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A meme because I'm bored )
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Am so so so bored. Can't get in touch with Line about tomorrow, I even called her parents, but they said that she should be home and answering. Can't get in touch with Maria, I just wanted to talk to her about nothing, but she's not answering either. [ profile] xavantina isn't online. Rasmus should be home from Nice, but he hasn't written me, so he's probably busy with friends or family or something...

What to do, what to do...

Harry Potter or watch a movie. I should probably stay up until 2 am, or something like that to be ready for tomorrow. That means coffee.


ETA: I need to complain a little less. Maria called 15 minutes after I wrote this and Rasmus wrote at about 9:30. Silly me... *shakes head at self*
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I thought it was time for a little update :)

Thursday: Skipped some classes, because I really don't get anything out of going this kind of lecture. Got a chance to talk to [ profile] vampirespider, which I really hadn't done when we met on Monday, so that was really nice :) I had gotten my hopes up about possibly drinking coffee with Rasmus, but he had wrecked his plug socket, so that kinda went out the window. *But* the Christmas Lunch was wonderful and I think everyone had a lot of fun. Didn't get too drunk, but I ended up losing my voice because I had to toast Kathrine all the time in a game we played, and Alchohol + Shouting => Teresa with no voice. At about 2 am Laura and I went home after 8 hours of goofing off and talking. Yay!

Friday: No hangover! But no voice either. Went to my doctors appointment and I ended up getting the Full Exam. As in, "now I'll gently insert this foreign object into your vagina". But, yeah, it was too bad and she was really nice about it. Went to two pharmacists after that. The first to get my birth control pills and the other to get a pregnancy text, because at this point it was a week late (turned out to be negative, so, yay!). Spent all day with Rebekka, who tried to calm me down (before I took it) and I ended up buying a really wonderful pair of jeans Woot! And they're size 36! (which is 6/8 in USA/UK, I think). A few years ago I was a 40, so this is really fantastic! Went to Friday Bar at 7:30 pm and it was so much fun! All my girlies were there and we had a blast! Kathrine had once again brought the girl who held the party where I met Rasmus and she is just so nice *loves Julie*. Goofed around with Asta and Thomas. Rasmus had said he'd like to come out of his apartment, so he might come, but he ended up falling asleep, so he didn't come (which made Saturday a mild Fourth Day, for some reason). A guy both Kathrine and I have kissed (and been asked to go his place) made passes at both of us and Kathrine ended up making out with him after we'd all left. She didn't do more than that, even though she'd told me she wanted to (luckily! He is *so not worth it!).

Saturday: Cleaned up the house and held a Christmas cosiness-thingie for my dad's family. Was pretty nice :) Went to Rebekka's apartment and *really* goofed around with Line, Maria, Nicole and her. Her place was so cold, so we all huddled up in her bed with three blankets and two cakes and read her "ladies magazines" (which means naughty stories, dildo tests and tips and tricks. A lot of laughing was done!). They all ended up going out, but I couldn't really find the energy, so I went home at about midnight. Was stopped by the police on my way home, because I was driving with no lights, but luckily I'd brought them (just forgotten to put them on) and *didn't* get a 500 kr fine! Apparently Line scored tonight, but none of them are answering my text messages (and neither is Rasmus. I'm feeling lonely now!).

Oh, and about the whole pregnancy thing: I got my period last night, eight days late. That made me say a little prayer. Now, birth control pills.
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Franz Ferdinand concert was perfect. Timo's friends gave him the most perfect gay gifts, including a box full of pink, glittery things and a box of liquorice peni. Yes, he loved them. Then we went to KB Hallen and listened to the warm up-band, Arctic Monkeys, who rocked my socks. Unfortunately their album comes out in January, so no Christmas present there. And then Franz came out. Woot! They are *so* my favorite band. They played all my favourite songs (Michael! Yay!) and play all in all for 90 minutes, so all was well. Then I went home and ate soup.

Yesterday was spent on nothing but doing nothing. Watched Liverpool and Schalke win their respective matches and tried to read some geomorphology, but to no success. Maria came by at 11 PM and we just sat, talking for four hours, which was nice. I've told her things about Rasmus that I haven't told anyone else. It felt nice...

Today I've studied most of the day, statistics and geomorphology. I've cleaned, watched 10 mins of football and tried to catch up on current events. Have also texted with various people, including Rasmus (surprise, surprise). He has a lot of work to do on the project until they hand it in. On the 20th. Which means that if we don't find a few hours this week to see each other, we won't see each other for *three* weeks this time. Gaah!! Plus, my parents are going to spend some days in their summer house between Christmas and New Years, so I thought, "hey, we could kick my sister out of the house", but no, because he's going to France until the 30th. Life is just a bit sucky right now... *sigh* I wanna see Rasmus, god dammit!!

Ow, and my stomach hurts. I hope I'm not pregnant *period senses the stress and decides to wait a few more days to turn up*

ETA: And now I'm crying. I just miss him so god damned much! It's so horrible and scary and I don't know what to do about it. I can't concentrate on anything. I should be cleaning up, but I can't get myself to do it

ETA #2: When needing something/someone? Google is your friend. Seriously. I only feel slightly stalker-ish. The guy with now shirt
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Oh, no. I can feel that I'll be listening to this song a lot in the future. And it's *Carola*, god dammit!!!

Oh, well..


Voice not quite back yet. No, let me rephrase that. I went to university today and people laughed at how poorly I sounded, so, yeah. Voice is crap.

Tonight I was supposed to have gone to the FC Copenhagen-Brøndby (arch rivals of Copenhagen) match, but my mom won't let me! *pouts* So, she and my sister will go and I have to watch it at home, alone... I think I need chips.

My sister asked Rasmus and I to be more quiet, or as she said it, "get it overwith before I get home". She is such a darling *eyeroll*
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I'm booooored!! I know, I should be studying, but the problem is now that it's so little I actually have to read for tomorrow, so now I can't even *start!* I have to read about 100 pages for Cultural geography, but in the span of two weeks, so I have all the time in the world! (at least I seem to have right now...)

So, anyone wanna tell me something interesting? Or should I just make that pot of tea and start reading Harry Potter (#6 in English or #3 in Swedish)?
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I'm bored o.O

I should possibly be reading. Hmm...

Oh! I got my insurance money today! 2400 kr! Which is somewhere around 400 $ or 350 €. Woot!!! *dances* Now, should I buy an iPod mini, like I had, or an iPod Nano? The Nano is just so incredibly beautiful, but people are telling me not to buy it anyway. Help?

I'm beginning to see a trend. When Schalke plays well, like last season, FC Copenhagen sucks, and when FCK plays well, Schalke sucks. Yesterday Schalke lost 0-6 to Frankfurt and today FCK won 4-1. It's just a tad annoying...

I really can't believe it's going to be Christmas soon. Friday next week is J-Day. I remember it snowed on J-Day a few years ago. Can you tell that beer is a big thing in Denmark?


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