And Schalke won over Werder yesterday!! Yaaay!!! *dances* What a wonderful Schalke week!!

ETA: Oh, God, I almost forgot. Okay, so my parents have seen Rasmus once and almost kinda talked to him, but I've told them every time he's come by that he's going to come. My mom is the only one who has actually mentioned him at any point, where she asked who he was and I answered that he was a guy that I'd met and that he was a Philosophy student. Yesterday at the birthday party? Everyone knew he existed. Ebbe Kløvedal Reich's widow came over to me and said that she'd heard I'd gotten a boyfriend, which apparently my dad had told him. He's never even asked *me* about him! He knows *nothing* about Rasmus!! It's so typical of my dad to jump to conclusions! I think I told the same story about 15 times - no, he doesn't study Geography, but Philosophy at RUC. He's 21 and his name is Rasmus. Gah!! So, now it's all out in the open. Not exactly the way I'd hope/imagined...

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It's snowing!! It's really, bloody snowing!! Yay!!! *dances* It's not staying on the ground, but still!! And Christmas in less than a month!!

I've realised that when I'm happy, I eat canned tuna (Chris, am I right?). I've been eating a lot of canned tuna lately.

I just baked muffins - one batch with hazel nuts and one with almonds - for my sister's 18th birthday tomorrow. And they are sooo good...

Oooh oh oh!! You know how my purse was stolen at a party? Apparently it wasn't stolen, but it fell under the bed I'd put it on. The girl who held the party had checked under the bed, but hadn't seen it. But Wednesday night it suddenly came out in the light again! That means I have my iPod back!!!! *dances*

Oh, and I'm sorry if this LJ has been about the same two things lately (Rasmus and uni), but that's kinda what's been taking up my time lately. I'm still watching a lot of movies, I've actually finished three books in the last few months (o.O) and I still follow football (ha! That's the understatemend of the year!), so, yeah. I'm still me :)

This has been the Random Post of Today.
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FC Copenhagen, how I love you. Peter Møller, how I love you. A simple 2-0 win (both goals by Peter Møller, himself) and they're at #1 with six points down to #2. They have played 16 matches and won 13 of them!, lost none and tied three. Oh, and because of Peter Møller's two goals? He's now the most scoring striker in Danish history. Take that, Brøndby!

Hold K V U T Mål Point
1 FC København 16 13 3 0 +25 42
2 Brøndby (MP) 16 11 3 2 +22 36

A small FCK pic spam )

I love them. *huggles*


Don't you just love riding your bike by some car, looking in their window and see that the driver is singing along to some song with so much passion that he doesn't notice that anyone is even watching?
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Yay! I'm back again! We had a blast on our Geography trip, I learned lots and had fun with all my friends *loves*

BUT! All of that I can talk about later! After dinner with my parents my cousin's husband called and said he had *four* tickets to the premiere of "A Hirstory of Violence", starring Viggo Mortensen!!!! We only had an hour until the movie started, so after calling a few friends we just ended up being me and my parents because no one else could make it. But I saw Viggo!!! And the movie!!! And I don't know what I think about it! In any case I'm waaay too tired to talk about it now. I've had 14 hours of sleep the last three nights combined, so I really need to crash. More updates tomorrow! And maybe pictures, too, because I took some with my brand new cell phone! Woot!!

Life is good.
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Have done lots of stuff today! Am still stressed out and need to do a lot more!

But, eeeee! I have news! I ran into one of my old grade school friends and his poems are going to be published on Tuesday! He invited me to the release party and apparently about 10 of my old school mates are going to be there as well! *bounces*

Oh, and tomorrow I'm going to Line's housewarming, which is going to be so great, because a lot of my former high school friends are going to be there. Yay!

Seriously, my social cirkel has suddenly become about 10 timers bigger than it was in, say, April. I think I talked to about 5 or 6 people that month...

Life is good! *dances*

ETA: I found pictures of Peter! Do I dare to say he was my first crush? I have seriously known him since I was born. I lives in the same street, went to the same kindergarten, same school and now this. That's 20 years
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Okay! It's time to update about what the hell went on in Brorfelde, because some serious stuff took place there. And a lot of it involved me. Remember, most of the following took place while all of us were quite drunk.

Thursday to Monday. Quite long! )

Life is good. Though some of the things I kinda want to take back...!!
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I have no words.

Well, actually I do )

I texted with a few different people during the match. When Søren Larsen scored his second goal I *had* to write to Mads and gloat (remember, he didn't know who Søren was last Friday. I was shocked). He wrote the most uninspiring things back and I think I let him know that I thought so. Now he just wrote: "Sorry, my dear, but I didn't have any battery left on my phone and that was all I could write. I hope you had a nice match". I got a "my dear" ("min kære", in Danish. Which sounds even more endearment-y, because you don't really say that to each other). At first it was a bit weird, because "I'm over him" (*cough*), but now I'm really happy about it. And this is why girls lose their minds: over-analysing *everything!*

So right now life is wonderful

ETA: I love how Christian isn't mentioning his own goal, but only Søren Larsen:
»Søren Larsen er virkelig "on fire". Det er flot, hvad han laver i øjeblikket.
Man står jo og griner lidt af det, når han scorer to mål, for han er en sjov fyr
udenfor banen. Vi tror stadig på VM-chancen. Vi viser, at vi kan vinde de sidste
to kampe, og så må vi bare håbe på det rigtige resultat i Tirana«.
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Oh. My. God.

I seriously can't think of anything else to say than that. I mean, we were all so sure that England would come kick our red&white asses, but a bloody 4-1 win!? That's, like, the best result we've had in five years, or something!! This is absolutely wonderful!! I'm just so bloody ecstatic right now!! Jon played veeery well (and he's still recovering from his pennicilin-thing), Rommedahl finally scored (but he's still one of the weakest links on the team, I don't care what people say. ANd he had that goal served on a golden platter), Claus Jensen is a genious, but it's too bad he didn't score. He deserved it. Søren Larsen is my new GOD! I love this man! So much! Thomas Sørensen made some wonderful saves and only let in one goal (a hell of a lot better than his last....20 matches, I think). And Christian played so fucking well my eyes nearly teared up. He tackled one person after another and he bloody nearly scored once more!! (I would have jumped into the lake of happiness if he had scored). I just....I love my team. This is the team I fell in love with at the Euro 2004 (we really thought we'd win it all. But then again, we always do. We *did* win the Euro '92, you know)

Life is good. And, hey, Thomas kinda flirted back today. About a cow. Yes. I'm looking forward to tomorrow.


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