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Christian, you stupid cow!! Apparently Christian Poulsen had signed some kind of contract with Villa Real, but then Milan wanted him and Christian wanted to back out. Now Villa Real wants money as a replacement before Milan can get Christian. But why!?!? Why Milan!? Seriously, can you *spell* bench? Because that's where you'll be sitting...!!! You keep saying that you rate your career higher than money, so why the hell Milan!? You can't possibly think you'll be taking Gattusso's place, because, no, you won't.

I am so very very disappointed. Not only in Christian, but also because Seria A is the only major league not shown on Danish TV. :P

In more random news, I've just read my homework outside for the first time this year. Cold, but nice...!!

My parents are in Austria, so we have the house all to ourselves. Hopefully we won't kill each other in the mean time...

Exam on Friday. Have already read all of my Hydrology and a third of Climatology. Unfortunately Soil is the hardest, so I have that to look forward to...

Adrian is very very VERY in love with me. And I like him a lot.
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It's been a week since my last update and yet another crazy crazy one of those. Field trip on Monday went well, in spite of it being incredibly cold. We went all around Copenhagen and saw things I've never seen before or thought of. Tuesday we had another field trip, which just so happened to be on the first day of spring! Woot! GIP is from said trip. We went to some forrests and dug holes in the ground to look and what different types of soils were there. Pretty interesting, actually! We ate lunch in the sun - wonderful!

Back to school on Wednesday - we had some lectures and after that all the madness broke loose. We had 15 Climate, soil and water-problems/assignments to turn in Friday (30 percent of the grade) at noon and my group really hadn't gotten much done before that. Not only did we have to redo some of the problems and math, we also needed to write text to each of them, which we found out was much harder than we thought! We worked our asses off that day and went home with some of the problems each. Only, Adrian came by later when his group was done which meant we didn't get much done. Thursday was the craziest day that week. We worked all day, from 9 to 7 with only two smaller breaks (lunch and some goodies in the afternoon). The nice ting was that Adrian was in the same room and I was in the craziest cuddling mood, so I constantly attacked him. Heh... Then I had to go babysit for my cousin and her husband. Their son slept through the whole evening, so that was cool. I sat in their house for four hours while chatting with the others and editing our text, so I got something out of it (besides the 200 kr and chocolate). When they came back at midnight Martin asked if he should take me home, but I told him to drive me back to geo, to the others. We had some fun/did some work for a couple of hours and went home at 2 am. Adrian and I ended up sleeping 3 hours that night. Friday we did some final editing and then went to print out at my dad's. Then Jesper, Christian, Andreas, Krister, Christina and I went to eat lunch together, which was so much fun. Went to the dentist and found out I had a cavity. At 4 pm Maria, Kristine, Asta, Birgitte and Kathrine came over to drink tea and eat cookies. We ended up sitting on the floor and Kathrine played piano - lots of fun! Then we went to the Fridaybar, which had a Schlager-theme. Woot! We had some fun (I only drank 1½ beer) and Adrian came. We went home at 11:30, I think. That makes three noghts in a row with him :) Spent most of Saturday just relaxing and having a good time with Adrian, Clara and her friend - very nice! He told me that he was in love with me. He knows I'm not where he is, so I just kissed him and snuggled him some more. If I get the time, I'll probably do and Adrian-post at some point. He left at 8 pm and I seriously spent the rest of the day on the couch and went to bed at 4 am. Yesterday I spent cleaning a bit and having fun with my family.

Today: Final class today, went to rusvejleder-meeting (yes, I am applying.) and then Kathrine and I went to our house to do some girly-bonding for some hours.

On Friday I have to turn in a 9-pages long assignment, which counts for 70 percent of my Growth, welfare and regulation-grade. The good thing is that I don't have any classes this week. The bad thing is that I have no overview on the assignment, because it's so complicated and complex. But I'll be alright...

On Friday next week, the 7th, I'm going to my only exam this block, for Climate, soil and water. Just so you know. And then vacation for two weeks!!

