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Why is my love-life bound to be chronically f***** up? I was at a party yesterday where I met a really sweet guy, but the guy who held the party has a huge crush on me, so he flipped out. And not in the aggressive way Troels used to (yay for past boyfriends. Or something...), but in the "I'm going to throw myself off of this building and commit suicide"-kind of way. Luckily a friends stopped him but I'm dreading the next time I'm going to see him. I'm not even sure what made him think that we would hook up - I was just my usual happy self, but not incredibly flirty. I think. Maybe I was? Anyway, all I know is that he danced up to me a few times to say "God, you're naughty", but then I just danced away from him.

Argh! Soap opera-like love life!! Now let's just see if the new guy writes me. I'm thinking he will ;)
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In less than 48 hours I made "peace" with Laura (the girl who didn't give up her space on the field trip to Jutland for me, in spite of all the stuff I've done for her), texted half an hour with my ex, Rasmus (the first contact I've had with him since the beginning of January. He was so nice), saw Mads for the first time in six months (my second crush), saw Anders for the first time since the field trip to Jutland (yes, I still have a humongous crush on him, but that doesn't mean I'm going to do anything about it. In spite of him flirting back... o.O), talked to a girl from elementary school who's just started Geography and was hit on by two first year-guys. Friday-bars can be quite eventful!!

Yesterday I went to a party in Hellerup with Kristine. It ended up being more of a social experiment than a party for us, because Hellerup-types? Not really our thing. Think The O.C. Well, maybe not all Hellerup-people are like that, but these people were. We knew *no one*, so we just ended up sitting in a sofa and talking about people. 'Twas fun! After that we went back to her dorm (Egmont) and joined a random party there.

Haven't done *anything* today, as it is the last day before the next term starts tomorrow. I have two things on my schedule: Buy flødeboller, and Watch FCK-Aab at 6 pm. That's pretty much it.

I watched the last 10 minutes of the Barcelona - Sevilla-match (that I had completely forgotten about) and I noticed that my beloved Christian Poulsen has had *a hair-cut*!! Now he's back to the look he had when he was 18-years-old and playing for FC Copenhagen. I think I need some time to get used to it...

My birthday in a week!! *dances* And I'm moving in less than three weeks!
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Uhm... Hiya! Long time, no see. Well, I haven't really had anything to update with, so you guys haven't missed a thing.

I'm working a lot these days. I'm trying to get as much money as I can before I move, so I won't be in need of any kind (which I won't, anyways, because I have a "Child's savings" of 38.000 kr ;)). But it's still very very boring and I might even start looking for something new, because I'm so bored.

Adrian and I had our 6 months anniversary, which was spent having dinner at a nice little café in Strædet and afterwards stand-up with Rune Klan, Brian Mørk, an Australian and a cute little guy, who was the host. A very very nice night :)

My cousin came from Brazil and dropped off half of our ordered underwear. I love it!! Fortunately, we got our leopard underwear in this batch *cuddles it*. It really looks like Dolce & Gabbana! I also got my pink, royal blue and turtle-underwear (yes, <lj user="truntles", I have turtle underwear ;)). School starts on Monday and I am *very* much looking forward to it. On Friday we have the first Friday Bar of the year, where we'll meet the new first year-students. Among them are Astrid, who I was in pre-school with for 9 years, and (of course) Mads, who also started studying Geography last year and who was my first really real crush in the crazy crazy batch of men I went through last fall (some of you might remember him). Jesper told me today that some people had seen him in the halls today, when the firstlings started. This will be VERY insteresting! Went to parties at Egmont on Friday and Saturday last weekend. Friday was fun, as it was the first party with my friends for at leat 3 or 4 months. But Saturday was even better. It's the kind of party I've dreamed of for those 3 or 4 months. We had SO MUCH FUN! Alchohol was drunk (which meant that I became just that), dancing was done, four guys tried very very hard to pick me up (they were very cute *sighs*. I miss that part), I became friends with some of the people from Kristine's kitchen (it's a "hall of residence", as my dictionary informs me) and I ended up dancing the chicken dance to Bamse & Kylling at 6 in the morning and passing out in Kristine's bed, only to wake up at 2 pm with a craving for french fries. Ah, happiness. Now I'm watching Ajax - FC Copenhagen, which we'll definitely win (we're behind 0-2 from previous matches :P). I'm always an optimist ;)
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It's been a while since I updated propperly, I think, but things have just been so hectic at university, so I really haven't had the time/energy to update.

