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I'm a complete nervous wreck. If I've failed the exam they're gonna call tonight. It's now 9 pm and they haven't called yet

*bites nails*

In other news, I started out today by vomiting, in spite of me eating next to nothing yesterday. But I guess those eight beers had to come out at one point or another... o.O

Met up with [ profile] vampirespider and [ profile] yatina76, the latter of whom I had never met before, so it was quite exciting! Her boyfriend were going to his final exam and she's followed him all the way over here, which was very cute. He passed and we had fun, though both Chris and I had some previous plans, so it wasn't for that long.

I had planned to go to see "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" with my new Geography class mate, Kristine (who is also Maria's friend) and we had a blast. I had expected the movie to be really bad, but I was really positively surprised. It made me want to read the book again (which I should. Though, you know, time...)

Now I'll go to bed so I can get up at 6 tomorrow. Lord knows I'm excited as hell!
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Oh my God, what a weird and wonderful day today. It, of course, started out with the dreaded exam from hell, but I think it went okay. I talked to some people afterwards and I've definitely screwed up the lasr problem, but I'm pretty sure I've done okay with the remaining ones.

After the exam everything was absolutely great and wonderful and I love my new friends so ever much and I never want to part from them again, ever!!!! Seriously, Timothy is the most perfect gay guy, ever, and he loves lying in my lap in the sun and he purrs like a kitten. Laura, Birgitte, Kristine and Asta are so so so cute! Mikkel, Krister, Andreas, Kristian and Jonas are the greatest guys, ever!!! And now we are only lacking two guys, aren't we?
Thomas: Well, a few of you guys already know that apparently he has a girlfriend. At which I would normally back out of a flirt, but he seriously haven't hinted at this before now and I really think that with the right clothes and the right geeky!speach I could get Thomas to break up with her. And I'm kinda ashamed by that, because I'm not that kind of girl, I'm really not. But we had so much fun today, the two of us. And, oh my god, he flirted so much and he has the cutest smile, ever! He played roundball with his unbuttoned, so, yes, chest aaaaall open to the public! And he so did that on purpose! Other brunette (who got his number the other day) was beaten so much by me today. Really, she was.
Lars: Oh, Lars. Oh, oh, Lars. What am I going to do with you. The last few times I've stayed and drunk "a few beers" with some of the others the amount of flirting between the two of us has been undeniable. Really, it has. He's constantly touching me, telling me 'wow, you really have thick heair'. Yes, I know that. But he's so sweet and from Jutland and cute and petite and, eee! I just want to pinch his cheeks! I really don't think this guy can see anything wrong with the world. But, yes, on to the thing: After he left and only a few were left, Laura confronted me and asked, "what the hell is going on with Lars and you?", because everyone had noticed (yes, that uncludes Thomas, who reffered to us as "you two"), but I really couldn't answer. We flirt so ever much, but I really don't think he means anything by it. He has a girlfriend, but he's just that sort of person who'd have a friendly flirt with someone and not mean anything by it. But, as I said to the other girls, it's really confusing and I don't know what to do about it, because he's nice, but I'm not attracted by him. If he asked me if I'f go out with him, I don't know what to say. o.O
Mads: Yes, I know I said I was only lacking two guys on my list. But after the Thomas-kind of fiasco (or whatever the hell it is) we all sat down and watched "Finding Neverland" and Mads just bloody kept inching closer to me. After the movie everyone grabbed their bikes and rode home, but I'd left my bike at home, so I had to take a bus. Or the car Mads suddenly said he had. He kept talking about how he was in Ørnen and that he had traveled the whole world, you know, typical pick-up lines and stuff. But he's so sweet, so if he keeps it up, I might just fall for him. And he's tall, as opposed to the other two guys.

God, my love life is suddenly veeeery complicated...!!