Busy, busy, busy...
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This week is probably the weirdest I'm gonna have for a long long time.

It all started Friday. I had to sign up for my summer trip for Geography to the west coast of Jutland, the only week I would be able to go was the first week because we are going to be in Brazil the following month. To cut the stody short, I didn't get a place on that week. That means that if I don't find someone to switch with (which is turning out to be a lot harder than it sounds) I'll be forced to either not go to Brazil with my family or go to Brazil and take the class next year with the new first year-students, which I really really don't want to...! Another factor in this fuck-up is that Laura could have saved me a spot on the list, but didn't because of principles. Yes, I am extremely angry with her. And if I sound relaxed about this whole thing? I'm not. I've cried, I've screamed, I've been in hysterics. I don't know what's going to happen.

But Adrian stayed over on Friday. He was really sweet and comforted me when I cried, he really helped me think of something else and I am so grateful he was there. I kicked him out the next day at noon, because I had an Iraq-demonstration to go to. Saturday just happened to be the first spring day, so we had sun and a few degrees of heat, which was a nice change. But now we're back to minus degrees... In the evening I had Maria and Kristine over to watch the Swedish Eurovision-final, because it is the strangest thing in the world and I love it. Magnus from Alcazar was great and I absolutely loved that Carola won. I think I might end up downloading the entire CD, because they're just *that good* pop songs!

I had a really huge assignment due today, which I only started writing yesterday (because that's what I do best...). I wrote from 10 am 'til 3 am, more or less. It turned out okay, I think. It's 30 % of my grade in one of my classes, so it had to be more or less okay ;) The subject was the Chicago-school and segregation in Copenhagen - pretty cool, actually!

After only 3 hours of sleep I woke up, printed out and went to school. Turned in the assignment and jumped on the bus that was waiting for us to take us all around the Copenhagen area. It was field trip-day. The nice weather from Saturday had vanished and we were now stuck with fog, minus degrees and a seriously nasty wind. But in spite of the weather we had a really nice trip, seeing different kinds of housing all around the area. I saw things I've never seen before and I've lived here for 20 years...! Went hime, watched TV for three hours and then fell asleep.

Tomorrow is yet another field trip-day, but this time for our climatology and soil-class. Should be pretty fun, I think, if the weather is on our side, because we're probably going to spend a lot of time outside. One problem is that on Friday we have to turn on a lot of assignments/problems for this class, which counts for 30 % of my grade, and we are really in need of more time, so we're going to do some of it on the bus. The problem is that while our group is officially of four people, only two of us are actually active members, which means the work burden on us is twice as big. I really hope we make it and get some good assignments turned in...

At some point in this weekend Adrian will take me out on a date. Interesting...!! :)

Hope all of you are well! I can't wait until the 7th when my vacation starts...
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Howdy do, everyone!!

Just checking in to say that both of my exams are killed and very very dead! The first went so-so. The presentation went brilliantly, they liked our paper, but I completely messed up in the second question, so I ended up with an 8 (given for the average performance), which I'm okay with. A bit bombed, but okay. The second exam (today), on the other hand, is by far the absolute best exam I HAVE EVER HAD!!! There was such a nice air in the room, the teachers were happy, we joked around, we talked about our paper, they said they liked it (actually they said that we were the only ones who had written the paper they had hoped for). Everything was just...perfect. And we ended up getting an 11 (given for the independent and excellent performance), which is more or less the highest grade you can possibly get, because 13 is practically out of reach for *everyone*.

But, yeah. Life is great and I have an average of 9,3. Woot! Next block, meteorology, which I'll LOVE!

Tomorrow, going to the spa with Kathrine (which has become an exam tradition for us. We did it after the GIS exam as well). Friday, hanging out with Maria (I hope). Sunday, water pipe/girls' night with Asta and the girl from Geo). Next week: Wednesday, old students' party at my grad school. Thursday/Friday/Saturday, various outings with Maria at night, incl. a Fridaybar and a discoteque.

