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Hey - maybe this'll work out better than my sorry attempt at starting up my LJ again. Don't know... But maybe?

Am currently at university and doing absolutely nothing, but I'm too lazy to go home yet :P
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Howdy do, everyone!!

Just checking in to say that both of my exams are killed and very very dead! The first went so-so. The presentation went brilliantly, they liked our paper, but I completely messed up in the second question, so I ended up with an 8 (given for the average performance), which I'm okay with. A bit bombed, but okay. The second exam (today), on the other hand, is by far the absolute best exam I HAVE EVER HAD!!! There was such a nice air in the room, the teachers were happy, we joked around, we talked about our paper, they said they liked it (actually they said that we were the only ones who had written the paper they had hoped for). Everything was just...perfect. And we ended up getting an 11 (given for the independent and excellent performance), which is more or less the highest grade you can possibly get, because 13 is practically out of reach for *everyone*.

But, yeah. Life is great and I have an average of 9,3. Woot! Next block, meteorology, which I'll LOVE!

Tomorrow, going to the spa with Kathrine (which has become an exam tradition for us. We did it after the GIS exam as well). Friday, hanging out with Maria (I hope). Sunday, water pipe/girls' night with Asta and the girl from Geo). Next week: Wednesday, old students' party at my grad school. Thursday/Friday/Saturday, various outings with Maria at night, incl. a Fridaybar and a discoteque.

Woot!! Vacation until the 6th!!
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The big Nature Culture assignment is done. It's finished. It's killed dead. We went home at 1 am tonight and met up again at 9 am to make the last adjustments before turning it in at noon. The same people who were in the computer lab when when we left at night were there when we came back in the morning. They had not moved an inch. It was like walking into a dream, or something - as if time hadn't passed in the room while we were gone! But, yeah, we turned it in and it's okay. It's not great, but it definitely isn't bad either, so we'll do alright Eight of us went out for a beer afterwards, but everyone were just so tired we ended up going home after an hour. Then I've just relaxed, watching Gilmore Girls and Just Like Heaven on my computer. And then tomorrow we start all over on another assignment at 11 am. My life is great... I've slept so little this week, I'm in so much sleep deprivation you wouldn't believe.

Now I'm just waiting for Lost to finish downloading - I could respond to those mails at You know, that really has helped my self-esteem. I get so many compliments and kind words. It's like, if you're a girl and like football you're the 8th wonder of the world! Not that I mind ;)

Hope you are all well!
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I am close to being over Rasmus (I'm thinking about 75%), but it's still hard when there's a group *right next to me* who are discussing logical positivism - Rasmus' favorite subject. The constant reminder of not getting to hear him talk for half an hour (again) about how the positivists got together in the 30's and...yeah, I don't know. but can't they just shut up or wait until I've left? "Neopositivism, is that the same as logical positivism?" Gaaah!

I'm at uni with Andreas and Katherine to try and figure out exactly what to do with our assignment. It's quite hard when you are in the middle of developing a head cold. Or sinus infection. Whatever floats your boat. All I knwo is that I can't think straight and I can't hear on my left ear. Woot...

I want to go home and drink tea.
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After Ralf Rangkick's somewhat provoking behaviour on Saturday, where he went around saying goodbye to the fans, the management at Schalke has decided to fire him, like, today. So now there is no coach at Schalke 04. Luckily they have the winter break to come up with someone new...

I really don't like the feeling of my happiness being dependant on whether or not I get a text message or not. Last night I cried again, even though I had actually texted with Rasmus that day. I chatted with a girl from university, who managed to calm me down and look at the brights sides of it and it's lasted all day. Up until now. Now I'm just...blah. I just want to hold him and kiss him, right now. And I want him to know it, too, but I don't want to push it, because, A/ he's a guy and they generally don't like things forced on them, and B/ he's under an immense stress right about now with his paper having to be turned in before the 20th, so the last thing he needs is some chick somewhere, demanding attention, because unless he finds the time himself, there is no time to give. Unfortunately for me, because I'm missing him like crazy. I really am lucky that the two girls I know best at university are both dating geopgraphers themselves, so they see their guys every. single. day. And kiss. In front of me. Which makes me miss Rasmus even more. And this is turning out to be a really annoying rant, even for me, so I'm just gonna stop now.