Let's just take things in order:
Adrian: Things are going better and better. In the beginning I didn't really feel much for him other than the fact that he was a nice guy, but he definitely felt more and he wasn't afraid to show it, which scared the living crap out of me. But the last week I've started to get this feeling in my stomach when I see him, so I'm taking that as a good sign :) A bit of TMI )

School: Very very stressful. Had to turn in a rather big assignment on Wednesday, which was more or less written the night before. It turned out okay, but I wouldn't be too surprised if I failed it. But all in all it's just stress all around. Next week, for example, I have presentations Tuesday, Wednesday ad Thursday. And exams are in a month...

Apartment-search: Went to look at apartments on Thursday with Maria and we'll apply for two of them. Both of them would require a third room mate, but we'll figure that out if we get them. One of them we want because it's perfect for us and is in a perfect place, and the other because they're possibly making it into andels-appartments (part rent, part bought), which would be a great way to get into the market.

Partying: Is going great. Fastelavns-party when great, I dressed as a business-woman, because I already had all the parts in my closet. It was actually really nice, albeit a bit warm. Adrian's best friend, Thomas (Crush #1), went as a gorilla in a full body-suit. No one except me and Adrian knew who he was, so it was hilarious to listen to people guessing who that nutball hopping around on the tables and eating lice out of people's hair was. Friends-party at Kristine's collegium was last ight and I had a blast! We were all dressed up (again), I was in the Safari-group, so I walked around in the ugliest part of shorts for 9 hours. I think my group was the one who bonded the most. We sang South African songs for 5 hours runing, in spite of no one knowing the real words for the song. Heh... But! I've told you guys about my thing for people called Magnus, which started with me flirting with this really gorgeous friend of Rebekka's ex-boyfriend a year ago, who sang me Westlife and Backstreet Boys-songs. So last night I sat next to this really flirtatious guy called, well, Magnus, who kept complimenting my sexy shorts (:P). A few hours later *another* Magnus shows up and it turns out that both of them sing in the same choir. At some point the second Magnus starts singing Westlife, R Kelly and opera to me, which for me was the biggest case of deja-vú. Turns out it's the same bloody Magnus who sang to me a year ago! And he really wasn't that good-looking after all. Heh... But it was such a weird night. Maria is going on a date tomorrow with someoneshe met there, so it's all good :)

It was a good party, but I've had a hangover all day, which is crappy, because I haven't been able to read for tomorrow. Crap... I'll just have to look at it now, I think... Oh, and an ATM swallowed my VISA-card for no reason at all, so I have keine Geld. Wonderful!
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I need your help!

I'm going to that Fastelavns-party (something Hallowe'en-like) tomorrow, but I have *no* idea what I'm going to come as, so I need suggestions! What can I be with only normal things in my house and normal kinds of make-up?

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Okay, so. Adrian. Yeah, it's kinda happening. I went to the party with Asta and Birgitte yesterday (who were both *so* excited about this sudden development) and after texting with him some more they invited him to come. He came, we danced for five minutes and then started making out, which we did for, like, an hour until too many people had told us to get a room. We walked around some and finally settled in the kitchen, where Maria, Asta and Birgitte more or less walked in on us (not *that* kind of waling in, because it was the kitchen, but, yeah. More or less). Went home at 4:30, he walked me home and convinced me it was a good idea for us to spend the night at his sister's. So we did (not *that* kind of spending the night, but, yeah. More or less). She woke us up at 3 pm with croissants and juice - so sweet!!

But, yeah. I know he's *at school*, which in itself creates all sorts of problems, but he's just so incredibly cute...!! Gah!!! He keeps speaking French to me and I understand nothing. Then he switches to German, which I understand a bit more of. And then Dutch, which I really really don't understand, but it sounds so funny! He looked at me at some point and just nodded and said yes. I asked him what he was saying yes to and he answered, "I'm saying yes to you. You'll do. You live up to my standarts." So, yeah. It's kinda happening.

