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Why is my love-life bound to be chronically f***** up? I was at a party yesterday where I met a really sweet guy, but the guy who held the party has a huge crush on me, so he flipped out. And not in the aggressive way Troels used to (yay for past boyfriends. Or something...), but in the "I'm going to throw myself off of this building and commit suicide"-kind of way. Luckily a friends stopped him but I'm dreading the next time I'm going to see him. I'm not even sure what made him think that we would hook up - I was just my usual happy self, but not incredibly flirty. I think. Maybe I was? Anyway, all I know is that he danced up to me a few times to say "God, you're naughty", but then I just danced away from him.

Argh! Soap opera-like love life!! Now let's just see if the new guy writes me. I'm thinking he will ;)
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Today was my work-day, but it feels as if I've done absolutely nothing. I came in a little late, have been to a student council meeting (I'm president of the student council for geography and geology) and me and Bjørn went to Baresso for coffee/walked around in Illum. And then there's the obligatory Facebook-stalking-breaks and random Googling (I need new black Converse shoes, what can I say?). So all in all: I've done about 2 hours of work in the span of almost 7 hours. Nice!

Also, I reeeeally need to send that dorm-application, but I still haven't received the recommendation from Thomas. And I need to do something creative. I've decided to do a poster with a lot of random pictures of me (pictures) and ten good reasons for picking me. I really home that's enough...

Maybe I should just go home? Hmm.
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Hey - maybe this'll work out better than my sorry attempt at starting up my LJ again. Don't know... But maybe?

Am currently at university and doing absolutely nothing, but I'm too lazy to go home yet :P
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I think I need some new icons. So if any of you are bored at some point I would reeeally love some :D It's been about three years since I last played around in PSP, so I think I've forgotten everything I knew tricks and shortcuts...
Themes: Copenhagen, GIS, computers, guys/flirting/dating, politics, spring/summer, fashion.

Tonight: Fridaybar at work which is always nice :) People are so great here!

This weekend: going away with Kathrine and Kristine (+ boyfriend, Christian) to a summerhouse to study for exams next week. But my exam is in city-GIS so I'm not too worried.
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Uuuh, such a nice welcome back! Yay :)

So. Maybe I should just sketch out where I am these days:
- Still studying Geography at University of Copenhagen - fourth year! Jeez, time is flying by fast! I got my bachelors this past summer and I'm now working on my two-year masters in Geoinformatics and city planning.

- I live alone in Copenhagen in an appartment and have been since my roommate moved in with her boyfriend about a 1½ ago. I'm actually looking into moving into a dorm and I think I'll be sending out applications this week or the next. Yay!

- I have a wonderful student job, where I practise my mad GIS-skillz! SQL all the way! And it's a really social place and people are so nice :)

- I am very (very!) single and have been for about a year and a half, a fact that [ profile] vampirespider can agree to (everytime we meet up, which is about every 6 months, I have to give her an update :P). I think this blog will also be a place for me to write about my frustrations about being single and *not being able to understand what guys mean!!*
Right now there are kinda two guys popping up once in a while: Mr. Teacher Man who I got to know through a guy at work. A mighty geek who loves Mythbusters, writing SQL-queries and is a science-teacher at a school. We saw each other for about 6 weeks through january-february-march, but then drifted apart because we were both too busy and he became sick. But we still chat on MSN, so I don't know... As my friends say: It just makes no sense! He was so into you!
Second player in this crazy game: Old(er) Geography Dude, who is actually a friend (and younger than Mr. Teacher Man), but I have hooked up with him four times since December at various Friday-bars, the last time being this past Friday. Smart move, yes I know. I have a feeling he has a thing for me, but I'm not sure where I stand in this whole thing... Plus, I *can't* date anymore geographers. That would (also) be foolish.

Isn't it interesting that the part about the guys is the part taking up the most space? Hmm...
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These last few weeks I've been thinking about starting up this blog again. I just think I need a place to write down my thoughts and experiences - and I've actually sort of missed this whole community.