Woot!! Vacation until the 6th!!
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So. Now the mail has been sent to Magnus. I hope he takes it okay and that he doesn't end up hating me...

Ended up reading the entire glacial morphology book, which took me 6 weeks to get through a few months ago. I understood it all, so now *that* part is under control. Now I just need the entire cultural geography-part, which is freaking me out like you wouldn't believe...

Oh, and I think I forgot to tell you that Maria and I sadly *didn't* end up getting the apartment, so now we're at square one, yet again. Woot!

I am *so* looking forward to Wednesday evening...

FC Copenhagen - Schalke tomorrow!!
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My crush-tag entries is seriously the funniest thing in the world. I sound so confused and I am so sure through it all that I'm going to end up hurt (I did, but not really in the way I thought). On August 22nd I wrote this about Mads: "But he's so sweet, so if he keeps it up, I might just fall for him." Oh, really, now...!! Cue next two weeks of me being head-over-heels over Mads. On August 24th I write that the following Friday I will have to choose between Mads, Thomas and Lars. In reality I ended up getting my very first kiss from a guy called Magnus.

My life is so fucked up at some points... When I compare my life *now* to how it was a year ago, so much has changed! 12 months ago I was unemployed and I only saw five different friends on a regular basis. Now? Birth control-pills, a chlamydia test, a pregnancy scare, having kissed with 12-15 different guys (according to how you define a kiss), not having *remotely* enough hours in a day, two oral exams coming up in the next five days. During my vacation I am doing a party hat-trick with Maria. She decided it and I couldn't say no.

Now I *really* have to go read glacial morphology for tomorrow...!!

First exam: Monday at 2 pm
Second exam: Wednesday at 1:30 pm
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I am absolutely ready to die now. I have just returned home from university and finalising my 2nd report, the statistics-one. 26 pages, all in all. We've been writing until midnight for three days in a row, so we've *really* worked hard! We've ended up writing a really good report, far better than the others we've looked at, so we're really content. Timo wrote all the philosophical stuff, Laura the statistics, which I co-wrote, but I was mostly the person who did the Excel and the chorographical mapping, so I'll have to spend some time reading up on the other things before the exam. But it's done!! I can upload it if anyone wants to read it ;)

Tomorrow, hand it in at 1 pm and then do powerpoint presentation for the other exam, due at 4 pm. Then possibly relaxing in the night with a visit from Rebekka. The weekend will consist of reading the curriculum for the first report/rehearsing the presentation. Then oral exam on Monday. Reading statistics on Tuesday. And exam on Wednesday or Thursday.

I wanna die, I really do.

Also, the Magnus from *Seriously* getting more serious by the second. He wrote me this earlier: "I'm looking forward to seeing a real, live angel in the near future :)" I was in the middle of editing our report, so I didn't respond and then he started to do a Teresa, as in really freaking out about me not writing back after writing such a message and therefore he wrote another message an hour later, trying to take it back and saying that he don't want to push things too much and that he'll slow down. I actually forgot to answer *that* message, which made him freak even more and more or less breaking the whole thing off in his third text, saying that he got the picture and asking if we should just be friends. When I got home I got him calmed down on MSN and I think everything's olay now, because he called me a "naughty pirate". Yes. We're both weird. But he's sweet, so everything's good. I really will end up meeting this guy, I just know it. Plus, he's made a deal with his aunt, who'll take over his cats. So I can visit him in his apartment and not getting an allergic break-out, which is both weird and really sweet.

Oh, but the whole Anders-deal is interesting as well, because we were in the same room while writing today and literally *every time someone cracked a joke*, we looked at each other and laughed and kinda winked at each other. A member from his group needed help with the technical part of ArcGIS (map program), so I came and helped them. Anders was 5 cm's away from me and he kept looking at me!! I figured their problem out, walked away and heard Anders say, "she's just really really cool, isn't she?" Me? Grinning like an idiot.

As [ profile] lattara said, "Oh, yes, everything is going according to plan: it's snowing again and Teresa's love life is complicated." Which really summs it all up, because it actually *is* snowing again!