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I've texted two of my "guys". I told them I needed to focus on university and they both said they understood it, so I'm happy. Haven't been on since Tuesday.

Friday bar yesterday! Went and had a blast with my group - I love them all so much! Started talking to Adrian, who is a guy I've never really talked to in spite of hanging out with his group of friends a lot (he's friends with Asta and Birgitte, who I'm going to a party with later today). But, yeah, we started talking about football, music, politics, traveling, movies and all sorts of other stuff. We spoke English for half an hour, because he wanted to hear how Danish my accent is (which it isn't - especially when talking to someone who speaks British, then I speak British as well). But, yeah, we spoke for, like, four or five hours. He put his hand on my lower back and touched my legs and I put my legs over his. We were inches apart, but we didn't kiss. He had to catch the last bus home, so he left. The others were so sure we'd kissed, so they all gave me that knowing smile-thing. He texted me later: "Hey! I just wanted to thank you for a wondeful night. I didn't expect such a person behind a face like that =) have a nice night&talk to you soon =) Hugs". So, yeah. Probably something there :) Have texted with him some more today - he said the pleasure had been all his and stuff. So now I have to see what happens on Monday and if all goes well, Fastelavns party on Friday!

When the Fridaybar ended we went to BioBar, where the biologists hang out. I saw Magnus, who I've kissed on two seperate occasions (he was actually my frist, real kiss. Hmm...) and Rasmus' best friend in the footbag-world, Kim. I've never met the guy, but seen pictures of him so I wasn't sure. But he was wearing a TRIO-shirt, who make the best footbags in Denmark, so that kinda helped me figure out it was him... That made me completely sober up and suddenly it wasn't really fun anymore. So I went home... (though it could have been the ULTIMATE revenge to make out with Kim. Muhahaha!!!)

Oh, Adrian just texted me ;)
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Yes, okay. You guys warned me but it took me this long to actually realise you were right. The Too much, waaay too much. I've been *seriously* flirting with five different guys, given my number to three and actually talked on the phone thrice with one of them. The Bilka-guy I think is really nice, but he's definitely thinking of me in a different way. Another one texted me from his skiing trip: "I don't have a girlfriend, so I'm giving you a Valentine's kiss :)" - he asked me what I was doing this weekend and I told him I have a lot of partying to do, so he said "then we'll just have to wait for another day". For what, exactly...? And then there's the last guy. The one I've been talking on the phone with. The one I actually think *could* lead somewhere if it weren't for two things: 1/ he lives in Esbjerg which is waaaay too far away => spending too much time (valuable time, at that) going back and forth. 2/ He is already too clingy. He wants to talk every night (I *hate* phones). He keeps saying that Copenhagen is too far away. He started this long ramble about him smoking, but being a considderate smoker and that he eats mints, so it won't be a problem, when...if know... (<= his words). He just...keeps texting me about nothing. We do have the same type of humour and taste in movies, but he *works!* I thought that the whole difference between studying and working was something you could come past, but the way a day is spent is so much different when you work, because you can just let go when you come home - and I can't. He really is sweet, but he's just too much for me. As I told Katherine, I'm not sure I really want a boyfriend that bad - all I want is a snog every once in a while... And I don't need that snog to be in bloody Esbjerg...

So now I need to get out of this crap as fast as I can and I really don't know how to do it. Should I just go to the website and start writing apologetic letters, or something? What about the guys I have on MSN - should I block them? They really are good guys, all of them. And the ones who have my number...?


Sometimes I even surprise myself in how much crap I can get myself into...

Anyway, in other news I've had to oral presentations this week and they went so bloody well...!! I'm always extremely *extremely* nervous before a presentation which leads to me completely forgetting what I wanted to say. A complete blank. But not these two times! I got it! I actually did it without too much mumbling and I could answer questions and stuff!! Also, these courses are so much more fun than I initially thought. Who cares that they bring me 53-hour weeks (yes...), it's fun!!