Tomorrow: meeting up with [ profile] yatina76 and [ profile] vampirespider for coffee, and afterwards "The Hitchhikers' guide to the Galaxy" with Kristine. Woot!
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In all my exam anxiety I mentioned to my parents that I'll do well if I have my music, because I know that well enough to be able to block it out as opposed to people scribling down their answers faster than me, which will freak me out. They then said, surprise in their voice, "are you allowed to have music at the exam? Because aren't you able to cheat by recording formulars and stuff? Don't they get confiscated before the exam?". And now I'm completely freaked out! I have never heard of this before, but what if it's true? What if I won't be able to listen to music during those three hours? I'll go absolutely blank and completely fail the exam.

Have any of you heard of this before?
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Fuck, I'm so drunk. I just returned from chemistry, though I haven't actually been doing chem th last six hours. We had the usual classes and afterwards we joined our teacher on the lawn and had "a few" beers.It ended up being...I don't actually have a number, but it was a lot. Anyhoo, we had a lot of fun and all was good. My teacher is still the best in the world. I'm sad that I'll never have him again, because he's the most fun teacher and the best teacher I've had in several years!! All in good.

Thomas: I really think I blew my chance today. We sit in rows of four in class and today Thomas and I had only one other person between us, but I didn't talk to him because I really needed to pee in the break. When we went down to the lawn he immidiatly sat down next to the other brunett (whom I've talked about before). After a beer and a lot of sun he went to sit down "in the shaddow", as he put it. Which was nearer me. I should have gone and sit next to him then, but I didn't because my new girlfriends were sitting all around me. So Thomas kinda sat alone for half an hour and I looked at him and he looked at me. And then he went back to sit next to the other girl. And they exchanged phone numbers. And I didn't catch his. And then he left. All through this I was looking at him with the most puppy-dog-eyes-looking look I could (though, actually not on purpose o.O), which I am completely positive he got, so maybe not all is lost.

After most of the people had gone, we were about 10 people left, including the people I was with last Friday. And Lars was there, too. And we flirted like I've never flirted before and broad daylight. And he has a girlfriend. We were talking to a guy called Mikkel about his veeery open fling with one of the other chemistry students and at that point Lars started touching me. We did the same thing (touched my hair, stroked my back) the next two-three hours, but it felt natural of some kind. And actually only half as if he were flirting, so maybe he's just one of those people who like to touch people (though he's only doing it to me...). Oh, and he's the nucest guy I've ever ever ever talked to.

I don't know what to do. It feels as if Thomas is only doing the thing with the other girl to make me jealous (which is working liek woah!) and I'm only doing the thing with Lars to make up for the fact that I don't dare to do anything about the Thomas-thing. I'm confused. I feel like I'm procrastinating the Thomas-thing until he either pushes me up against a wall and kisses me like there's no tomorrow or he loses interest. Whatever comes first.
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No flirting today, which I was extremely disappointed about. I felt I looked pretty good (and that guy staring at my breasts when I was biking in the afternoon certainly looked like he thought so, too), but no reaction from Thomas. One reason could be that he was in the front of the class and I in the back, so it'd have been pretty hard for him to do anything. Another reason is that the exam is getting closer and closer and people are taking it more serious for every second, so we really can't afford to miss any of the teacher's words (the fact that I am constantly distracted really doesn't help). After classes I went over to Fælledparken where I did one of the exam papers in half the time we have on Monday, all by myself and with only a teeny tiny amount of help, so that's pretty good. I called Maria and since she was hanging out with one of the girls from my chem class (whom she knew on beforehand) I koined them. We talked about only uni stuff for 3-4 hours, which was great, but I'd hoped I could get Maria in private, because I really want to tell someone face to face about Thomas. To get some tips, or something. And I couldn't do that in front of Kristine, because that's too close. Or something. But Maria is leaving tomorrow morning, so nothing of that, I'm afraid. That'll have to wait until the party.

I've started writing a wishlist (birthday: September 3rd, 20 years), but I'm running out. I only have: socks, subscription for Bazar Mag, a belt and "Populärmusik från Vittula" on DVD. And that's not a lot. So, does any of you ahve any recommendations for me that I should put on the list? Because I kinda need your help!