But let's just see if I stick around longer than I did the last time. I think I saw here a few weeks and then I grew tired of it :P

I don't think I'll be overly fangirl-ish - maybe a little America's Next Top Model, Grey's Anatomy and of course Gossip Girl.

But I'm at work right now, so no big update on my life right now - I'll be back in a few hours with that :)

I hope everyone are great! I have no idea how many of you are left or check your LJ, but I have a feeling Marie and Divya are still here. Sofie, are you?
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Jeg siger ikke hun er en guldgraver, men hun roder ikke rundt med en neger der er i stykker.

Jeg elsker P3.

In other news, the weather is horrid. Snow and riding your bike does not mix well.
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They've suspended [community profile] ohnotheydidnt! Just when Anna Nicole Smith has died!!!
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I've just been to the post office to get mine and [ profile] xavantina's tickets for the friendly between Denmark and Portugal in Friday. I can't wait!! It'll be so much fun, yay!!! *dances*

In other news, I have started uni again and I actually quite like it. Well, some of it. We have two subjects, one of them being Geology. My dad's a geophysicist, so a lot of it I've been taught all my life. It's nice to get the full story now. Makes me understand a bit more. The other subject isn't so much a subject as it is free time to write a 50-pages long assignment, which we started in May. The subject is "The trafic problems in Copenhagen, with focus on public transportation". I really like the subject, but the whole "50 pages" and everything that entails is a bit scary. Plus, our teacher is very strict, so she makes everything seem scary...

Now, geology-reading.
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Oh my God, FC Copenhagen!? How on earth can you qualify for Champions League and lose 0-2 to Aab in the same week!? They're a crap team! You should be bloody able to win!!! None of you played a goot match. None! I am really really disappointed. If you play like this against ManU in Manchester we will lose with 6 or more goals. Not okay!!!

In other news, I have been introduced to the world of, online auctioning of clothes and other stuff for women. Have bought a two Smith's Rosebud Salve for 110 kr (they sell one for 100 in stores) and am about to buy three pairs of earrings and a necklace. But I've got the money, so I'm not worried. I think...
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In less than 48 hours I made "peace" with Laura (the girl who didn't give up her space on the field trip to Jutland for me, in spite of all the stuff I've done for her), texted half an hour with my ex, Rasmus (the first contact I've had with him since the beginning of January. He was so nice), saw Mads for the first time in six months (my second crush), saw Anders for the first time since the field trip to Jutland (yes, I still have a humongous crush on him, but that doesn't mean I'm going to do anything about it. In spite of him flirting back... o.O), talked to a girl from elementary school who's just started Geography and was hit on by two first year-guys. Friday-bars can be quite eventful!!

Yesterday I went to a party in Hellerup with Kristine. It ended up being more of a social experiment than a party for us, because Hellerup-types? Not really our thing. Think The O.C. Well, maybe not all Hellerup-people are like that, but these people were. We knew *no one*, so we just ended up sitting in a sofa and talking about people. 'Twas fun! After that we went back to her dorm (Egmont) and joined a random party there.

Haven't done *anything* today, as it is the last day before the next term starts tomorrow. I have two things on my schedule: Buy flødeboller, and Watch FCK-Aab at 6 pm. That's pretty much it.

I watched the last 10 minutes of the Barcelona - Sevilla-match (that I had completely forgotten about) and I noticed that my beloved Christian Poulsen has had *a hair-cut*!! Now he's back to the look he had when he was 18-years-old and playing for FC Copenhagen. I think I need some time to get used to it...

My birthday in a week!! *dances* And I'm moving in less than three weeks!
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FC Copenhagen just kicked Ajax's butt in a 2-0 victory, which means that their 2-1 victory in Copenhagen means SHIT! HA! We're going to the Champions League!!!!!! That's the first time in 8 years a Danish team is in CL! (and last time it was Brøndby...*shakes fist at fuckers*)

But YAY!!!! *loves team*
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Uhm... Hiya! Long time, no see. Well, I haven't really had anything to update with, so you guys haven't missed a thing.

