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I feel like dancing.


That is such a weird feeling after being immensely depressed the last 72 hours.

I think I'm healed. Or something very close to it, at least.

ETA: Plus, I just found this (I might be healed, but I'm not letting go of my stalkerish ways just yet). I just wanted to see what he would write post-break up. He's just lost, the little guy. "Relationer med mennesker" - that's me. *huggles him*
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I'm doing much better today - I haven't even felt an urge to cry yet, which is a victory in it self. Thanks for the songrecs yesterday, they really helped. Sofie, I'm guessing you sent me that Shubidua-song? I used to listen to them for *hours* every day when I was younger, so that song really cheered me up!

We started our theme project today, solving the motorway problem from Århus to Herning, through or near Silkeborg. Do you weigh the city or nature (ie. Gudendalsåen) the highest? Should be a lot of fun, plus I'm writing with Kathrine, Jesper and Andreas, so that couldn't be any better.

Tonight I'll be all by myself, watching Apocalypse Now, which I'm really looking forward to.

Oooh! Maria and I went to look at some apartments yesterday and we applied for both of them! We'll probably not get any of them, but now we've really started applying and everything. It's so weird...
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Thank you everyone for cheering me up yesterday. It really helps knowing I have friends out there who'll support me when I need it... I'm doing a lot better, but it's still hard. I miss him...

Can anyone pimp me feel-good songs? I'm afraid to listen to iTunes shuffle, because I don't know how I'd react if, say, james Blunt suddenly comes on. I'm doing okay now, but it might trigger a suicidal reaction (you know I'm kidding, I just don't know how else to explain it.

So, any Queen, Beach Boys, Junior Senior songs on your computer you feel like sharing? Songs about how good life is without love? I need cheering up...
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I'm in!!! Woot! I just got a letter from COpenhagen University saying that I needed to apply for their Chemestry class. That means I filled out the forms correctly and that I'm in!!! *dances*

Saw Batman Begins with Thea yesterday. Oh my fucking God. Can I marry that movie? Oh, the snark.Oh, the halfnaked Christian Bale. About 10 mins. into the movie she reminded me of the last movie we'd seen together. "Kinsey". With Liam Neeson. Also, Cillian Murphy is still breathtakingly pretty.

I miss Schalke. Can't they just buy Søren Larsen for a bit more and get it overwith? They're down to only three strikers on the entire team! *sigh*

Oh! I discovered a new band! They're called Timbuktu and they're Swedish (Skånske!) reggae rappers. Yes. And they're absolutely wonderful.


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