I just want to thank [ profile] elwing_white for sending me the little envelope full of goodies. Gay pr0n really must be the best way to get over both a broken heart and exam anxieties, so yay you!! Bel Ami rules so much *goes and watches Greek Holidays*


Jan. 14th, 2006 12:47 pm
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Statistics *reads some more* is definitely fun and that scares the crap outa me! I don't want to be one of those people!!

My dad is going to Stanford University in California for the next two weeks and he wants a shopping list of things I want, so could some of you Americans/American-lovers please write stuff he should buy for me? Candies, magazines, CD's, books, stuff like that. Not too expensive, because it's not really a long trip. Pixie Stix, Entertainment Weekly and stuff like that.
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Second day of immense stress. I have now voted myself Bogeyman of my group, as I am constantly the one telling the others to focus. It's really not a funny thing to tell your friends off all the time, but they *really* need someone to hold their concentration! We've started producing text, so we'll be alright, I think... Tomorrow will be rough as well, so I should probably try going to bed before midnight...

I received a letter from my doctor about a klamydia test she did on me when she did my gynocological exam. She writes that the test showed up *positive*, but that I should come in for another test just to be sure. Uhm, okay. *SO* not what I had expected!!! And not good for my stress-factor, because this is *one more thing for me to think about!* Gah!!! The next exam will have to wait until next week, because I really don't have time for it this week...!! God, this sucks... I should probably write Rasmus (who, by the way, is playing more hacky than he has the last four months COMBINED! Which I am thrilled about, because he loves it. He's happy and I'm happy.He probably won't like being told he had klamydia, though...)

Oh, and Anders at Geography has started staring at me and flirting again. I didn't realise I'd missed it as much as I apparently do! It's weird and wonderful *stares back*. He really has the most adorable smile ever...

Back to writing! I need to write at least another page plus to graphics before going to bed. Shoot...
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My head is completely dead. I really can't come up with any more energy, so now all I need is vacation, so that I can rest my little head. The thing is that in January I'll probably have the Month From Hell. We start university on the 2nd. On the 6th we'll get our assignment for cultural and natural geography, which we'll have a week to write. The week after we'll get our assignment for Methods (the statistics/science theory-thingie), which we'll also have a week to write. Then we come to the exams. In Week 4 we'll have two oral exams, where we have to present our assignments, plus have to answer questions for the entire curriculum. Which means 2000+ pages. Which I'll have to read this Christmas. And, as I said, my head isn't working. And Rasmus will have finished *his* report by then. I am so screwed (no pun intended. Well, maybe...)

So, yeah. That's kinda the next month for me. I think I'll just have to take this weekend off, read on Monday and Tuesday and then take a week off. And then read again. And then exams. Hurrah.

On Monday I saw Brokeback Mountain with [ profile] vampirespider (it was so nice to see you again! It's been too long!) and her friend, Rasmus. It was *so* absolutely brilliant and I love it forever and ever. It was so close to what I'd imagined while reading the book. The actors were great, the setting was great, the score was *beautiful* and the tone and pace of the movie heartbreakingly wonderful. I loved every bit of it.

Yesterday we wrote our last weekly assignment for natural geography. We stayed until 8 pm to write about Vadehavet's geomorphology as opposed to Ringkøbing Fiord's, so that was pretty nice. I watched "Sex tips for girls" on TV2 zulu and got some pretty interesting tips! The guys who tried it looked really satisfied, so I guess they must be working. Time to test it, I think...! :P (Oh, and they have yet a show tonight! Yay!)

