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It's snowing!!!!! *dances around like a mad woman*

*cough* Yes.

I had a wonderful Christmas. We were 17 the first night and 30 the next (seriously.). Can you imagine the amount of presents I have watched very little children open? We are WAY beyond 100! But even though we had a marvellous and cosy Christmas, my sister, my cousin and I still felt out of place. They've both turned 18 this year and I'm 20, so we could neither play with the children (0-12 years old) nor really talk with the rest of the party (30+ years old), so we were just kinda stuck in middle. But at least we have each other. I think I'd have killed my sister if we hadn't had Frederik as a third party...

I got my sister Mulan. Yes, she *is* 18.

I had a pretty good present harvest! )

The Rasmus-deal is...pretty confusing. I'm trying to figure out what exactly is going on.

Tomorrow my holiday ends and Laura and Timo are coming over and we'll start writing our statistics assignment. Laura will sleep over, which will be woot! Cosiness! But, yeah... Writing... :P

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!!
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Every year the idea of celebrating solstice rather than Christmas sounds more and more appealing. I mean, take last year for example, where I celebrated Christmas with my dad's side of the family. In the room were no Christians, only two had been baptised and my sister were the only confirmed (but she's regretted that ever since). *All* of us were communists or something to that extend (I, myself, is a Marxist). My grandmom is part Jewish. Our Christmas tree was a wish-wash of Christian, heathen and Jewish ornaments and we sang Christian and "normal" Christmas songs. Why, exactly, do we celebrate Christmas? Because of the rest of the world does, which is possibly the worst reason ever. We spend tons and tons on money and energy on buying things for each other, things we don't even want but have just put down on a list because someone asked for a wish-list in the last minute.

In my family only my mom's mother believed in Jesus and she's dead now. Out of 30 people who we celebrate this holiday with *NONE* believe in it. We are more or less all too scientific and logical to be able to believe in such things as God and the Bible, which is absolutely fine by me. The only thing that bothers me is why we can't celebrate on the 21st instead of the 24th, because that would make so much more sense to me.

ETA: But this makes me happy :)


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