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I just want to say that I love [ profile] xavantina. So very very much. She wrote me Christian Poulsen/Søren Larsen in Danish!!! And it's so incredibly funny and adorable and the plot is wonderful and...yeah. It's brilliant!! She also uploaded four pictures of Christian, who looks positively yummy!! I especially love the last picture, because he looks so happy :)

It's stopped snowing, but we still have about 25 cm of snow. It's sunny and so incredibly beautiful!

Today, Christmas lunch with family, tomorrow New Years eve. Though I haven't been able to get in touch with Line. Hmm...
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Eeeee!!!! Christian Poulsen was voted Footballer of the Year!!!!!! ARGH!!! *dances around like a madwoman* Jon got the award last year, Ebbe Sand has received it and Peter Schmeichel, too!!!! He was nominated with Søren Larsen (20 %, woot!), Michael Gravgaard (29 %, woot!), Daniel Agger (booh...) and Thomas Kahlenberg (booh...). He got 33 %, so it was a tight race. But I'm so happy for him!! That will make negotiating with Schalke about a higher salary even easier (or possibly a bigger club...? He's already turned down Middlesbrough).


Statistics writing has been going okay. We've done a lot of work, but there's still far to go. We still don't really have an overview over the assignment, but the more statistical analysis we make, the closer we come, so we'll be alright. Unfortunately Laura ended up getting the flu, so Timo and I will have to do the work today by ourselves, but it's no problem.

WE HAVE SO MUCH SNOW!!!! Like, 20-25 cm or something!! Yay!!!

ETA: I want to go for a walk in the snow with Rasmus until we are both cold inside out and then go back and cuddle to get the warmth back in our bodies. Which I can't, because Rasmus is in Nice, god dammit *shakes fist*. Well, I'll just settle for reading Harry Potter in Swedish...


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