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I just got an appointment at my doctors to talk about (and get a prescription for) birth control pills. Which is pretty frightening, in a weird and un-frightening way. It's just...different. I never thought I'd come to this point, actually. Four months ago going on the pill was such a foreign thought, but now? Not so much. Birgitte and I bonded about it today, actually. So strange...

And, yes, that was TMI, but I don't care.

This week will consist of me reading all the stuff I never got around to reading last week, going to see Harry Potter (again) on Wednesday, eating at my grandmom's on Thursday and Fridaybar on, well, Friday. Rasmus has got plans all week, so I'm not missing out on anything there. The frightening part is that if he didn't have plans tomorrow night, for example, I'd totally skip reading for the lectures on Wednesday and thereby ruining my plans for getting the upper hand on reading everything in this block. The fact that he's such a huge influence on my decisionmaking is just...frightening.

My iPod (Li'l Blue) is in the house!! Yaaay! It's being updated as we speak!! I'm just so...yaaaaay!!! *dances*
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[ profile] vampirespider, [ profile] madfrog and [ profile] lattara and the cutest girls on the Northern hemisphere. I just wanted the world to know.

I love Søren Larsen and Schalke. But what else is new.

My iPod has been shipped today, so hopefully I'll get it Friday or Monday *crosses fingers*

I turned in the crappiest report today, but since I don't get a grade on the reports (and they don't really count for anything) I don't care. Which I know I should, but...blah.

My sister is coming home from Greece tomorrow and my dad is coming home from Greenland on Thursday, so the peace and quiet ends tonight. I've quite enjoyed it, really. I can't wait until I move out!

Alcazar is performing at the Copenhagen Pride show on Saturday, so I'm going to go see them with Thea. Yay! I can't wait! I've never seen them live (and apparently Magnus and Andreas have started doing duets!). To those of you who don't know, Alcazar is this really cheesy Swedish pop/disco band, who make a lot of good cycling/doing homework music. It's got such a nice pace, so you get everything done a lot quicker when listening to them. And the fact that the two guys in the group were dating for, like, two years only makes them better ;)

I love watching atletics. Denmark really only has Wilson Kipketer and he's ending his career this year, so I've made this yet another thing where I'm more Swedish than Danish: cheering for Carolina Klüft is so much more interesting than cheering for Joachim Olsen. Too bad Christian Olsson is out with an injury...

This has been the random post of the week.
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Oooh, there's the swimming world championship on. Oooh, how I love thee. Male bodies, glistening wet with water...

*cough* Yes. I like. Though I haven't seen Pieter or Ian yet, which annoys me a bit... I miss them!

My iPod is acting up. I've had minor problems with it the last six months, but now it just says that there's no more battery left, but it doesn't react when I try to recharge it. And since I only got it in October I still have a waranty on it. But it's bloody annoying. I'll go to the Apple Store with it tomorrow.

Also, Chris, I think the only day I can do something will be Tuesday. I might be able to squeeze something in on Thursday, but my Italian family is visiting, so... And also, in that letter from Copenhagen University they said that the experiments will be performed on week nights and in the weekend, but they probably didn't mean on Saturday nights at 7, so from what I know right now I'll be able to come to your birthday :) Clara is in Greece at the time, so unfortunately she won't be able to make it. It would have been so much fun with your family and your old friends, plus Freya, Sofie, me and her!


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