I'm working a lot these days. I'm trying to get as much money as I can before I move, so I won't be in need of any kind (which I won't, anyways, because I have a "Child's savings" of 38.000 kr ;)). But it's still very very boring and I might even start looking for something new, because I'm so bored.

Adrian and I had our 6 months anniversary, which was spent having dinner at a nice little café in Strædet and afterwards stand-up with Rune Klan, Brian Mørk, an Australian and a cute little guy, who was the host. A very very nice night :)

My cousin came from Brazil and dropped off half of our ordered underwear. I love it!! Fortunately, we got our leopard underwear in this batch *cuddles it*. It really looks like Dolce & Gabbana! I also got my pink, royal blue and turtle-underwear (yes, <lj user="truntles", I have turtle underwear ;)). School starts on Monday and I am *very* much looking forward to it. On Friday we have the first Friday Bar of the year, where we'll meet the new first year-students. Among them are Astrid, who I was in pre-school with for 9 years, and (of course) Mads, who also started studying Geography last year and who was my first really real crush in the crazy crazy batch of men I went through last fall (some of you might remember him). Jesper told me today that some people had seen him in the halls today, when the firstlings started. This will be VERY insteresting! Went to parties at Egmont on Friday and Saturday last weekend. Friday was fun, as it was the first party with my friends for at leat 3 or 4 months. But Saturday was even better. It's the kind of party I've dreamed of for those 3 or 4 months. We had SO MUCH FUN! Alchohol was drunk (which meant that I became just that), dancing was done, four guys tried very very hard to pick me up (they were very cute *sighs*. I miss that part), I became friends with some of the people from Kristine's kitchen (it's a "hall of residence", as my dictionary informs me) and I ended up dancing the chicken dance to Bamse & Kylling at 6 in the morning and passing out in Kristine's bed, only to wake up at 2 pm with a craving for french fries. Ah, happiness. Now I'm watching Ajax - FC Copenhagen, which we'll definitely win (we're behind 0-2 from previous matches :P). I'm always an optimist ;)


Jul. 14th, 2006 11:05 pm
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Sorry it's been so long! I just wanted you all to know that I'm alive and kicking. Just been caught up with life, university and my boyfriend. Right now I'm in Brazil with my family (we're seven right now, going on 12...!) for four weeks. You can follow our trip in Danish at [ profile] albeckjapsen, if you want. Might be fun :)

I hope you're all well. Write here if you want a postcard, I should have your adress with me.
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Long time, no update (yet again).

Only thing really worth updating about is that I've gotten a job. I'll be helping in closing down Københavns Amt, which will close at Christmas time, so my job will be more or less what I did at Lind Cadovius, copying, filing, but also working with databases and stuff like that. Boring, but I like it. I start tomorrow, actually, so I'm a bit excited.

Oh, yes. I went to my gynocologist, who did a sample on me. Turns out I have abnormal cells, which is the first stage towards cancer in the uterus, but it could also just be, well, abnormal cells. The only thing I'll have to do is get another test done in 6 months, so I'm pretty cool about it. I should be alright ;)

I've started doing Pilates with Kathrine and I can already feel it working after four times, so I'm happy about that. I think I'll buy a pair of rollerskates to get my excercise as well (because I don't get much...)