Tomorrow: Three hours of soil geography, solving problems, Friday bar and possibly a birthday(/party) with Maria aftewards

Saturday: Eating dinner with Kristine and Birgitte and then going to Otto Mønsted Collegium for a party with Asta and Laura - woot! The Chemistry girls together again!

But, no. Really. What do I do about this crappy situation?
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Last night. Yeah, I kissed someone. Just to prove to myself that I could. Muhahah!!

Maria and I went to Moose bar with Nina, where we talked for a few hours for the first time in *years*. It was so nice! Then we went to a club, where we bought some drinks and went to sit down at an empty table, which we soon realised *wasn't* empty, because three guys were actually sitting there. There were three of them and three of us. You do the math ;) Well, Maria and Nina were most agressive, so they claimed first dibs on them, which left me with whomever they hadn't taken. They changed prey all through the night, changing when they had talked to one of the others. Nina went dancing with the blone one called Martin and they started making out. Maria went dancing with the brunette one called Daniel and I *thought* they had kissed, too. I was waiting for Rebekka and was totally bored, because the last one (I'll call him Bahit, because I can't remember his real name) was talking to his ex-girlfriend. We'd earlier talked about football and the mini-Porsche I have in my pencil case and stuff like that. Martin and Bahit had both called me their dream wife (yes, you can score because of football) and Daniel gave me the biggest hug and a kiss on the cheek because I said I liked Peter Møller (who just happened to be his idol). A good song came on and Bahit, Maria and I went dancing. Maria apparently whispered to Bahit that I was just shy, so when Maria left he really made his move. We started dancing closer and closer and suddenly we were kissing, not that it came as a great surprise. He was good-looking, a good dancer and a good kisser. And incredibly nice, too...!! Maria had told methat at the end of this vacation she wanted to see me score someone, because in spite of me having kissed 14 different people in the span of two months, she hadn't been present at any of the occations. She and Nina were dancing next to us, so they saw the whole thing happen. Muhaha...!! Nina left and since Maria realised she wouldn't kiss Daniel she wanted to go, too. So I told Bahit we had to leave, he asked Maria if she couldn't just let me stay (because I am *sure* he thought we'd be going home together), but, no, I am an ice queen and the entire plan of the evening was to kiss someone, so I was happy with the outcome. So Maria and I walked home in the snow.

Today I woke up at 2 pm with a cold. It's been three months since my last flu, so it was about time it came, really... Have been sleeping, watching TV and drinking tea all day.

Tomorrow I start university at 8 am, so I should possibly go to bed soon.

Oh, and that law-student has started calling me Teresa-musen (mus = mouse) and the Bilka-guy has started having dreams about me. Oh, yes, I rule.

I want to comment on the Muhammed-cartoons, but the snot in my brain is stopping me. All I want to say is that I can't understand why Jyllands-Posten can't say they are sorry and I am beginning to fear for my life. We could very well be hit by a suicide bomb any moment now and I live very near the center of Copenhagen.
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Oh, yeah...!! I still got it ;)

*goes to bed laughing*
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I've been out bith yesterday night and tonight. Both "outings" have been marvelous. Yesterday I went with Maria to the Egmont party, where I'll *definitely* go a lot more in the future, because people are so incredibly nice, the alchohol is cheep and the guys are cute. I had been noticing a guy, but whenI finally got a grip and decided to go after him he was gone, so that part of the plan went out the window...

Me ) Therefore I conclude that they must be gay and thereby the thought of me being rejected by the guy is no longer present in my head :)

I have been writing a lot with Michael from He is growing sweeter and sweeter by the minute, but also beginning to act as if I'm *actually* his girlfriend (which I might be?). I'd told him I was going to Stengade tonight, to which he asked if it was an invitation for him to come as well. I really really thought about it and, yes, I want to meet him and I want to kiss him (which is an incredibly scary thing to realise), but I also wanted this night to myself to see if I could actually score out in the real world as well, so I wouldn't have to go through with the awkwardness of meeting him/going on a date. What if I don't like him? Or worse, if he doesn't like me! Then there is dumping in the air, yet again.

I'm so confused!! I'm going to continue and write Michael, but also try and find some guy to kiss tomorrow (when we're going out, yet again). Because, yes. I am a cocktease.


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