I should go to sleeo now. I'll only get, like, 6 ½ hours of sleep. Damn... I can't wait for it to be Tuesday!
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And so the flirting continues. By now he's definitely noticed me staring looking, because he's started to throw casual glances at me from time to time. Which was kind of funny to watch, because he was sitting right in front of me, so I could see it everytime he did it. But, you know, kind of nice ;) But it's kinda my turn to make a move, isn't it? I mean, it *was* me who started the whole deal...

And I really hope I'm not wrong about thi, because that could be really embarassing!

I should probably do some chemistry now.
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I want to update with something clever. All I can think about right now are acid/base-chemistry, the football match tomorrow and, of course, the little crush of mine. I'm building up slowly. I'll get him to notice me in the end, I just need a party or two and eeeevrything will be allright, because I've got it all figured out ;) Also, if this guy turns out to be a football fan, I will die a happy death.

Football. Søren Larsen and Christian are so married. Seriously, all the pictures I've seen of either of them the last two weeks, the other one has been on it, too. They're training next to each other, keep hugging each other when winning/scoring/the sky is blue. And now I just watched the press conference before the match tomorrow and they were sitting next to each other. Again. They make it too easy. Especially when Ebbe isn't there to distract...well, either of them, really o.O

Chem. The exam is getting nearer and nearer. But I think I can make it *knocks on wood*. The thing is it's a three hour written exam with no forms of help besides my calculator, so I have to be able to remember all the forms and notables, which scares me, because I don't trust my own brain. No, really, I don't.

Also, just so you knwo, I'm sitting outside in my backyard with my laptop. The weather is nice and I can be online outside; how nice is that?

GIP, but aren't all posts these days a GIP-post?
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God, what a weird and wonderful day. I met up with Thea and we went to the Gay Pride Parade, which was absolutely wonderful. It's really hard to explain, but seeing happy gay people in love all around is just so great. It makes me realise that in spite of everything that is wrong with our government, everything isn't all bad (at least not yet...). And seeing gay men kissing all over isn't that bad, either ;) (omg, there were so many of them! And they were everywhere!). So, we were standing there, watching the parade, when the group of people from the biggest gay nightclub in Copenhagen walks by. And who's on it? Alcazar of course!! I had the hugest adrenalin rush, ever, and it lasted for about 10 mins! I was completelyhyped up after that! We walked with the parade to Rådhuspladsen and waited for everyone to settle down. And then they came on. And they sang. And I sang along to each and every song. And so did all the gay men around me. And it was just so great. And Magnus is the sparkliest man in the enitre world and I love him and he's so cute and gay and stuff!! Unfortunately they had to go to Northern Sweden for a gig later that day, so they only played six songs, but that was okay. Because the sparkles!! Eeeee!! But it was quite weird to go with Thea, because I really think she thinks she can convince me I'm gay, or something. Maria told me that she was so mad with me after I broke the...thing off and that she said I was just confused and I'd see the light at some point. She kept saying we should walk in the parade and she kept touching me like we were a couple, or something. It was just...weird.

When I came home I had two letters waiting for me. The first one was a welcoming letter from Geography, where they told me all kinds of stuff I should know about starting there, like my schedule (Fridays off!!) and how things are done there. But the other letter was even more interesting. It was the Young Americans DVD I ordered a couple of weeks ago from someone in the US. I watched the first disc tonight and I am completely in love with everything. Jake and Hamilton is the single greatest couple in a TV series, ever (yes, I just finished 'Cinderbella'). The Bella/Scout/Will thing feels just as much as a filler as it did the last time I watched it. I love the Californian girl so much for stating the obvious and making Ham realise he's in love with Jake. It's all just so wonderful. I can't believe it's been five years...

Going to bed now. Chemestry experiments at 10 am tomorrow. Woot! (or not... Well, Thomas, I guess... :P )
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[ profile] vampirespider, [ profile] madfrog and [ profile] lattara and the cutest girls on the Northern hemisphere. I just wanted the world to know.

