Jul. 14th, 2006 11:05 pm
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Sorry it's been so long! I just wanted you all to know that I'm alive and kicking. Just been caught up with life, university and my boyfriend. Right now I'm in Brazil with my family (we're seven right now, going on 12...!) for four weeks. You can follow our trip in Danish at [ profile] albeckjapsen, if you want. Might be fun :)

I hope you're all well. Write here if you want a postcard, I should have your adress with me.
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I'm on a two week-holiday these days and I *love* it...!!! I have done only things I've loved since Friday so things are great!!

Friday I had my exam, but I think it went okay... Not 13-okay, but over 6-okay. Let's just see... I don't even know when I get my grade... Afterwards we had a Friday bar, which went really well! Maria came and 40 people from Economics came by on their Tour de Fredagsbar, which was great!

Adrian left for Belgium on Saturday and I won't get to see him until Sunday the 23rd, so I'm about to go completely nuts...! Because he's been away for almost a week now, I've realised how much I miss him and I am now more and more sure that I am completely in love with him, which is really really frightening but also really nice :) Before he left we made a pact of celibacy, which means that neither of us the stuff people do alone. This has already had an effect, because now both of us are so sexually frustrated that it's the only thing we can talk about, which just worsens it. But it's fun ;)

Speaking of sex. I went with [ profile] vampirespider to LUST on Tuesday, after getting tips and hints from [ profile] xavantina. I am now the proud owner of two Cut for TMI )

Saturday I went to a party at Egmont, a collegium in Copenhagen, which was *so much fun!* There was this guy who had seriously pointed me out as his score of the night, so he came by *all the time* to dance with me, each time ending up grabbing my boobs. At one point he had me up against the wall with his knee between my legs, lifting me up so I fell over him. I actually informed him very early on that I had a boyfriend, but he didn't seem to mind :P But good fun, good fun!

Other than that I've been to a cake-party at Kristine's which was great! Seen movies with Kathrine (O Brother Where Art Thou) and Timo (Troy. Yes.), and hung out a lot with my sister, who can be really sensible sometimes :)

Tomorrow I'm going to Western Zealand to some Easter lunches. I'll be back home Saturday night.

Sunday morning I'll be going to Jutland to watch Young Americans with [ profile] lattara and [ profile] vampirespider, which will be *so much fun OMG!!* Hey, should I bring that bottle of Vodka, or what? What did we end up agreeing to? I'll be home again Monday night.

Wednesday I'll be going to London, baby, yeah! with Kristine, Maria and a really nice girl from Maria's class. We've all been there before, so no Big Ben-stuff for us, only the funny things! Markets, Oxford Street, maybe a musical if we can find some cheap ones. And clubbing, of course ;) It *is* a vacation, after all. And then back to school again...

Now I think I shall retire with my "Harry Potter och Halvblodsprinsen". Yes, it's in Swedish.
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Came back from Rome two days ago, but I've been too caght up with my Harry Potter book to be able to post on LJ. Now I'm finished (OMG! The H/D love lives on!), but I've been crying too much, so I can't really look though my eyes.

Yes. And terrorism sucks much ass *hates*

Love you all *hugs*
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Hey all!

This is just a sort of update from Rome. I'm having loads of fun with Line and Maria nd we've touristed around the city so much that our feet are completely dead by now! We've also bought our share of the fake Gucci- and Prada bags that they sell around here. I'm still contemplating buying a fake football jersey, because they don't have Jon's, but I think I'll end up buying one anyway. Hey, if you want one as well (they only have the biggest names), text me via the thingie in my info.

In two days we leave for Naples, where we'll (hopefully. We don't have much time) see Pompeii, Vesuvio and Capri.

That's all for now. I'll talk to you gys when I get back, I think *hugs you all*
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Hey all!!

My internet has been down the lasttwo days, so I haven't been able to answer my comments and stuff, and tomorrow I'm leaving for Italy, so I won't be able to answer them before I go. If any of you wants post cards, please write you snail mail address to me by clicking this link.

Today I went to the Stop-Bush demonstration, as the main man himself was visiting for a totalt of 16 hours (...!!). I think we were 25.000 people, so, yay! The only downside was that none of the news programs had anything about it, for some reason. They usually have, so it's a bit weird...

That's all for me for now. I'll be back on July 19th.


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