Movie in two hours! Woot! Who said you can't use gay lovin' to escape from reality?
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I went to see FCK-Viborg on Sunday in 2 degrees with my post-sickness sister. She ended up being totally cured and I ended up losing my voice. I didn't go to university yesterday because I couldn't speak at all! But it was all worth it, because we found out that that match would be Peter Møller's last match in the national league and that the match on Thursday is his last match *ever*, so I'm very glad I went! He's my absolute favorite player in the Danish league, and now he's stopping! Luckily, he's been offered a job at the biggest TV network in Denmark, so he's not completely gone from my world... (btw, he's the guy Christian is hugging in my icon)

But, yeah, spent the day yesterday drinking four pots of tea and lying under a blanket, keeping myself warm, because that night I would get a very special visitor, namely Rasmus! Wooot!! After almost TWO WEEKS without him, we finally both had the time to see each other. And I am still so very much fallen. Actually, I don't think I can fall anymore. That would be physically impossible o.O But, anyway, he is just sweet and wonderful and gah! We watched some weird TV later on that night and it was just so nice. We watched some Sex and the City and he laughed for, like, 5 minutes over one little scene. It was so great!

Today I skipped one lecture, so I didn't have to be at university until 1 pm, which meant that we had all morning together. Woot! He went to some doctor's appointment and in the mean time my house was INVADED! It was! My sister had invited her entire class over to watch Matador and any other day I would have stayed with them and watched, but, no, not today...! So when Rasmus came back (I said 'home' to Kathrine earlier. She though that was cute) we got cat-calls and whistling, because apparently my sister had told them all that he was visiting. Yessir. But we just went to my room and lay on my bed talking and holding each other for some hours ("I could lie with you here forever. I feel so warm and safe and calm..." and then he fell asleep).

I miss him.

Ooooh! And this conversation took place at dinner:
Mom: So, was the boyfriend visiting yesterday?
Me: Yes, Rasmus came by (I think I should talk to my mom about that part...)
Mom: Yeah, thought so. It sounded like it.

WHAT does that mean!?? I mean, I *know* what it could be translated into, but I don't want it to be that...! My mom usually isn't that direct! *bites finger nails*

Now; Milan-Schalke and reading some Science theory (while thinking of Rasmus. Seriously, Science theory is more or less philosophy. What are the odds of meeting and dating a Philosophy student while you yourself have to read philosophy, but only for two months in total. The rest of your life. I think that's pretty cool. So when there's something I don't get? I just ask him!)
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I got the letter and everything is absolutely wonderful Now all I'm worried about it starting the chemestry class tomorrow. But I figured out it's going to be about 4 hours of class everyday, plud the lab work, so I think it's going to be okay. I'm going to be an extreme chem whore when I'm done (aren't you happy, [ profile] unheardprophet?? ;))

Football news: Grønkjær is going to Stuttgart! Finally they worked everything out! They're buying him for about €6 mill, so, yay!!

Schalke is more or less giving up on Søren Larsen, which I'm veeery unhappy about. But the good news is that they've been talking with Milan Baros!!!!! OMG!!!! He'll be slutting with Ebbe and Kevin!!!! *dances*

ETA: Christian sprained his ankle when they played Werder Bremen yesterday (and won, I might add). They say he'll be out at least two weeks, so he won't be playing Jon, and now Jesper too, on Tuesday, when they play the league cup final against Stuttgart. Damn... Poor woobie *huggles him*
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I'm in!!! Woot! I just got a letter from COpenhagen University saying that I needed to apply for their Chemestry class. That means I filled out the forms correctly and that I'm in!!! *dances*

Saw Batman Begins with Thea yesterday. Oh my fucking God. Can I marry that movie? Oh, the snark.Oh, the halfnaked Christian Bale. About 10 mins. into the movie she reminded me of the last movie we'd seen together. "Kinsey". With Liam Neeson. Also, Cillian Murphy is still breathtakingly pretty.

I miss Schalke. Can't they just buy Søren Larsen for a bit more and get it overwith? They're down to only three strikers on the entire team! *sigh*

Oh! I discovered a new band! They're called Timbuktu and they're Swedish (Skånske!) reggae rappers. Yes. And they're absolutely wonderful.
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Oh my god. I just applied for university. I'm...stunned, I think. It suddenly went really fast. I've been in doubt about how to fill out the forms for many many months now, but I talked to one of the councellors today, who helped me, so I just filled them out when I came home. And now I'm done. It has been sent! Yay! *bounces*

So, what have you guys been up to today?


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