I love Søren Larsen and Schalke. But what else is new.

My iPod has been shipped today, so hopefully I'll get it Friday or Monday *crosses fingers*

I turned in the crappiest report today, but since I don't get a grade on the reports (and they don't really count for anything) I don't care. Which I know I should, but...blah.

My sister is coming home from Greece tomorrow and my dad is coming home from Greenland on Thursday, so the peace and quiet ends tonight. I've quite enjoyed it, really. I can't wait until I move out!

Alcazar is performing at the Copenhagen Pride show on Saturday, so I'm going to go see them with Thea. Yay! I can't wait! I've never seen them live (and apparently Magnus and Andreas have started doing duets!). To those of you who don't know, Alcazar is this really cheesy Swedish pop/disco band, who make a lot of good cycling/doing homework music. It's got such a nice pace, so you get everything done a lot quicker when listening to them. And the fact that the two guys in the group were dating for, like, two years only makes them better ;)

I love watching atletics. Denmark really only has Wilson Kipketer and he's ending his career this year, so I've made this yet another thing where I'm more Swedish than Danish: cheering for Carolina Klüft is so much more interesting than cheering for Joachim Olsen. Too bad Christian Olsson is out with an injury...

This has been the random post of the week.
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Woot! I have two tickets for the Denmark-Georgia match on September 7!! *dances* These are seriously some *good* tickets...! Also, the most expensive, but let's just forget about that for a moment and just look at the tickets )

Got my first chem report back today: no mistakes! At all! Not even calculatory mistakes, not comma mistakes, nothing!! *is happy*

It's raining like mad outside. I love it!!
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Wow. It's been a few days since I last updated here. It really doesn't feel that way. Maybe becuause my days are extremely busy! For example, yesterday classes started at 8 am, we had a two hours break from 10 to 12, but from 12 to 8 pm we had hardcore chemestry and lab work. And as if that wasn't enough, we had to turn in our first report the next day at 8 am!! Yes, that means we had 12 hours to do the report (and most of those hours were spent sleeping o.O). Today wasn't as bad, but the Geography group was all in all veeeery tired. Some of the others (and even the lecturer) expressed their sympathy to us; 10 hours of chem is hard, I tell ya!

But something nice has happened while I was "away". Schalke bloody beat Stuttgart in the league final!! Woot! Money and a trophee! Most of the match was really brilliant and had some excellent football (I don't know why people think German football is ugly), but there were two incidents I could have lived without. First of all, I love Kevin Kuranyi for scoring the single goal in the match, but flipping one of the Stuttgart players over after a little teasing (or whatever it was)? Not cool, dude. And Lincoln. Lincoln, Lincoln, Lincoln. The (very bad) Danish commentators had just announced you as the player of the match and there were two minutes left. Did you really have to spit at the other player?! I have a no-tolerance policy toward spitting at people (for obvious reasons), so that is seriously not cool! But they won and life will go on. Let me now run through the Danish players (which is, of course, the only reason Danish TV has bought rights to the Bundesliga this season. Though, for some reason, only the Saturday matches. WTF?!):
Jesper Grønkjær: I don't know exactly why, but Trappatoni felt like putting Jesper in the line-up. He's been at Stuttgart for two days and he has to play perfectly with people he's never seen before? Not a good move by Trappa. Jesper did the best he could, but he can do so much better than this!
Jon Dahl Tomasson: The Stuttgart-fans has proclaimed him to be their rescuer. He only played the second half and because Stuttgart was pushed as far back on their own half, he really get any chances. So not much of a match for him as well.
Søren Larsen: Didn't even get to play, though he was on the bench
Ebbe Sand: This is his last season as a professional football player, so Schalke has announced him as their new Captain, which is such a big gesture. They really love him... He played an okay match, but not one of his best.
Christian Poulsen: Yes, I'm writing this lat on purpose ;). He played wonderfully and brilliantly. This is the Christian I love and adore. The one who is countiously in the way for the opposing team. The Christian who makes passes that are just right and who back his team up whatever they do. I hope the fans will forgive him for his little Villareal-flirt.

