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I had a most wonderful day yesterday, thanks to my wonderful family and my gorgeous girlfriends *loves* I got so many great presents (loooots of clothes to be bought, Populärmusik från Vittula on DVD (eeee!!) and the best book in the world, "Earth, a Geographic Handbook", which I adore so so much. Yes, I am geek.). After eating dinner we all sat down to watch the Turkey-Denmark match (I really love that I had a National match on my birthday. So appropriate!). I'll post a rant/pic spam later today (if I get the time), because this match deserves it. So much with the bad and good things! Well, people left and me and my girls went out to dance our little butts off. We flirted a little with some guys, but mostly because Rebekka and I were trying to forget some other guys. More about that later. But we got tired, so at about 4 am we went home. What a wonderful night, really... And no hangover!!

About those guys we were trying to forget. Mine was, of course, Mads. Because he is sending me the hugest crap-load of mixed signals. We were at the immatriculation party on Friday and I really tried to match his earlier flirting. We talked about Donald Duck and how much we owe him (yay! Geek!) and about football (he didn't know Søren Larsen! The horror!), but then we started talking politics. And he votes Christian Democratic and is very Christian. It's not that I have anything against Christians, but 1/ this came as quite a shock and, 2/ I really can't see how a group of Christians can make a political party. I've never really understood that part. But we flirted some more and he started flirting with other girls (cue me getting jealous). Laura started saying that I should possibly drop it and find a new, but Kathrine said that when one girl asked him to dance he said no. Two minutes after I come along and he says yes o.O Since he's doing the whole life guard thing at 8.30 Saturday morning he had to go early. I followed him out and he gave me the biggest hug (I've found out he's 194 cm. That's 30 cm more than me), kissed me on the bloody forehead and said "take care, my girl" (that makes more sense in Danish), in the most elder brotherly way, ever. So now I don't know what to do. He's going to have to take the next step.

*sigh* Now I'm reading 30 pages on the water movement in Icelandic gleishers. Exciting!

Oh! And I want to thank everyone for wishing me a happy birthday yesterday. I love you all very very much!!
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No flirting today, which I was extremely disappointed about. I felt I looked pretty good (and that guy staring at my breasts when I was biking in the afternoon certainly looked like he thought so, too), but no reaction from Thomas. One reason could be that he was in the front of the class and I in the back, so it'd have been pretty hard for him to do anything. Another reason is that the exam is getting closer and closer and people are taking it more serious for every second, so we really can't afford to miss any of the teacher's words (the fact that I am constantly distracted really doesn't help). After classes I went over to Fælledparken where I did one of the exam papers in half the time we have on Monday, all by myself and with only a teeny tiny amount of help, so that's pretty good. I called Maria and since she was hanging out with one of the girls from my chem class (whom she knew on beforehand) I koined them. We talked about only uni stuff for 3-4 hours, which was great, but I'd hoped I could get Maria in private, because I really want to tell someone face to face about Thomas. To get some tips, or something. And I couldn't do that in front of Kristine, because that's too close. Or something. But Maria is leaving tomorrow morning, so nothing of that, I'm afraid. That'll have to wait until the party.

I've started writing a wishlist (birthday: September 3rd, 20 years), but I'm running out. I only have: socks, subscription for Bazar Mag, a belt and "Populärmusik från Vittula" on DVD. And that's not a lot. So, does any of you ahve any recommendations for me that I should put on the list? Because I kinda need your help!

I should go to sleeo now. I'll only get, like, 6 ½ hours of sleep. Damn... I can't wait for it to be Tuesday!


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