Today I went to another pre-premiere, but this time with Line. We watched "The Family Stone", a romantic Christmas comedy with Sarah Jessica Parker. It was so much cliché and cheese, but it was nice and kinda funny, so it was worth the money. Plus, we got red wine and free Biotherm products, so, yay! *dances*

Tomorrow my class and I will have a Christmas lunch, which should be loads of fun! Must promise myself not to get drunk, because I have to function on Friday, when I have my Very Interesting Doctor's Appointment (that my parents know nothing about and never will. I hope). I'll meet up with Rebekka at some point and in the evening join the rest of Geo at this year's last Friday Bar. On Saturday my family has a Christmas-thing and then Christmas cozyness at Rebekka's place with following club-hopping, I think (this also means I'm missing Stuttgart-Schalke. Dammit!). And on Sunday she rested...

That concludes my busy schedule for the rest of the year. I am beginning to feel the stress coming, but hopefully I'll keep it at bay for a little longer.

Oh!! And thank you so much for the Christmas card, [ profile] lattara! Yay! (yes, I know you're writing that Horrible Assignment, but, yeah...)
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Exam yesterday went quite well, I think. I answered all of the questions (which some didn't) and got some good points through, so I'm hoping I did well. I'll be disappointed if I get a bad grade...

After the exam Timo, Laura, Kathrine and I went to eat lunch and get some beers. Fun was had :) They went home to sleep and I joined the rest of the Geography team at Studenterhuset, where they had a "two draught beers for 15 kr"-special. Yes, people got drunk. They had playful fist fights, danced around and flirted with each other. At 4 in the afternoon. I talked to the old Chemestry girls and we're going to see "Nynne" on monday. The first thing I saw when I walked in the door was Anders looking straight into my eyes and smiling that smile only *he* can smile. We flirted all afternoon, looking at each other while talking to other people and smiling, and we talked for about 30 mins. He knows I've got something going on with someone else and I know he's got something going on with someone else, so we both knew that all this was was flirting. And, oooh, I loved it...! He'd been talking to a girl all afternoon, but went to sit next to me (while his knee was constantly touching my thigh). She came by and said, "you've left us! But I see you've got some good company", or something like that. She's his best girl friend, so maybe he's said something about me to her. I don't know. But it was nice! *He's* so nice!

Went home and changed (Mikkel had spilt beer all over my pants) and went to Kathrine's house. We were just a lot of girls having fun, drinking, and it was so nice. Just to be able to relax and talk to everyone. Yeah... At about midnight we went to Jonas' apartment and had some more fun. After some hours we joined the remaining Geography crew at Egmont college, where we drank, danced and talked with everyone. Some guy tried to score me by using Allan Simonsen's apparently very famous tackle in 1979 against Bayern München. It didn't work, even though he tried four (4!!!) times. My sister was suddenly there and I introduced her to everyone. Maria (from high school) joined us as well and we danced with Andreas from my culture geography group. Then both Maria and my sister each met a guy, so suddenly I was all alone. First one guy says, "do you think I could maybe sleep at your place?" No, because you *just* told me you live 5 mins. from my house, so, no. And then an American guy called Ian walks by and starts laughing, because I'm sitting all alone next to one guy who's asleep, Maria who's kissing that guy she met and my sister kissing that other guy. He was really nice, because he really tried to distract me from my "misery". We talked about America and geography, but when my sister's friend woke up we walked back to our house, leaving both Maria and my sister behind. I was home at 6 am, almost 24 hours after I woke up and 15 hours after I started drinking.


I'm feeling fine today, just missing Rasmus even more. I'm going to see him on Tuesday to see a movie, so it's still on. I just miss him...

Oh, and Schalke is losing yet again. Fuck 'em (though not really...)

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Tomorrow is the day. My first university exam. And I'm actually thinking I'll be alright, which is a bit...weird. I've always been horrible before an exam, being all nervous and crying, but I'm completely calm and ready for this. I've studied all I can and I really don't think I could be more prepared than what I am right now. I've spent all day in a study group with Laura and Timo, going through old exam problems. Seriously, more or less 10 hours of GIS - I don't think I can prepare myself more than that...!

Been texting with Rasmus all day. He's leaving for some tutor-reward-trip tomorrow. They're going to a spa hotel. Am I jealous? *cough* No?

Hope you all are well, I'm gonna go to bed now :)


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