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Last night. Yeah, I kissed someone. Just to prove to myself that I could. Muhahah!!

Maria and I went to Moose bar with Nina, where we talked for a few hours for the first time in *years*. It was so nice! Then we went to a club, where we bought some drinks and went to sit down at an empty table, which we soon realised *wasn't* empty, because three guys were actually sitting there. There were three of them and three of us. You do the math ;) Well, Maria and Nina were most agressive, so they claimed first dibs on them, which left me with whomever they hadn't taken. They changed prey all through the night, changing when they had talked to one of the others. Nina went dancing with the blone one called Martin and they started making out. Maria went dancing with the brunette one called Daniel and I *thought* they had kissed, too. I was waiting for Rebekka and was totally bored, because the last one (I'll call him Bahit, because I can't remember his real name) was talking to his ex-girlfriend. We'd earlier talked about football and the mini-Porsche I have in my pencil case and stuff like that. Martin and Bahit had both called me their dream wife (yes, you can score because of football) and Daniel gave me the biggest hug and a kiss on the cheek because I said I liked Peter Møller (who just happened to be his idol). A good song came on and Bahit, Maria and I went dancing. Maria apparently whispered to Bahit that I was just shy, so when Maria left he really made his move. We started dancing closer and closer and suddenly we were kissing, not that it came as a great surprise. He was good-looking, a good dancer and a good kisser. And incredibly nice, too...!! Maria had told methat at the end of this vacation she wanted to see me score someone, because in spite of me having kissed 14 different people in the span of two months, she hadn't been present at any of the occations. She and Nina were dancing next to us, so they saw the whole thing happen. Muhaha...!! Nina left and since Maria realised she wouldn't kiss Daniel she wanted to go, too. So I told Bahit we had to leave, he asked Maria if she couldn't just let me stay (because I am *sure* he thought we'd be going home together), but, no, I am an ice queen and the entire plan of the evening was to kiss someone, so I was happy with the outcome. So Maria and I walked home in the snow.

Today I woke up at 2 pm with a cold. It's been three months since my last flu, so it was about time it came, really... Have been sleeping, watching TV and drinking tea all day.

Tomorrow I start university at 8 am, so I should possibly go to bed soon.

Oh, and that law-student has started calling me Teresa-musen (mus = mouse) and the Bilka-guy has started having dreams about me. Oh, yes, I rule.

I want to comment on the Muhammed-cartoons, but the snot in my brain is stopping me. All I want to say is that I can't understand why Jyllands-Posten can't say they are sorry and I am beginning to fear for my life. We could very well be hit by a suicide bomb any moment now and I live very near the center of Copenhagen.
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Okay. So. Louise Frevert, possibly the most disgusting Danish woman. A member of Parliament for a ridiculous racistic party, Danish People's Party. Is a lesbian and lives with a woman with their children, but don't want gay rights and don't really believe in homosexuality in general.

She's a former porn star. Yes, my fellow Danes, it's true. Oh, and that link? Now work/parent/child safe in any way, or at least the links on the website aren't...

In other news, I met up with Kathrine, Kristine and Kirstine today (do you have any idea how difficult it is to say the right name?) to go through some old exam problems. It went okay, I think. Haven't read *anything* today, though... Have texted with Rasmus instead ;)

ETA: Schalke. I...what...uhm... What? Losing 0-6 to Frankfurt? Uhm... Yes, what? That's... I'm confused. Yeah, I'll just go now.


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