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Christian, you stupid cow!! Apparently Christian Poulsen had signed some kind of contract with Villa Real, but then Milan wanted him and Christian wanted to back out. Now Villa Real wants money as a replacement before Milan can get Christian. But why!?!? Why Milan!? Seriously, can you *spell* bench? Because that's where you'll be sitting...!!! You keep saying that you rate your career higher than money, so why the hell Milan!? You can't possibly think you'll be taking Gattusso's place, because, no, you won't.

I am so very very disappointed. Not only in Christian, but also because Seria A is the only major league not shown on Danish TV. :P

In more random news, I've just read my homework outside for the first time this year. Cold, but nice...!!

My parents are in Austria, so we have the house all to ourselves. Hopefully we won't kill each other in the mean time...

Exam on Friday. Have already read all of my Hydrology and a third of Climatology. Unfortunately Soil is the hardest, so I have that to look forward to...

Adrian is very very VERY in love with me. And I like him a lot.
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Christian Poulsen is quite possibly going to Villareal.

WHYYYY!!!??? Oh cruel world, why are you doing this to me!?!? They are 8th in the Primera Division. They're not even that good!! Why couldn't you have at least chosen Bolton, or something - they're 8th in the Premier League...!!! Now I have Spanish football, and stuff...! And re-learn Spanish! God, wasn't it enough I learned German for you? And worst of all: what about Søren? Are you just going to leave him there, all alone in the Ruhr? He can't live without you, boy! He needs you! And *I* need you to stay in bloody Germany...!!

I still don't know what to do about my harem... Luckily Esbjerg-boy hasn't called tonight - in fact he hasn't texted me since I didn't write him back on his "I asked my boss about getting a day off so I can go to Copenhagen - and he said yes! :)"-message. Maybe he's learning to cool it off?
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I just want to say that I love [ profile] xavantina. So very very much. She wrote me Christian Poulsen/Søren Larsen in Danish!!! And it's so incredibly funny and adorable and the plot is wonderful and...yeah. It's brilliant!! She also uploaded four pictures of Christian, who looks positively yummy!! I especially love the last picture, because he looks so happy :)

It's stopped snowing, but we still have about 25 cm of snow. It's sunny and so incredibly beautiful!

Today, Christmas lunch with family, tomorrow New Years eve. Though I haven't been able to get in touch with Line. Hmm...
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Eeeee!!!! Christian Poulsen was voted Footballer of the Year!!!!!! ARGH!!! *dances around like a madwoman* Jon got the award last year, Ebbe Sand has received it and Peter Schmeichel, too!!!! He was nominated with Søren Larsen (20 %, woot!), Michael Gravgaard (29 %, woot!), Daniel Agger (booh...) and Thomas Kahlenberg (booh...). He got 33 %, so it was a tight race. But I'm so happy for him!! That will make negotiating with Schalke about a higher salary even easier (or possibly a bigger club...? He's already turned down Middlesbrough).


Statistics writing has been going okay. We've done a lot of work, but there's still far to go. We still don't really have an overview over the assignment, but the more statistical analysis we make, the closer we come, so we'll be alright. Unfortunately Laura ended up getting the flu, so Timo and I will have to do the work today by ourselves, but it's no problem.

WE HAVE SO MUCH SNOW!!!! Like, 20-25 cm or something!! Yay!!!

ETA: I want to go for a walk in the snow with Rasmus until we are both cold inside out and then go back and cuddle to get the warmth back in our bodies. Which I can't, because Rasmus is in Nice, god dammit *shakes fist*. Well, I'll just settle for reading Harry Potter in Swedish...
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Now I know what it feels like to hyperventilate. I watched the Milan-Schalke match yesterday and when Christian scored, I really hyperventilated. You know how when you experience something for the first time, but still know exactly what it is you're experiencing? That was what it was like. I started out wanting to scream, but because my voice was totally gone, I couldn't. Only a little whistling came out of my throat, and then I suddenly couldn't breathe and my eyes welled up. It was really weird, but nice at the same time. Schalke played a really good match (especially Christian), but Milan were still the better team. I'm not too disappointed about Schalke not going further in the tournament, but it still sucks... I think Ragnick should have put Søren and Ebbe in a lot sooner, because (as Morten Olsen had found out), 5 minutes isn't enough for Søren Larsen to actually score. If he'd had 15 minutes he could maybe have equalised, but we'll never know...

Rasmus went his hacky Chrismas lunch yesterday. He told me that since he's met me he's been to practise two or three times, where he'd usually spend 10-20 hours a week practising. That made me both feel really good about myself, because it's nice that he wants to spend so much time with me instead of practising, but also kinda bad, because he really likes this hacky thing and I don't want to be responsible for him not doing something he likes. He said that it he's wanted to cut back on hacky practise, because if was taking over his life, but this seems a bit extreme...

I stayed home today, again. I once again woke up with no voice and a beginning sinus infection, so I thought it wisest to stay home, since my history with ignoring a beginning sickness is kinda bad. Hopefully I'll be on top on Friday, because I'm going to see Franz Ferdinand in concert! Woot! *dances* *has coughing fit*

Now, reading a little Kuhn for tomorrow.

ETA: I just found out that it's our two month anniversary today! I can't believe it's been that long, already... And it doesn't seem to be ending any time soon. We're only at my place and now he's started to leave his things there. And when I said I hadn't watched "Riget" (Danish TV show) he said he'd make me see it at some point. And then there's the whole "I feel safe when I'm in your arms"-thing, which is just too cute for words.

I really am so grateful that Kathrine made me go to that party at her friend's house. Rasmus makes me feel so good about myself and he's so sweet to me and my sister likes him and...yeah. Life is good :)


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