Some other good news: [ profile] xavantina and I will go see the Denmark-Georgia (Kobi!!!) match on September 7. Woot! We seriously have the best seats in the stadium, so who cares if they are 400 kr ($ 66 / € 53)

Saturday is all about [ profile] vampirespider! And, of course, [ profile] lattara and [ profile] madfrog ;)

I think I'm getting a bit sick. Wonderful timing, body.
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Day #3 went well. I've befriended a girl from Holbæk called Asta, so all is good. SHe's on the Geography team as well. It's really good, because the way we learn things is in the parts. First we read the stuff (yes, for once I actually do my homework...!), then a teacher runs through it in two hours where all 140 people are there and after that a second teacher goes through in two hours it when we are in groups of 30-35 people. So we should be able to remember some of it!

And some other great news! Søren Larsen was presented in Schalke today! He got Ailton's old number, #9! Yay! ANd, yes, he looks mighty happy... *cough*

And TV2 zulu will show the league final between Schalke and Stuttgart tomorrow, so, woot! *dances*
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I just had an hour-long argument with my sister, because she wanted to bring her ex-boyfriend over for dinner and coffee in spite of me telling her about an hour before how happy I was about not doing and not seeing anyone tonight because I was so tired. I ended up losing so much. It's just that I haven't had one moment by myself since July 7th and now I've started this really demanding chemestry course. Plus I woke up this morning with the worst case of asthma/allergy in months. So this night is exactly turning out the way I planned.

But at least I have one (or two) good news: Schalke and Djurgården finally reached an agreement!! €2 million for Søren Larsen! I'm so absolutely happy for everyone! Also, it seems that they haven't dropped the Milan Baros-thing, either. On the contrary, it seems they're getting closer and closer to signing him as well!

ETA: *shakes fist at Cladosporium* Grr...!! *hates allergy*
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Chemestry, day one: I got there in time and sat down in an auditorium with about 130 other people. I think 30-40 of them are going to study Geography, which is kind of a lot. Most of them were Biologists. But, anyway, we started out right away with repetition of our grade school and freshment year-chemestry. But it still isn't ringing any big bell, only tinier ones. This means I understand the words and I remember hearing them before, but when I try to solve the problems only about half of it is correct. Woot. Or not... I was there for two hours, came home at 11:15 and I've been studying ever since, with only one break. That's 5 ½ hours. I'm not used to that kind of brain activity. I'm completely dead now, though I still need to read four pages (out of the 67 they told us to read. For tomorrow.) Tomorrow I'll know when I have to turn my first report in, but it's definitely going to be sometime next week. Plus 8-10 problems to turn in on Wednesday. Ain't studying grand?

I just checked Christian's profile on Schalke's website. It says he's single, but with one child. Yes, the gossip magazines were right. His girlfriend was pregnant. I'm...not exactly sure what to do with that information, but 1/ it's kinda adorable, and 2/ it's kinda weird.
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I got the letter and everything is absolutely wonderful Now all I'm worried about it starting the chemestry class tomorrow. But I figured out it's going to be about 4 hours of class everyday, plud the lab work, so I think it's going to be okay. I'm going to be an extreme chem whore when I'm done (aren't you happy, [ profile] unheardprophet?? ;))

Football news: Grønkjær is going to Stuttgart! Finally they worked everything out! They're buying him for about €6 mill, so, yay!!

Schalke is more or less giving up on Søren Larsen, which I'm veeery unhappy about. But the good news is that they've been talking with Milan Baros!!!!! OMG!!!! He'll be slutting with Ebbe and Kevin!!!! *dances*

ETA: Christian sprained his ankle when they played Werder Bremen yesterday (and won, I might add). They say he'll be out at least two weeks, so he won't be playing Jon, and now Jesper too, on Tuesday, when they play the league cup final against Stuttgart. Damn... Poor woobie *huggles him*


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