Apparently Clara ran into my ex, Rasmus, yesterday at a club and because she is who she is she started a conversation. He apparently thought the entire house hated him (mostly me) and was glad when Clara said that no one did. He told her that he'd phoned me at some point and because I hadn't called back he'd thought I wouldn't want any contact with him at all, so I think I'll send him a text message at some point today. Could be fun being friends with him. But, as Clara said, "he's so hot...!!", so maybe it will be a bit hard... But he really is such a sweetheart, he always was :)

I think that's all for me for now. I'm enjoying the sun to the fullest, I have read my homework outside for three days now and I already have a pretty good tan. Yay!!
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Yes, I do realise that I already own "A short history of nearly everything" by Bill Bryson, but that doesn't mean that I'm crazy for ordering the illustrated version, too, does it? It's just...I love it. So much. I have always been a huge physics and chemistry geek or tried to be, but the teachers and books I've had hasn't explained it to me well, so because I couldn't understand it well enough I gave up and cast my love on other things. But then I read this book a little over a year ago. And it was literally love at first sight. I took it with my to my parents' summerhouse and read for three days. My parents have told me that I kept laughing and read paragraphs for them. When I came home I started looking into the whole Geography-business. All because of one man and one book. He is the sole reason for me studying geography.

I want to urge and encourage each and everyone of you to read this book. Even if you're not really the biggest geek and don't think math is fun I really think you will enjoy it.

And now we wait for to send it to me... (and "The Last Templar", because, yes.)
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A minute ago I was really happy. It dawned on me that I would be in Brazil when the World Cup final would be played (which will hopefully include Brazil), but then I started checking dates, which I really shouldn't have done, because I found out that I'm leaving Denmark on July 9th in the morning, which means I will be on a bloody airplane when the final is being played. Woo-fucking-hoo! The *only place in the world* not likely to show the match.


In other news, Block 4 has started and I have classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. But I will have to write two major assignments, so it won't just be a walk in the park.
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Just did a skip=280. Sorry if I've missed something, but, yeah. Many many pages!

Came home from London on Sunday night with a 'flu. We had a wonderful wonderful trip, anyways. We walked all over the city, went to Starbucks too many times (as if there's such a thing :P), shopped 'til our (mine) wallets screamed, went to very interesting museums, danced/jumped in bars (much fun!), was hit on by a lot of drunk Austrians, tried to follow Very Interesting Football Matches (ie. me) and other fun stuff like that :) All in all 5 very nice days.

Adrian picked me up in the airport and only just left me today, so we've almost spent 72 hours together and they have all been very very wonderful :) He is so sweet! He's been taking care of me and has kept asking me if there was anything he could do for me. Every time I've coughed he's held me a bit tighter. He brought me chocolate from Belgium and they are YUMMY! What's even better? He brought my family chocolate, too. So sweet! *dies*

Didn't go to the first lectures yesterday because I was sick, but did go today. As it turns out we only have classes on Tuesday and Wednesday and our curriculum ~400 pages o.O But it's not all fun and games. We have to write two larger assignments in our spare time, so I guess we have our work cut out for us.

Talked to the guy in charge today and I can go on the field trip next year instead (for those of you who don't know: I was royaly screwed over by Former Friend, Laura, which meant that I would have to chose between going on a Grography trip this summer og going to Brazil for a month). This will mean I won't get my ECTS-points until Summer 2007, which sucks giant balls, but I have to live with it. Am loving ignoring Laura and steeling her potential group partners for the assignments. Ha! Take that, bitch! Am also loving that people are on my side.

Tuesday last week I went to Kathrine's apartment and we had our first pilates-work out. My muscles acked until Friday. Tomorrow we have our second get-together. Am looking majorly forward to it!

Because I only have classes two days out of seven these days I've started looking for student jobs. Looks interesting. I have the right qualifications for some of it, so I hope it works out.

Still no news on the apartment hunt.

Now, football. Or Gilmore Girls. Hmm...
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Am in London. Life is great. Will be bacl on Sunday. Mobile doesn't work
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I've just more or less decided to cut Laura out of my life.

About summer trip with Geography. In Danish )

I am crying and I hate her and I want to hit her. She just fucking twisted this all around...!! I really really don't want to see her, ever again!

Adrian is so sweet right now, I kinda think he really *would* hit her if he saw her tomorrow.

I don't know what I'm going to do...


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