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Franz Ferdinand concert was perfect. Timo's friends gave him the most perfect gay gifts, including a box full of pink, glittery things and a box of liquorice peni. Yes, he loved them. Then we went to KB Hallen and listened to the warm up-band, Arctic Monkeys, who rocked my socks. Unfortunately their album comes out in January, so no Christmas present there. And then Franz came out. Woot! They are *so* my favorite band. They played all my favourite songs (Michael! Yay!) and play all in all for 90 minutes, so all was well. Then I went home and ate soup.

Yesterday was spent on nothing but doing nothing. Watched Liverpool and Schalke win their respective matches and tried to read some geomorphology, but to no success. Maria came by at 11 PM and we just sat, talking for four hours, which was nice. I've told her things about Rasmus that I haven't told anyone else. It felt nice...

Today I've studied most of the day, statistics and geomorphology. I've cleaned, watched 10 mins of football and tried to catch up on current events. Have also texted with various people, including Rasmus (surprise, surprise). He has a lot of work to do on the project until they hand it in. On the 20th. Which means that if we don't find a few hours this week to see each other, we won't see each other for *three* weeks this time. Gaah!! Plus, my parents are going to spend some days in their summer house between Christmas and New Years, so I thought, "hey, we could kick my sister out of the house", but no, because he's going to France until the 30th. Life is just a bit sucky right now... *sigh* I wanna see Rasmus, god dammit!!

Ow, and my stomach hurts. I hope I'm not pregnant *period senses the stress and decides to wait a few more days to turn up*

ETA: And now I'm crying. I just miss him so god damned much! It's so horrible and scary and I don't know what to do about it. I can't concentrate on anything. I should be cleaning up, but I can't get myself to do it

ETA #2: When needing something/someone? Google is your friend. Seriously. I only feel slightly stalker-ish. The guy with now shirt
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Happy first of Advent, everyone!

Got my first Christmas calendar as an Advent present - a scratching calendar. Woot! Let this be the Christmas I win 1 million kroner!

Yesterday was my sister's 18th birthday and it was so nice, all of it. Friends and family were there, my aunt had written a song and my sister cried, her friends had done a "how well do you know Clara"-quiz and I won, and we ended the night by singing old socialist songs around the table. Much fun was had!! Then I went to Vega nightclub with Line and Rebekka - a place I'll never set my foot in again, it was seriously full of wannabe's, starfuckers and PR agents. And they played House music, which I hate. Not my sort of crowd, I must say! So we went to Klaptræet, where we each got a cola and sat and talked until 4 am. Yay!

Now I'm procrastinating reading about volcanic activity and earthquakes. I don't wanna! I'm debating whether or now to invite Rasmus over tonight. Hmm...

Oooh! And that Spanish song for the Junior Eurovision? Can I please marry it? *loves*

Ooh ooh ooh! And Schalke won over Werder yesterday!! Yaaay!!! *dances* What a wonderful Schalke week!!

ETA: Oh, God, I almost forgot. Okay, so my parents have seen Rasmus once and almost kinda talked to him, but I've told them every time he's come by that he's going to come. My mom is the only one who has actually mentioned him at any point, where she asked who he was and I answered that he was a guy that I'd met and that he was a Philosophy student. Yesterday at the birthday party? Everyone knew he existed. Ebbe Kløvedal Reich's widow came over to me and said that she'd heard I'd gotten a boyfriend, which apparently my dad had told him. He's never even asked *me* about him! He knows *nothing* about Rasmus!! It's so typical of my dad to jump to conclusions! I think I told the same story about 15 times - no, he doesn't study Geography, but Philosophy at RUC. He's 21 and his name is Rasmus. Gah!! So, now it's all out in the open. Not exactly the way I'd hope/imagined...

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It's snowing!! It's really, bloody snowing!! Yay!!! *dances* It's not staying on the ground, but still!! And Christmas in less than a month!!

I've realised that when I'm happy, I eat canned tuna (Chris, am I right?). I've been eating a lot of canned tuna lately.

I just baked muffins - one batch with hazel nuts and one with almonds - for my sister's 18th birthday tomorrow. And they are sooo good...

Oooh oh oh!! You know how my purse was stolen at a party? Apparently it wasn't stolen, but it fell under the bed I'd put it on. The girl who held the party had checked under the bed, but hadn't seen it. But Wednesday night it suddenly came out in the light again! That means I have my iPod back!!!! *dances*

Oh, and I'm sorry if this LJ has been about the same two things lately (Rasmus and uni), but that's kinda what's been taking up my time lately. I'm still watching a lot of movies, I've actually finished three books in the last few months (o.O) and I still follow football (ha! That's the understatemend of the year!), so, yeah. I'm still me :)

This has been the Random Post of Today.
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I'm bored o.O

I should possibly be reading. Hmm...

Oh! I got my insurance money today! 2400 kr! Which is somewhere around 400 $ or 350 €. Woot!!! *dances* Now, should I buy an iPod mini, like I had, or an iPod Nano? The Nano is just so incredibly beautiful, but people are telling me not to buy it anyway. Help?

I'm beginning to see a trend. When Schalke plays well, like last season, FC Copenhagen sucks, and when FCK plays well, Schalke sucks. Yesterday Schalke lost 0-6 to Frankfurt and today FCK won 4-1. It's just a tad annoying...

I really can't believe it's going to be Christmas soon. Friday next week is J-Day. I remember it snowed on J-Day a few years ago. Can you tell that beer is a big thing in Denmark?


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